Greek Phrase Origins of Cardiology and Associated Professional medical Vocabulary

July 15 [Mon], 2013, 23:51
Greek Phrase Origins of Cardiology and Associated Professional medical Vocabulary

Greek vocabulary, primarily when it will occur to elements of the physique, performs a greater position in health care terminology, these as anatomy, than their semantic counterelements in the Latin language. So, whilst the Latin root cor, cordis is a prolific service provider of vocabulary for the English language, it does not lead significantly to the health care industry, but somewhat its associated rival, the Greek root kardia, does:

Kardia―coronary heart {card, cardio-}

We can notice as we head on into these health care conditions that the Greek letter kappa (k) bewill occur a challenging "c" in English. CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, has to do with reviving an unconscious and unrespiratoryuncoronary heartbeating (indeed, a extensive misuse of the English language, but boy was it enjoyable!) client by means of techiques for receiving the lungs (pulmonary derives from the Latin pulmo, pulmonis―lung: indeed, we have currently uncaboveed an exception to the rule point outed previously point outed; the Greek phrase for lung is pneumon―lung {pneumo-}, also a remarkably prolific resource of health care terminology...these as pneumonoconiosis, pneumonia, and pneumogastric...not to point out the longest phrase in most English dictionaries, that is, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, a illness that coal miners deal by respiratory in fantastic silica dust). The Greek phrase for lung in this article is a far more prolific resource of health care terminology than the Latin root for lung; and also don't forget that the only exception to the rule that states that tin this article is no exception to any rule is the rule alone aspecticular (just in the very same way that a Common Solvent can not exist mainly because it would, properly, dissolve alone aspecticular, not to point out the Universe inside of which it exists). And notice that the phrase "resuscitation," a hard phrase to spell if you do not know the Latin roots powering it, will occur from the Latin root phrase cito, citare, citavi, citatum―to established in movement, rouse, excite, that's why, to resuscitate is to ‘established (one aspecticular) in movement once more.’ aboveall entry for a straightforward a few-letter pseudo-acronym: CPR.

The phrase cardiovascular refers to the coronary heart and its program of blood vessels, together with the arteries, veins, and capillaries (the phrase vascular co #WXJ# mes from the Latin vasculum―little vessel {vessel}). A cardiologist is one aspecticular who research the coronary heart, that is, a coronary heart health care provider, one aspecticular who is intimately acquainted with the myocardial infarction, or cardiac arrest, or coronary heart assault, in which the cardiac muscle mass, or muscle mass of the coronary heart, smajors. A cardiologist is intimately acquainted, in flip, with the analyze of cardiology, which issues the pathology (illnesss inin this articlent to), composition, and enjoyablection of the mentioned cardiac muscle mass. Quite a few, several conditions occur from the analyze of cardiology, these as the pericardium, that fluid-crammed sac that envelops the coronary heart and its vasculature, the epicardium, that aspect of the pericardium that sits on major of the real coronary heart muscle mass (by means of the Greek prefix epi-on, above), tachycardia, a illness of the coronary heart in which it is pulsing far too quickly, bradycardia, the reverse illness of tachycardia, and myocarditis, the swelling of the coronary heart muscle mass. This is a little sampling of the cardiological terminology of or relating to the coronary heart, likely the most critical muscle mass of the physique, to which an aboveall affiliation has been focused, the American Coronary heart Affiliation.

Accessibility to far more completely delve into the Greek and Latin roots of the English language.

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