but ... finally top an attack

November 06 [Tue], 2012, 16:34

Like the the Cattle bb fiction reading website you recommended and the the Loud sound, I looked blankly Buchen that tower, I destroy the mountain impulsive, Buchen that tower has only continuous backward a few steps, they regroup body, not even behind a few meters away Shibi have not met! I watched aghast Buchen that tower straightened body, smiles: sets of armor will automatically attack energy and my energy offset, and the way to tell you this is just a function of the kamikaze armor! I forced over, overcast with a smile: clenched his teeth in the face of this kamikaze armor my fists has apparently not have any effect, I thought about the use of weapons, but ...... as a Steamsmith, I can be very clear from God tell a powerful set of armor at wind armor ordinary weapons, how could damage it? At this moment, I could not help extreme miss me that is not know Lost in where Cthulhu chopped, if he was still break through this channel hateful armor, but is an easy thing, but now, I can only think about , not willing to look at before the golden shrouded Buchen that tower Is ...... I so no attack and returned? Nothing and a fierce bite, I smacked again at full speed punch, sonorous loud noise, Buchen that tower again should boxing back a few steps, but then, he will be as if nothing had happened again, walking towards me over. Slowly stood firm footsteps ten meters in front of me, Buchen that tower gloomy and said: I had to ruin your shot! I join you, the next life is impossible! Buchen that tower binocular SG Meng flash, the next moment ... I Heart of action for quiet, Buchen that tower Meng moving up and order a series of vague phantom blow directly toward me over, Sinar Mas the shrouded's right fist, lightning strike toward my chest! Blow to the face of this, I only have the chance to dodge, there is no room to fight back, did not hesitate to release the body's energy, and I at full speed toward the body side shift away suddenly ...... Buchen hurricane that tower figure then the least bit of difference, and I pass by. Meng stop and figure, I a fierce turned, faced just completely stopped Buchen that tower, although covered by the helmet, I could not see the expression of Buchen that tower, but ... I can clearly feel his surprise, he probably how could not think, I was able to escape as blow it! Buchen that tower watched in silence, I shrugged his shoulder and said: , the Buchen That tower Chen Sheng opening said: I used the more wonderful! Lengheng soon, my impatience said: fatal blow! Buchen that tower cold voice again rang out: ! no matter how I stick to it, it would not be the result of this case ... not as a temporary leave, think about other ways. In my thinking, Buchen that tower overcast with a smile: with words, Buchen that tower slowly raised his hands, surrounded with his chest, solemn and said: wind armor jump up, and the next moment ...... shrill whistling sound rang, aghast, looked around, and within a radius of one hundred meters, covered with large and small, the Golden Hurricane, a disorder of the pulling force, so I could not even take a firm body became extremely difficult thing. Things are far from over, within 100 meters of space, the raging hurricanes more intense, the roar became louder and louder, and only a short one will work, they reached the extent that I was shocked! Difficult to resist the violent hurricanes, a flash of light in my mind, I shoved yelled: Scratched his head Buchen that tower, depressed and said: conjecture, suddenly ... my heart completely cool down, called the Fengshen armor, ancient legacy of one of the four St. A Aeolus Battlegear the armor of the god of water, and the God of War A Vulcan armor. No one knows the origins of these four sets of armor, also said it was once used by the armor of God, to my knowledge to judge that is naturally not what God once used, but it is undeniable that they are has a deliberately functionality! These four sets of armor, each set of different characteristics, but ... these four sets of armor have a common characteristic, that is, the field! This is also the special of the four sets of armor! Toward four sets of armor output corresponding to the energy, then ...... Armor will launch a field Buchen that tower Aeolus Battlegear launched Aeolus field in this area, all the people , and things would be subject to strong interference, only wearing FENGSHEN Battlegear people, not only will not be disturbed, would be able to get the speed bonus, the attacks become more bizarre, more sharp, more weird ! Four areas, formed by four sets of armor called Yashen fields, meaning second only to God, the domain of the field, only at its powerful, we can see that, in the areas they form really can do whatever they want , since the birth of the four armor, no one can be in four major areas survivors! Emotion that tower looked Buchen, no one knows better than I set Fengshen the Battlegear have to how not easy, it was not money to be able to do it, this world, only Buchen that tower ability to cobble together a set of it! Full set of armor, the total is divided into 18 parts, each part has a special function, only 18 combinations of components to complete before they can form a complete circle, start the four major areas, Imagine ... these armor parts without a not a family heirloom, you want to put together, how difficult Faced Buchan that tower flickering hurricane, I know that ... in Fengshen field, my speed has been greatly weakened, speed Buchen that tower, has been greatly enhancements, and Noella UGGs... he attacks, will combine with the field of the environment, become simply no way to dodge the! The field of the so-called, in fact, not only God can have, you can say that the field is a symbol of the Juggernaut and Blademaster is impossible to have field these four suit the biggest feature is that you can make a big sword The division has Juggernaut only some areas in the fight against other Blademaster when nature is no to adverse. The feeling around the tear strength, and I had to draw more and more power to maintain a balance, and at the same time ... my brain rapid operation up thinking about the current situation. Previously, I think my speed is unmatched, even if Juggernaut is not afraid, but now I know I was wrong ... very wrong. I know the existence of the field, but did not really encountered before, and my hands a few Juggernaut, and I have a deep relationship and ... treat I do not need the field is not wanted to kill me, doing it in the field? But when I only enter the field of personal discovery, the field of so-called, is on the attack, moving by the Deputy to increase the difficulties of space, while the enemy, in this space, my actions, attacks, will be greatly limit. Wind system in the field, no doubt is the wind, tornado-like areas in all directions all the time produce a power of ten million, once not resist, even if not immediately be torn to pieces, will instantly moving sharply out of balance, the result is how, as complex and unpredictable. In addition to the areas of water, famous in the field of water, ice fields, the field of fire, and the fields in the field of the light and dark of the field, each field has a different function, but without exception 's, all of the enemies in the living areas of impact, speed, attack, causing trouble Classic Tall Dylyn UGG. Field such as water vortex, the freezing of the ice fields, the field of fire burns, the land areas of muddy, dark field phagocytosis, light field purification ...... Boom! Is when I think about Buchen that the body of the tower is fierce blur, the next moment ... my right rib Meng was a violent attack, intense energy burst from the right costal jump into the room, I do not know cloth Ken that tower attacks! Originally, the suffered such cruel blow, I at least want to fly out of kilometers, can be a matter of fact, I just fly out less than ten meters, it is the volume, such as a wind spin, do not know to turn the number of laps been left out, and to enter into a vortex so ... after the turn of the continuous volume, the inertia force of the body finally erased! But ...... just left out of the vortex, the next moment ... I have not come to understand how it is a gold shadow flash to my belly again was a violent attack. This time, I finally see, in the Heart of action for quiet, Buchen that tower turned With whirlwind rotating out, that is, he can pull down around ten million force attack I, as much as the angle, there is no way to calculate! H ...... H ...... H ...... combat continuous fall on me, dizzy spinning in the areas of the peaks and valleys, if not my body has reached the eight levels of attack Joyoung God, if not with The Joyoung infuriating God can combine, I already bombers into pieces up! Finally, the attacks stopped as early as I expected, no matter how long, Buchen that tower Qimai impossible unending attacks continue, although I am so in exchange for an injury, but ... finally top an attack, trying to kill me? Talk about it the next round. Awkward Bangui, feeling the wind around the field, I have to admit that continue to the present state of Buchen that tower Battle, I have only one possible, and that is lost! In his field, I am completely unable to fight back! Now, I finally understand Buchen that tower why Juggernaut of practice, it is not only the problem of the speed, the more important reason is that he mastered the field, although by virtue of Aeolus armor manufactured, but this but it is a real field! Buchen that tower, in fact, an Asian Juggernaut, in addition to have a gap in the energy, Juggernaut Hybridge Lite Jacket, he even already have it! Some might wonder why the last wartime, Buchan that tower why not use the field, in fact, this is a little weird, the last time I even he move then down, also need to use the field this? Buchen that tower voice rang proud of: space around the issue of the power of the tear, I gently wipe the blood of mouth, the hemophagocytic said: now! Shoved straight body, my crazy cry again, I cry a Road Silver of energy, quickly penetrate my body out of the surface of my body constitutes one another a strange pattern, forming a strange silver symbol! My body, my muscles are angry swelling ...... expansion with infinite power again filled with the depletion of the body I have been recent calls UGG Amberlee Riding On Sale. The golden energy flow, rapid circling around my body, fully emerged in the power of the Silver Surfer, wind around and shoved it lost suction pulling force, although still in raging, but tells me to form not the slightest disturbance. It is! Fierce exclamation, Buchen that tower look of horror looked at me, eyes emerged incredible look good, cold look at the Buchen that tower, I was gloomy and said: not eligible, said the boss, the wind, I may be more familiar than you! thinking, since the Silver Surfer as my body after I first borrowed his strength, all the power, although on the face of the emperor forest and I borrowed, but this time, the last time just borrowed silver magic energy., not force, all forces UGG Bailey I Do Boots! Pata ...... Pata ... Pata ... slowly take a step, I slow Manchao Buchen that tower went straight through the Road tornado roared, slowly came to the cloth Ken that tower hundreds of meters away, this moment ... we do not have any barrier! Indeed, the ability to Silver Surfer natural wind system, not acquired such Buchen that tower practice can be compared Buchen that tower wind manipulator, then ... Silver Surfer is the master of the wind! Under my gaze, Buchen that tower cautious, quickly gathered energy, and the next moment ... Buchen that tower finally moved in I Heart of action for quiet observation, Buchen that the shadow of the tower overtaken by a row of the Phantom, the fierce winds several roundabout, quickly disappeared in my sight! Stunned surprised a moment, I totally do not know where he went, no matter of moving meditation method how marvelous, my vision is limited after all, I can not see behind the voice! I would be foolish to listen with our ears, the speed of Buchen that tower, I heard, I already beat out his speed is several times the speed of sound or more! Whoosh! Taken the first step, I shoved moving up wind around longer constitute any impact, and quickly jump to the Buchan that the location of the towers had stood UGG Tularosa Lace up, I shoved turned and looked toward my original position , just to capture the figure Buchen illness that tower from the whirlwind spin out. See in her attacks come true, Buchen that the tower could not help a little surprised a moment, then the expression of excitement laughed, looked at me and praise, Buchen That tower happy smiles: too long no one can make me enjoy the fun of the battle, you are really good, it seems ...... do not get real skill, it is impossible to overpower you! Hou door the entropy women look door lady concubine scared China the strongest Queen's first class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses princess eloquent minister of the best in the world

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