Thank you so understand the life of their own

November 14 [Thu], 2013, 17:07
Over the years, thank you grew their own time he urged us to grow up, we had to choose to grow ... recalled that he had just walked into the green campus looks like, do not understand anything of age, fooling around all day is a day of remembrance is now only slowly studying the road, all the way to grow their own, and I thank you so many years accompanied I grew up with you, let me always not alone a person ... After today, another tomorrow, I will begin the third year of life, walked,nike uk discovery, had this so afraid third year, now think about it, do not go through high school and how to complete their dreams, I am grateful to this of their own, and finally to learn to fly a man ... remember elementary school graduation day, his crying outrageous, and later learned that it was the only way to start a new journey ... So, junior high I did not cry, because I would like to start a broader travel ... However, in the summer of 2014, I will shed tears because never experienced such unforgettable youth ... Thank you so true to yourself, keep in mind some deep-seated to be stronger so many years, surrounded by a lot of people come and go, passing, passing each other, we have become a way of life ...

not because of your grief stop pace, we have experienced a more perfect life, packed luggage, and set sail again! Thank you so understand the life of their own, no pictures, no sorrow, no crying! life, there is always someone to make your life ripples, who are so obsessed with their own Jie, did not find the original now in the throbbing ... now you want to order an individual to get better, so more efforts to live, to learn. Thank you so ahead of their own, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing ... never liked Beijing, do not like the North, but life can not be arbitrary, or will it to an individual, a certain thing, to do the things they do not like, for me, and now do not like to dream is to one day Better stand by your side, into their most deeply miss li ... Thank you so sacrifice themselves for the dream selfless ... Some people say do not go to Beijing, do not go to meet Chen Europe, unless you go to university ... I'm feeling kind of crying and laughing, some unrealistic, but I still want to nike air max 95 sale desperate efforts ... Thank you so crazy once their own, Youth is an endless rain shower, even suffer from a bad cold, I still want very much love to pour a constant these years, thank you so grown up himself ... Life is a trip, do not care about the destination, care about is the scenery along the way and look at the scenery the mood ...
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