see the piano bad

October 24 [Wed], 2012, 12:00

Summer summer thing happened so I have experienced a lot of experience has taught me to grow slowly, there is one thing of which I understand a truth. The day I finished piano remedial classes to go home, my mother called to say her something very busy and do not come to pick me up, so I have to take the bus home. The weather is very hot, I did not complain, because I'm free. I did not the first time to go home, but to go to shopping. I walked into a small jewelry shop, which covered a variety of decorations, small pendant hanging on the bag; hair tie hair rope card issuers nike air max online; have phone chains hanging on the phone, all kinds have. I go through a placing artwork next to the shelf, above a fine crystal piano model attracted, I can not help but hand to touch with your fingers to gently press the piano keys, and suddenly, a foot piano The broken piano loss of balance, diagonally off in the next. At this time, I'm petrified, peeked price is 288 yuan, one count of my heart, to me only 100 yuan of money, how is not enough to lose you. In my mind all the clerk you want me to lose money and I do not have sight Michael Kors Satchel Outlet, eyes blurred, almost ready to cry. At this time, the clerk discovered, came up to me, see the piano bad UGG Liberty, and I broke things according to the cost of compensation. Although her attitude is not so bad, the sound is not loud, I heard still a little afraid, afraid to look up her. I just listen she kept repeating the words just means I compensation, but also a few other clerk around us. After a while, I have the pressure of cross God, I said I would lose. I have memories of what just happened slowly, gently touched how bad it? So I repeated recalls Suddenly a picture flashed in my brain, I touch the piano, as if to see that piano legs off originally, so light touch will fall. I and negative memories, I finally determined that piano model has always been bad, I just gently touched fell, this can not blame me UGG Kona. So me and the clerk theory, the mother pulled a big voice and they Debates, the clerk did not believe me, I do not lose money they just let me go. Finally, I can only seek help from the mother, mother soon to a jewelry store and clarify the whole matter, and asked me several times that I did not break, until I answered in the affirmative, and her mother helped me , argue, both sides deadlocked. We refused to lose money, and where you want to leave home, the clerk took my and threatened to call the police. This time, I'm a bit impatient, but also to persuade the mother to help me lose money trouble, even if I have bad luck, I will be left pocket also on. The mother said: 288 dollars is small, but not their own, can not depersonalize If you break it, I will lose money, but also apologize, but this is not what you broke, losing money something is wrong when the humility, the humility, the stand up when we should fight for. At this time the manager from the outside back, a clerk to report to him immediately, managers know immediately apologize to us said: I'm sorry, we were wrong, that piano but it was a broken leg, the other has been sold out, only use it to sample. Clerk know, we apologize. When the mother's attitude immediately changed, and said to them: figure it out on the right. After that, my mother took me home, way back home on the road, my mother did not blame me, but my education said: encounter things, and do not be afraid to argue, is his mistake, apologize, if they have been misunderstood or unjustly, we must explain. You can not be afraid to encounter things, the more you fear things more come to you mother's guidance along the way I understand a truth, this thing is really unforgettable. This article Source junior high school essay,

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