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June 07 [Fri], 2013, 12:23
> [0468] [Today's third and more delivered! 】 Last time, when the card Yongsan, Bach recorded once ate Xu Xing summer loss. WWw. qUanBen. COm Unexpectedly, more than a year in the past, a change of place, he will have to eat Xu Xing Xia's loss. This allows him how can I bear? Being bullied once is enough. Unexpectedly, also being bullied second time. More depressing is that he was supposed to come back into the newspaper, I did not expect, did not report into hatred, but the second time was mistreated, he felt his head, almost to bursting. Even worse, because of the rush to avenge the relationship to his side, with only three thousand people to hurry to kill the zhuanglang city. His subsequent large forces, including the Ming army Xiangzu coordinated operations, etc., are yet to come,Totes Coach Outlet, there is no three to five days time, impossible soon. In other words, in three to five days time, he did not have reinforcements. However, at the current rate of casualties, his three thousand people, with an estimated half of the time do not need, you have all finished. Thirty-five days ...... long ...... Even Bach recorded brain, particularly special to do so, he could feel a huge gap between them. Clearly, the support to the 35 days is no possible anymore. White army's attack speed, never weakened. Indeed, he is now the summer was quite impressed Xu Xing. His army, fighting really strong ah! Ming army and the white army other than up, simply slag! No, not even scrap like! The problem is, if the white army in three to five days time, break zhuanglang city, his little life, should explain where it He recorded afraid of death. However, he also believes that this cowardly died in zhuanglang city, there is not the slightest value. Moreover, even if he was killed, nor will any change in the war situation. If his death,Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, in exchange for the white army's offensive to stop, he will not mean their lives. The question now is, even if he died, the white army, they will continue onslaught. He even died a thousand times, did not help ah! How to do? Retreat? This is impossible! Bach recorded quickly rejected the retreat think. He unconsciously repeated to myself, do not have the idea of ​​retreat. Even though the idea was only in his mind fleeting, he think it is shameful. In previous Civil war, conquests, the Karabakh has never been recorded in the idea of ​​retreat. Even how dangerous the situation, he will stick to the last minute. It is his belief! From a strategic point of view, but he was at the root of the big striker Mo, is the head of. Mogi root also hope he can open up the situation and quickly deter white army yet. If he suddenly turned to retreat, then Mo the overall battle plan at the root, all will be disrupted. At that time, the impact of, it is not that he has He recorded one, but the entire army. Fix, he will give the entire unit have brought bad bad, thus affecting the overall situation. From a tactical point of view, he wants to get out, I'm afraid is very difficult. White army persecution now very tight, meaning there is no slightest relaxation. If Tatars from zhuanglang city retreat, trailing white army certainly. Do not forget, is the all-white army cavalry, strong mobility. Even Tatars also cavalry, at the time of withdrawal, nor smooth shake off opponents. Fighting all the way down, how much will be left to his troops, is also unknown. Just now, in the city's head, Bach recorded've noticed. The incoming white army cavalry, the number is quite a lot, estimated that at least five thousand people. If he has five thousand people, face to face in the field of combat, Bach recording will not lose the white army. But now that his forces have suffered a lot of casualties, never this field capability. Conversely, if there is no cover walls, their fate will be even more tragic. "How to do? Lu home!" Suddenly, a flash of Bach recording mind, think of his mind. Why they would forget the damn Lu home? Lu family has a lot of horse archers, archery will be barely passable. Why do not they defend it heads up the city? Use them to block the white army muskets, not the best thing to do? If they can stop the white army is of the best, if not, nor is it dead themselves. "Come! Let Lu archers are sent home will head to the city!" Bach recorded bull cried. Waving his hands a golden saber, strides away from the city's head down. To combat the Lu family with an estimated himself personally or to the job. If this does not play gooseberry Lu family, then he was ready to show how much gold saber! In Falcon Gansu town, or are we Tatars meant it! You Mongolians are sidelined! "Also, young and old, women and children will be in town, whether it is slander, are all pushed to go above the heads of the city!" Bach recorded followed by another vicious cried. Think of using the Lu family's archers do cannon fodder after Bach recorded and immediately thought of more cannon fodder. He will save the people inside the city Zhuanglang are all pushed to the city's head, to block the white army bullets. If you can not shoot the white army fear, then it is better and better. Tartar can just flew back. Ah, yes, yes! Bach recording suddenly a little to admire their own brains! At this critical moment, he actually thought of two effective measures, really smart, too much! As long as these two measures are in place, the white army would take him no run. Perhaps, he will stick to the arrival of reinforcements. As long as reinforcements arrived, everything will end. By the time that he, in turn, abuse damn white army, Xu Xing Xia damn it. "Rumble!" Getting excited when suddenly behind him, came a burst of loud earth shattering. This is a loud noise, it is too sudden come, come now it is too shocked He recorded completely without the slightest mental preparation. He felt his ears buzzed while chaos is really loud, what sounds are heard. Organs, a kind of rolling feeling like vomiting. His mind, but also followed by a blank. Just what they thought, he completely forgot. He even feels their own legs, as if lost control of the same, followed by the ground trembled constantly, long, long time without stopping. Long moment later, Bach recorded only subconsciously look back, you want to look behind him in the end what happened. The results do not look good, a glance, I feel my mind is blank, the blank is greater. Behind him, a Unit of the black plume, constantly rising into the sky. And his original station chengtou, long gone. Entire wall near, have become a ruin. Obviously, this is the city of East Gate zhuanglang was opened. "Damn instruct!" Bach recorded immediately felt a burst of dizzy, my mind went blank again. He finally comprehend the white army much. He finally know those slow-moving white army, in the end what is to be done. He even vaguely aware of the white army who went into hiding, in the end what is the use of weapons and blew open the city gates zhuanglang. In addition to the card Yongsan fortress used those big kill, there will be what is it? The thought of those horrible big kill, Bach recorded a little creepy feeling. Fortunately, they're not near the city gate, otherwise, would have their own do not know which corner dead inside. Damn ah! Should have thought of yourself. White army have such a big kill, will be used in siege warfare among. However, even as early as thought, what use is it? He has blocked do you? No! The only thing he can do is to withdraw troops near the gates down only avoid injury to persons only. Now the gates near the ruins of it is already a record He knew troops near the city gate, they have all finished. After an explosion so powerful, Bach never feel recorded in ruins inside, how many people will have the ability to climb out. Even if they do not breathe the spot, followed by white soldiers rushed to also make them snuff. Since the gates were damaged, then outside the big white army troops can freely rush came. Now estimated, white army striker, has skipped from the ashes, ready to enter the city, right? "Oh!" Bach recorded covered a Ji Ling, hurried awake. White army large forces into the city, he must want to do evacuated zhuanglang city. To this sake, no last-ditch necessary. By this time, the only consideration is to escape. Because, it continues to remain in the city, waiting for him, only a dead end. Rely on the existing troops, tried to block the white army into the city, simply dreaming. However, Bach recorded discovery, they want to organize an orderly retreat, have been impossible. Gates have been destroyed, Tatars defense, it basically was scattered. This burst of loud earth shattering, so most of the Tatars, were too frightened. Dead, collapse, officials dizzy, natural Needless to say. Those still alive Tatars, life has not retreated from the front down. This is not to do things, Tatars on the morale of the first to be completely defeated. They really can not afford such a battle, the dead do not know how to die. "Da da da!" Suddenly, shortness debate Horseshoe sound up. Bach recorded looked up and found that the first escape, is actually in the Lu family's Mongolian cavalry. These Mongolian cavalry, do not know the white army of powerful, do not know the ins and outs of the white army. Initially, they are still a little unexamined, do not know what to do. The results, when they suddenly discovered that the white army's combat effectiveness, actually so strong, even after the Tatars are not opponents, their psychological, soon collapsed. After the collapse of the Mongol psychology, the first reaction, naturally it is to escape it. How far is far spared! Mongolian cavalry first escape, let Tartar cavalry, also plunged into chaos. Originally, the Tatars retreated down, not thinking to abandon the city and flee. After all, they are trained by a heavy blow by then, still thinking about restructuring team, continue to fight back. Previously, he was fighting the Tartars tablets, and there have been at a disadvantage when. In the encounter adversity,Air Jordan UK, they will bite the bullet and continue to do so, and constantly re-team to continue fighting. However, to take the lead with the Mongols, they immediately it anymore. At this time, the most terrible is someone to take the lead to escape. Once someone opened the well head, behind, will have to follow. Even if it is usually very brave man, this time it was ceasing support. Others are gone, and you do not run, you is not willfully court death? Do you think you are a person with hunting, you can block all enemy attacks you? No kidding! People scattered, the team took on the bad. Said the child was, some of the Tatars, also quietly joined the fleeing army. Finally some sense of shame that they would conceal themselves in the Mongolian cavalry inside, quietly out of town. However, there are their example, to escape out the back of the Tatars, and even so do not need to hide it. They Kyu then pull horses from the stables face, turning launched, without a word and ran away! "Stop! Gave me stop! Bastard! Gave me stop!" Bach recorded seen it all, angry hopping. His men, he was proud of his men, even completely collapsing it. Satire in his voice, some Tatars hesitated, stopped, not knowing what to do. However, some Tatars, but it is head down, hurried out of the city, right at the root of the curse Mo is scoff, turned a deaf ear. Have them as role models, who hesitated Tatars do not know what to do, also followed out of town. "You idiot! Coward! Ye are all cowards! Too ashamed!" Bach recording loud roaring, cheek that excessive anger, completely distorted. He waved golden saber, rushed into the street to intercept their own subordinates. He ordered them to stop immediately fled, and the white army to fight back, to block the gap. Encounters do not listen to the command, he waved the golden sharp knife, drag the other person down from the horse, knife hacked. Gold knife in his hand, very sharp, and Shitailichen, knife down, the result is a clean break. A moment, he killed several Tatars, around a pool of blood. However, his ability to deter, has been very limited. To this sake, Tatars have been completely collapsing it. Anyone no action to stop them escaping. Even if there are more people being hacked to death were recorded Bach, nor prevent the remnants of the Tatars, who abandoned the city and fled up. Some even rode directly recorded from Bach walked past, apparently completely ignoring his presence it stood woodenly He recorded his face in the middle of the street, not knowing what to do. He understood, people scattered, the team with a bad, and he even kill them, are not used. Hopeless situation, Bach also recorded a feeling beyond resurrection. However, as the root of men's big mo day forward, he can not just discouraged. He also re-teams, but also to continue fighting. He also has reinforcements in the back, not far from the city Zhuanglanghe. However, he wanted to re-team in zhuanglang City is absolutely impossible. He had to find another place to be relatively safe to be collapsing forces reorganized. "Retreat now!" Bach recorded under no choice but to seek money [Subscribe! Seeking monthly,] <
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