yellow se aperture from Ning light

September 09 [Mon], 2013, 17:57
Luo Bin; although don't want to leave, but rather light snow and know that I must leave. Not only the parents urged, she felt it necessary to go back to think about, what is what kind of emotion on leaf Mo, why always can't put down from the bottom of my heart. Light snow, you have in mind? Chi Wanqing know Ning light snow should be in silence to leaves, but I couldn't help asking out, asking after the discovery of her question is not necessary. Ning light snow shook his head and said: Wan Qing, I think I should leave. Some people just put in the heart think good, in fact, does not necessarily have to have, or to be with him all the time, I think the time may take away everything...... ,... Chi Wanqing was silent, she doesn't know how to comfort Ning light snow, because in her heart and Ning light snow think it is. Originally thought that leaves silent don't like someone, Ning light snow just and his false marriage, but now it appears that this is not the case. Ye Mo not only has a loving woman, but rather light snow also seems to be real, on the silent mind in addition to say love, the other didn't even hide. Both Ning light snow or the veiled woman, she is to the good many. She didn't answer Ning light snow, because she did in the. Two people so quietly walked, who also do not want to mention the topic, because they like the topic with the passage of time, has become some sadness. But in this time, suddenly from behind several figure two people rushed up, of which two were of Ning light snow and Chi Wanqing's neck is a cut, Canada Goose Montebello CG55 the back again two people. Obviously these people want to play halo two. Chi Wanqing perennial Canada Goose Men's Hybridge in the army, response quickly, start to get out of the neck, but her shoulders or blow, hot pain. She knew at once is not good, but without waiting for her reaction to come over, two people then turned on her. Ning light snow silk made no response, but when the breeze to close to her neck, a yellow se aperture from Ning light snow wrist lit, suddenly became a shield. Her attacker, even directly by the yellow light shield pop-up meters far. Fell on the ground, a shocked look rather light snow, until now, even he does not know what is what the bomb go. Seems to be yellow light, but now he didn't see anything. Ning light snow is North Face Gore Tex Clearance Sale a daze looking at his wrist, she clearly heard his wrists a click, a sound, something seemed to burst open, and then a yellow light from his wrist 〖 Ji 〗 shoot out, forming a shield like yellow awn, although it is a flash, but will have to attack her pop meter. What's the matter? The two siege tank Wan chin Chen together rushed to fall in the next. This matter has greatly exceeded their expected, not only pool Wan responsibility much beyond their expected, but rather light snow seems to be worse than the Chi Wan chin Chen several times, she seems to be in general only black, yellow light twinkle, they were directly ejected several meters away, this is ridiculous. If the two women are so powerful, they were not Po see. Ning light snow and Chi Wanqing also reflects the.
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