able to cast out the beast god

November 10 [Sat], 2012, 10:44

Kirin's body to rise to the mid-air after slowly stopped. At this time, Xiao Hanyue burst India decisions play. Saw this time decided to play after India on nine cents Yuzhu, a burst of more intense white light, a steady stream toward the circular platform on supply in the past. With the continuous release of white, hunkered down the nine cents Yuzhu people can not help showing very tired look. Now, circular platform has its own piece of space,Accessories UGG, they do not know inside the case, can only continue to send their zenith, to maintain the operation of the entire beast ceremony. With Xiao Hanyue again printed on the decisive play space over the accumulation of a large number of zenith. I saw his hand again refers to the space over suddenly shot down a bunch of white rapidly away toward the body of the unicorn. After the white unicorn body as if he did not suffer any injuries. Just the next moment,UGG Clovis, there is a white unicorn ghost slowly slipped out from the body. It turned out that white space shot down over the miracle, even played a role peel unicorn animal soul. After a while, the unicorn beast soul finally been completely stripped out. Who looked abnormal horror and very desperate unicorn beast soul, Xiao Hanyue, cruel smile, hands suddenly a hold even cited unicorn body came slowly toward their own fairy body. Getting closer as the unicorn beast body, the body is also getting smaller and smaller, to ten feet or so in front of Xiao Hanyue Kirin Shu Zhang beast body, has become only a few feet size. At this time, the Xiao Hanyue mouth revealing a trace of smirk. That Yao the Canossian Emperor not destroyed and body care cents beast it, but the effort of a few months, the Master to help me find a re also higher grade unicorn fairy beast. Her recover the fair, etc. I repair high, able to cast out the beast god nine variables must be high. In the underground cave, with white help, this look no ban can block Hanxuan action. After a while, he passes through more than a dozen tactical deployment, has finally come above ground. Just proud Hsiao Hanyue incomparable reverie when he sit cross-legged on the platform, suddenly drilled a hint of silver. Turned out to be just turning around the Hanxuan,Brookfield Short UGG Boots, in gods shuttle led inadvertently came here. Suddenly see Xiao Hanyue scene against Kirin help but furious Hanxuan,Dakota UGGs Shoes, hurried from the gods shuttle flying out quietly came Xiao Hanyue behind, lightly beat will be stunned and he ban. At this time, the the the beast altar kinds beast ceremony are still under way, that the unicorn's body is slowly narrowing, toward Hanxuan the position slowly near. Suddenly, his eyes light up, see the air still floating unicorn beast soul. Suddenly saw Hanxuan appear unicorn beast soul is also a very pleasant surprise. It controls the soul of the beast slowly falling, and want to again return to the body being. However, it is the soul of the beast just arrived when the edge of the body, from its body, turned suddenly burst out of a bright light, it is the soul of the beast repelled. After several trial, unicorn beast soul can not help but reveal extremely desperate look. All repair, almost over the body with this. If there is no body, it becomes the equivalent of disability. , If not the flesh, the soul of the beast lasting over time dissipates nothingness. (D 8:30!)

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