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> ★ ★ still two more. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm night there one more. Continue to seek recommended votes votes votes votes pink, we remember to see the works of an important announcement related to where, oh, the group touched Kazakhstan ★ ★ The two men tangled in the Chamber of Secrets when the rope Cuixiu front floor hall, and seems to play a war without smoke, smile whisper in between, between the wavefront flow, between the action in an elegant gestures, kamikaze National Division King Phillip's main Su Huainan Cuixiu with rope, the two opposite undercurrent milling around, is a Field not really hands-blows of life and death battle. State Normal people slowly seated, extreme elegance extraordinary action, the same pale jade above, this is no more expressive, eye clinics, and only when you see the Su Huainan when, before revealing a trace of a smile shallow , it seems to be weak sunshine on the water, stern line thrown golden light, so bright, people give up the release. Su Huainan Chuishou stood around the corner does not move and let the soldiers beside and out, four look. Soldier's action is initially very orderly, nor had hurt anything Cuixiu rope, but after a while children,Oakley Holbrook clearance, as if we did not the patience, the action will always rude up within the Church also sounded cracked floor tiles the sound. Auditorium was rushed to the side of the guests could not help but put together gripped quite disturbing. And from beginning to end, whether it is high above the National Division Ye Hao, Ye Hao this rope Cuixiu masters, they are all a poised appearance, the former leisurely gaze, as if hands are not their subordinates, the latter bland watery appearance, as if being subjected to destruction is not your place. This is a two Barbara Warren. And are the leading power tolerance. After a very long period of time, only a heavily armor generals approached, bowed his knees in front of King Phillip, Chen Sheng said: "Normal people announce his country, and did not find any suspicious characters." After much talking, my heart apprehension, anxiously State Normal people would not dare to think what a response. Soon, the head of the man finally faint voice: "ah ...... is this." That tone of understatement. As if I heard a very usual to do. And when that generals after the finish. Guests around the ground along with the girls are relieved. Nothing in the scene where ground. Only Phillip King with Su Huainan it. The pair of golden eyes land on the opposite face of the man glanced. Right again said: "The national division to see Su landlord so calmly look. Would have been long anticipated this outcome." Su Huainan said slowly: "Thank State Normal people to trust. Su Huainan naturally law-abiding person. National Division team sent. fully coincide with the incumbent. "did not recognize the man seemed to overtones. A trace of calm among the earnest words. Phillip King nodded slowly. People do not move. That general officer kneeling on the ground. I do not know what to do. And he is the National Division. He is the little people. Su Huainan drooping eye. People do not watch the breathtaking branching off to golden eyes. My heart was known: not so simple. This person. I am afraid that other plans. Two of them, to each other have a considerable degree of understanding. Sure enough, Su Huainan mind passing an unknown party idea, there Phillip King has another voice: "This rope Cuixiu, how many staff may have here a?" The soldiers had just checked it was already the rope Cuixiu The servant thugs who are gathered here, divided into several piles stood, also thanks to the respect of this spacious lobby and large, do not feel how crowded. Su Huainan gently wrinkled brow: bad ...... really is that should the worst premonition of what? But had a faint replied: "Normal people ...... this building home in staffing numerous ...... hurry," he glanced hall misty man, "here are a." Phillip King smiled: "Su answer is very interesting. "Su Huainan had silent. Phillip King raised his eyes, a faint swept away in the crowd. Dialogue between them, and did not concern the people around you, the people looked up curiously, to secretly look at today's National Division style, only to be swept into his golden eyes at the time, he could not help but feel that there was a great deal of pressure to force over, sounds almost breathless, had to bow to avoid rapid deep golden shadow that road, they would feel able to re-breather. King Phillip gaze actions, and suddenly the crowd on a pair of sparkling almond eyes. His brow gently pick, directed at the man a faint smile. The man standing in the crowd, suddenly spent. Su Huainan see King Phillip long while in silence, a slight look up, suddenly saw the crowd witted one pair of eyes looking at Phillip King, could not help heart startled. m; m; m; King Phillip slowly got up. Midon pace forward, step by step, affecting the people. And all that crowd standing pretty natural beauty heart. Phillip King took a few steps, he stopped, looked at the man and asked: "You called half-half, is not it?" Half half body flash, life and earth swallowed, hastily kneeling on the ground,Cheap Oakley Scalpel, replied: "Yes ...... ah, repatriation Normal people, yes, yes. "" Mo panic, "King Phillip warm voice answered," their teacher to ask a few questions to you. "half-half shocked surprise, blinked, can not help but look to the next Su Huainan. King Phillip see her so modality, smiled and asked: "Mr. Mo Feisu what objections it?" Su Huainan looking indifferently: "State Normal people of yore?" King Phillip Dankan him, that she looked back at Half Half: "Half Half girl, let me ask you ......" semi-semi-turned eyes, heavy look to Phillip King, his golden eyes Shuoshuo, face smile, Zoran extremely charming grace, could not help looking spent, silly nodded. Phillip King asked: "Are you in this building, you can have a personal call ......" He paused, and said slowly, "Su ...... small building." M; m; m; Phillip King is obviously facing a-half say , the eyes are not far glanced Su Huainan. See, however, the man stood silently bow, a strand of hair hanging slightly to the side in the cheek, but not see how complexion. "Yes ah." Half Half Normal people actually did not expect the country to ask the question, blurted answer, but after a little flustered answered, quickly asked, "National Normal people, is not small building in trouble ah? Xiaolou ... ... "She was a little alarmed, small building temper some weird it is true, can Quezen to provoke division of it into the country, that kid ...... Really ...... National Division looks good, but a man, say two good things will work? King Phillip over there laughing, smiling flowers bloom aroma of tenderness, asked: "So, half-half girl, small building ...... Where?" He did not call "Su-story house," but "small building", during which the difference , others probably will feel some inexplicable weird, but Su Huainan do know that the country NORMAL person must otherwise intention. "Xiaolou ...... he is not ......" half half inertia answer around a bit, and said to himself, "It's strange, I had obviously rushed to hurry to see him." Su Huainan heart sank. King Phillip shallow smile, looking back, a Su Huainan: "Mr. So, this small building, but where?" Su Huainan rise, the risk of the previous four volts pair of laughing eyes, and slowly answered and said: "Normal people returning in National Division prior to your visit, poor little people out of work small building. "mouth a half-half, hesitantly. Phillip King in the eyes. Su Huainan said: "since the back door,Kristin Coach Outlet, so we do not know, please state Normal human indulgences." Phillip King looked at him a long while before "Oh," a cry. Excerpts in (full novel network <
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