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> Song Yi is now completely unaware that he readily used Paoniu mathematical reasoning has been stolen. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm course, if he knew, certainly not angry, but will laugh. What kind of a mathematical reasoning, man in the hands of good stuff plenty. Rae can get rid of this metamorphosis is the Nyaya. Chen Fang to call him that night, Yin Yes fellow holding a dozen contracts to find Song Yi: "Little one, someone asked me to give you. Said to sign the word on the line." Song Yi finished reading, it is strange to ask said: "Baidu's contract, how you ran it up?" Yin Yes sudden strange smile: "Ga Ga Gara ...... want to know what?" Song Yi face a pull: "do not want." Yin Yes will tell him, this is the practice . Sure enough: "If you want to know, then I told Hello Last time, I'll find that a dozen 'employees' Now all became Baidu Yi Wen's one of the studio .. Haha, fun No, your sister Chan, there is still flirting with you, here you will poke a knife. stole all the corners. "Then he laughed again. Others do not know, do not know what he Yin Yes, that a dozen people are ass Yi Wen studio! Nima is all one level and Song Yi hanging branches emperor, king hanging branches, hanging branches Hou, hanging Korber ...... so there are people actually undercut! And all to close it. That poaching is still a house on fire and Song Yi Chen Fang! Stabbed a knife, stabbed and white. Think Yin Yes to feel strange. Life is a drama GRD ah. Song Yi is also the face of constipation, this whole ...... Chen Fang to the time, do not come to me in trouble ah. Ah estimated so dry she embarrassed: "kidneys, How about you? Have not been poaching?" Yin Yes Head of a Young: "Cut, man was not so idiotic it. Defective goods is defective goods., Even went to Baidu work , will soon be exposed. their go when the counterfeit, it would take it seriously. "Song Yi's face lit up:" Do you mean? "" We have decided! subsequent follow you dry now but fame Yi Wen Technology reputations, but the staff there was not one. few of us follow you do, how to say also a veteran and now you can not worry about old-age thing. three of us but to the very promising ah Yi Wen Technology The little one, you will not do us it! "Then look pathetic. There Pingheng Jiang and Zhang Pei is the same expression. Let Song Yi fried chicken skin from the whole body. "Strong Brother, do not you joined the army?" Ping Hengjiang replied: "Well, dreams and reality, always contradictory. To make a living, I had to bow to you." Song Yi Zhang Pei asked: "You do not graduate school?" "I can work-study program. smaller one on everything, so I hang a name also line ah. And your sister-in-law, I have promised her ......" Zhang Pei said some limitations. He has to go to school, but also in the Yi Wen Technology occupied a place, but they would also bring their families ...... Song Yi suddenly laughed, Yipaidatui: "Good! And it was. Hmmm, Zhengchou these things! Starting tomorrow, official work! "Song Yi signed Baidu sent" Yi Wen firewall "assignment contract, cross legs, contract handed Yin Yes:" Xiao Yin ah, give you something. go get this contract to Baidu company ah, yes, tell him later if there is a contract, it can be directly used to come to me, do not feel embarrassed, although the corner was dug, but the walls of our house would not do it, can be understood The. "Yes Yin took contracts:" your sister! "bid farewell to the contract, Song Yi Chen Fang to the phone:" Chen sister, a good means ah. "Chen Fang actually thinking it was ruthless. If he really had a Yi Wen studio, so a get, certainly immediately be completely abolished. "Oh, a mere trifle. Workplace, shopping malls, and always want some means to better survive it." Song Yi: "taught the Chen sister, just a good contract has been signed and all data are also made in the past do not know what time Money can be credited into account. "Chen sister actually taken aback:" Ha ha, little one, I am now more like you. money which arrival. "She was brutally stabbed Song Yi a knife. Here Song Yi not only without the slightest anger, but also with their own peace talks. And, actually did not send money in their side when it has put all the information sent over. He cheated do not dreaded? Anyway, information was at hand, do not give him money. Whom are indescribable reason to go. So it seems that this song is really easy to be bold! Not only top technology, the management company is a big talent. Chen Fang increasingly want him to dig: "ah, estimated or how long, and his studio has been dissolved. Companies want to survive, no talent, no technology is not enough. Yi Wen Technology, should not take long will disappear. to sacrifice my time ...... big deal about, but also the value in exchange for him. "Song Yi where there is courage, he did not worry about rogue Baidu will not give you the money? Kind of you to try! Such a purely rely on the network of the company, no matter how powerful, Song Yi are not afraid. Even that is vulnerable. Song Yi: "Ha ha, Chen sister, in fact ...... ah, forget it." He was going to say those "Yi Wen studio" is in fact a member of counterfeit goods. Chen Fang: "What a little something to say, do not tell Miss Chen hesitant." Song Yi: "Oh, then I say .. If, Chen sister in Baidu bullied, or suffered unfair treatment, or other why not stay, you can come Yi Wen Technology I always welcome here. "" Little one joking, I'm fine, no quit the idea. "She really can not remember, they have no reason to Yi Wen Technology. Although, now he is also a great reputation. Song Yi: "ah, you remember on the line and this, really can not say." ***** Career is finally on track it. Now once more four employees. Song Yi the next day put a large number of electronic resume threw a few of them. Although the information was released not long after recruitment. But fame stood there, a short time to attract a large number of job seekers. Zhang Pei a plus Yin Yes Pingheng Jiang, four individuals are also very interested in the recruitment. University ah, had he still ready to go to work, did not expect from the candidates turned into a recruiter. Few of them recruit, each special sè. Zhang Pei and their families - a sophomore girl with choices are better educated. Yin Yes it, he has seen a capability. Ping Hengjiang not fly, a rarity in beautiful female xìng. Final summary,Air Jordan 10, able to resume the audit, there are still large, too much. Because three people were inside were selected from all the resumes. There is always repeated choice. Song Yi eyeball a turn: "All resumes inside, was selected twice to stay. Then, you see eliminated, there is no need to pick out particularly recommended so much less." Four thumbs a ratio: the boss a good idea. Finally, summary, Song Yi they felt was wrong: "how female xìng so much!" Brush, three fingers pointing back Pingheng Jiang. This guy just pick female xìng. Tripartite comprehensive, pick out a resume is selected twice repeated, certainly elected female xìng chance of more than one male xìng times! No wonder. Fortunately, all three options are not asking for a resume before passing ...... Otherwise, the daughter of the country into. If so, Song Yi does not intend to re-do. Anyway, there are two interviews, the interview is over do not have the trial period. After a few days, the election resume gradually cool down the enthusiasm. This work, and repeatedly, in addition to Ping Hengjiang can find some fun, others are beginning to fatigue. Song Yi speaker. Stop here! Yi Wen Technology official website, there is no sign of the emergence of a notice: All electronic resume delivery of candidates, will be back before evening. Immediately cease receiving electronic resume. Original mailbox will be canceled. Recruitment into the next one video interview stage. Painful work has arrived. In addition to Zhang Pei family's sophomore small sister-in-law, special care not to come to work. Please all four of them for a week long vacation, busy recruiting thing. Yang Junyi speak very good there. Openly to grant it. Graduating class, we all understand. A total of three hundred resumes through. Four personal video interview, a little more experience at all. Than candidates still nervous, created a lot of jokes. Fortunately, people who are , and soon covered with addiction xìng outbreaks. Be able to speak openly. Two days in the past,Nike Air Jordan, but added a kind of mold. Accumulated a lot of experience. However, the day to her screen chat, and anyone can not stand. Except for one person - Ping Hengjiang. After the third day, Song Yi they put all the candidates work threw Fengheng Jiang, and like beauty is not it? While we all like, but brothers take care of you, gave you watched. Ping Hengjiang quack straight smile, gladly accepted. Everyone forget is how he began to select a resume. He was very efficient! First of all, everyone is divided into two categories, the first category pretty female xìng; second category, not beautiful female xìng, including male xìng. First interview the second category. He opened the textbook to find a lot of tricky professional issues. And that he came up with a lot of strange things. "What are you good at?" If the answer: "Software development." Sorry: "We already have enough talent in software development, I believe that you are also understood. Is that right?" Yes! Fame in there. If the answer is: "Manage." Sorry: "We Evan technology has sufficient management personnel. What is missing is an experienced marketing staff, our products quantity, xìng can be a powerful, without an efficient and strict management team, it is impossible to have such results. now facing only question is, how good their operations you say, eh? "To put it right ah. ...... Then interview the first category: "Hello, Ms. Lee and now I want to ask some of your situation carefully. Is there problem?" "Uh, no problem!" "Ah, can you tell me your parents are doing What of it. "" ah, my parents are both teachers. "" Excuse me, do you have brothers and sisters. "" This and working relationship you have. "" Of course yes, we want based on your family situation to judge, you may be affected by family education. judge, your future is not it will threw himself into work. "" Oh, this ...... this, I have no brothers and sisters, but my parents good health, do not worry about me taking a trip short and I do not need much guaranteed not to leave ...... I do not get married within three years ...... "" Well, you have passed. next Monday, to report directly to the XX hotel, where will arrange another in a job interview. worry about costs , room and board are all we have to pay tolls. "............ etc. Song Yi recovered, only to regret it. Ping Hengjiang this guy has informed all the beauty, to the East Tsubame interview! Song Yi feeling face big losses. No. beauty stations to dozens of times in a row, and anyone that has asked entecavir. He was the boss and more awkward, are still thought he was a sè wolf yet. "I declare!" Song Yi said bitterly, "Feng Hengqiang Starting today,Cheap Coach Bags, the Ministry of Personnel is responsible! All recruiting, you have to deal with!" Nima, I not care! <
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