Highlights Of Jewelry Diplay Cabinet Design

July 21 [Thu], 2016, 20:48
Jewelry display cabinet design major purpose is to enable consumers in limited time and space

in the most efficient way to receive information. Therefore, jewelry display cabinet design is

like around how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of the activities carried out

show. In addition to showing an important part of the environment itself design, display

objects on display in the form of design is jewelry showcase design. Therefore, in addition to

the basic rules of a general study of outer space design, researchers at the right time viewing

the exhibition objects visual physiological and psychological process is the basic premise

jewelry showcase design showcase design should do so maximize customer looked comfortable, very

Cabinet lighting aspects: Halogen consumes large, warm yellow hair. LED and other low power,

cool white hair. Depending on your needs to choose light colors. Jewelry display cabinet

lighting design from the top of the first light source. The inside of the jewelry display

cabinets use of fluorescent lighting to enhance the overall brightness. In addition, the left

and right corners of the front side of the counter cold light spotlights install more lights

and LED light source as a supplement to improve the three-dimensional jewelry. Especially

jewelry display cabinets, illuminated by spotlights or LED light the corners of the diamond

reflected the unique angular texture to stimulate customers to buy. Jewelry stores are selling

goods are more expensive, but also to highlight the effect of crystal clear, dazzling effect

better bring jewelry noble quality there is to be simple, elegant, after all, to attract

customers attention must be jewelry, rather than the other decorations embellishment .. The top

surface of metal halide lamps and spotlights as the main source, but the island counter in the

form of illumination by light to enhance the overall lighting effect jewelry area.
Cabinet terms of color: color jewelry showcase design to be simple, if the color change is

likely to cause the consumer excessive visual fatigue but not reach for a focused effect. Use

of corporate logos in the standard color and its approximate color, you can very easily solve

the above problem. Color logo design with strong accuracy and simplicity. From the aspect of

accuracy, signs for the choice of colors is all art forms among the most demanding and

rigorous, must conform to the nature of their products, what kind of what kind of

characteristics of the product, it must be what color to reflect it; from simple terms, flag

colors chosen for jewelry showcase another principle is simple, like a man with the same

clothes generally not more than three colors. Harmonious color people actively, clear, easy and

enjoyable; discordant colors contrary, it makes people feel negative, depressive, heavy

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