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May 20 [Mon], 2013, 9:47
> Yang Xuan scared, he was the first to see the always dull as Buddha xiaochen to be so badly, could not help but ask: "how?" Look xiaochen volatile,Coach Handbags, after quite a while, turned to Chen Sheng said: "This is something you where come?" Yang Xuan startled for a moment, suddenly remembered that purple Basilica ...... "This channel has been how?" Yang Xuan frowned slightly. Xiao WWw.QUAnbEN.COm morning shook his head, look gradually returned to the usual, he frowned and said: "This channel has been ... definitely not things on the earth" Yang Xuan could not help nodded, purple temple suspended in dark space, indeed unlike any place on Earth. Xiao Chen looked at by Road, said: "This channel has been documented countless spells, and there is a general central idea of ​​the sermon" first sermon the beginning of heaven and earth, "" What is Tao Tao that can be very road ... nameless, the beginning of heaven and earth, famous mother of all things ... "hear the xiaochen read sermon, Yang Xuan nodded his head, when he got to this channel has been seen this sermon, at the moment some doubts this sermon, said: "Is this sermon was wrong?" Xiao Chen looked at him, shook his head slowly, Chen Sheng said: "Do not you find that a strange thing? ...... actually exactly the same and the the ancient Mr. I "moral" content "Yang Xuan heart startled, looked at him and said:" Are you saying that I write "moral" President is hit by the founder of this channel, however, history, he is just a proficient 'said Italy' mortal would have died thousands of years, and how could this channel has been linked to? "Xiao Chen deep authentic:" I have been very puzzled why it remains, can find cairica this cairica there is only a novel, but really exist in the universe but can even be said ...... Protoss, Mozu, Dragon ...... novel noun, but universe, but really, this is definitely not blind play Xiazhuang, encounter happened before. "Yang Xuan hearts surprised, indeed, because of the inertia of thinking, the various monsters of the Dragon on Earth, he did not ponder, combined with some other things but at the moment, you can see strange. "The Maronite Race on Earth mythology and the novel, but why the universe really there Maronite, as well as information about cairica introduced too strange, exactly what happened on Earth, even as early as in ancient times know when things in the universe, "Yang Xuan hearts shocked and say,Coach New Arrivals USA," Could it be that ... thing on earth mythology, are real? "Is the universe really is Pangu the open up? but ... on Earth in the end is how do you know so many things about the universe? "Yang Hin grew more and more scared, this earth is only a mere where the goods planet, why are there so many things about the universe , and also aroused the concern of so many forces in the universe, but also the emergence the saint qualify Road In addition, the ancient four Lianqi Guests, even in the Earth's novel there and Road faction, Fozong, in the ancient forces, even on Earth comprehension for a pulse on the planet,Nike Jordan After Game UK, because one of the universe alien comprehension living here, handed down. Why, then, the founder of Taoism, Mr. I? Xiao Chen looked at him, slowly: "I'm only worried about one thing ... that is the major forces in the universe, have gathered on earth, when the earth is bound to become a very lively place ...... "Yang Xuan brow furrowed, if those forces in the universe into the Earth, you will definitely want to know the disaster of unimaginable, now people on the planet is still very weak, Walker order to achieve supreme throughout the few , strong ...... If the universe sent a saint throughout everyone on the planet are only two choices surrender or death thought of here, Yang Xuan mind could not help thrown a trace of anxiety, only expect that day to slow point, otherwise everyone on the planet could not escape "I want to change as soon as possible, I want to become strong, Yu Xuan Court should" Yang Xuan clenched his fists, eyes more determination. Xiao Chen nodded and said: "Go, I'll take control of the base city of Yu Xuan Court" Yang Xuan nodded his head, with two out of the chamber. Shimen open at the moment, sunshine face according to some warm sprinkled on the body, a move the body of Yang Xuan grazing several kilometers, fell on a cliff edge. Xiao Chen followed, with over. Yuxuan Court three eight the client base, in addition, control of the eight seven base city, 21 the six base, these bases in the city of 34 five base city all add up to a day to pay up 300000000000 nuclei "Xiao Chen eyes flashing the light of wisdom, looked at from afar, slowly:" I'll take one three eight bases City Night Moon Base City to find out, "said his figure a move directly turned into a blood Mans, break open the clouds and into the distance. Yang Xuan figure flash is directly over the distance of 2000m turned into a Black Mountain catch up xiaochen, two with distant rushed. ...... Night Moon Base City, covers an area of ​​about one and Hangzhou, then, the four walls towering tall, a row of laser cannons on the walls, fully adjustable angle, near the base city within the 100 in the monster will satellite lock, once close to, as soon as bombers kill However, the base near the city are very few monsters, because if someone wants to hunt monsters, naturally, is to start with the base near the city of hunting, such as the killing is over will slow slow extended to longer distances ... at Night Moon City Dongcheng door, twenty black armor guard stations such as stone carving, it is very disciplined. Saw the crowd around the style of their armor, they have surprised his head down and quickly walked away, did not dare to stay, because the black armor guards, Black Moon Night Moon city well-known military Every one of them, 400 times strong presence of members of the elite is equivalent to the main hall of the Yu Xuan Court only regret is that they are just alone is 400 times the system, but did not wake blood, or they can go inside the Yeyue military at Night Moon base city, night month military is very mysterious, only soldiers of the Black Moon ...... As for the ordinary members up to 12 million people rushing on the sky, the two figure swept side by side, landed at the gate of the city outside. This figure is a black youth, as well as a young clots of blood. The two fell from the sky, cause the surrounding pedestrians have eyebrows, you know, people flying in the sky, if not comprehension or special kinship career, is needed to reach the strength of the Supreme environment, to be able to harness the air, Feel free to fly. Who actually fly "" Do not know, probably two cattle. "" Hey, we honestly hunting variation can mess with the meal tomorrow I'll be satisfied. " ...... around the passers-by were surprised to eyes, Yang Xuan and Xiao Chen slowly toward the gate of the city. So much of this on the walls of laser guns where to get? "Yang Xuan while walking, looked at from the side of this huge eight base city, such as saw hundreds of aircraft laser cannon on the gate of the city, could not help Some amazed authentic. Xiaochen look dull, whispered: "From There are many ruins in the manufacture of weapons, including Raytheon storm, Blazing Angels, there demigods Perishable machine guns and the end of the world, the most important is the strength of these bases City president get some weapons production figure, naturally strong production, the resources ... on Earth some "Yang Xuan nodded, Earth is only subjected to the virus catalytic colorful ball of light, making the monster evolution, human variation, but did not say that these resources can be used not produce laser gun and other weapons, only to have the metal on the line, even if the quality is not enough, you can also smelting and forging life occupation, the major base city for training soon, they came to the the gate. That stopped by the gates of a black armor man he tried to habitually say "live in the city so that" when shown, but see Yang Xuan suddenly hesitated and soon indifference look for a change, instead respectfully said: "Meet the Zun Xuan Yang Xuan nodded slightly, immediately glanced at the side of the xiaochen, said: "you create Yu Xuan Court, they can not even I know, do not even recognize you the Yuxuan Court too elders, your kid hide deep enough ah "Xiao Chen did not feel the blush, a" present the case to look like black armor men told: "to inform your president, said to the black armor man froze for a , looked at Xiao Chen, though do not know the identity of this young clots of blood, but is able to kill God Yang Xuan stood side by side, I'm afraid it is not a simple character, would pick up the phone and dialed a number. "Hey, Ministry of the Interior?" The black armor asked the man. "Well, what do you do?" End of the line came a sweet voice. Yu Xuan Xuan respect of the Court's visit, you go to inform the president of the adult black armor man said. Xuan respect? Oh, good, he alone? I notice that entertain people prepare in advance. "End of the line sweet female voice to some surprises authentic, Yang Xuan Yu Xuan Court, as the base of their superiors City is their immediate boss's boss ...... see above rumors characters side they naturally happy. Addition to Xuan respect, there is a person, do not know what to do. "The phone hung black armor man turned around and respectfully to Yang Xuan said:" Xuan respect walking ...... "Yang Xuan see next xiaochen, laugh a cry, and immediately take the lead and went inside. Xiao Chen look calmly walked along the surface no joy, anger, but that black armor only to find that the man turned around, Xiao Chen every step, there will be a shoe print on the ground ............ <
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