But he was surprised about

August 29 [Thu], 2013, 18:51
Ha-ha. Two he said, now is not the time. This. Tomorrow I also asked Deng Ling's uncle came to talk about cooperation. Of course it is not settled. Two can let people come tomorrow. Then compete together it. I will leave it to my uncle to follow. Then what and who worked, but my uncle say, ha ha. Wang Pan wanted to think, pointing to Wang Ming said. Wang Ming heard Wang Pan said to leave such an important thing for him to do. He was the main froze. Not only Wang Ming froze. Wang Ping and Chen, Zhao old they all froze. The pair could not believe what. In fact, Wang Pan is such a decision is not be prompted by a sudden impulse, pointing. First, he wanted to help uncle, so he will have an easy job, but the job to make money. So the work of Wang Pan feel good, then, just let him to the village to buy millet can, without his own how much force. Then just give money, let the villagers home delivery is not possible. He'll just make it before the price difference can they live a very good. Why Snow Bunting Sale not let Wang Ping to go for it. Is that Wang Pan can not want their parents too tired. They are all tired half of my life. Wang Pan decided to let them from this time began to retire. They'll just enjoy what you can. If they are not used to it, let Kensington Parka Women Canada Goose them point dishes to eat their own it. As for the field of hard work, the next year Wang Pan wasn't ready to let Wang Ping they do it again. Moreover, the money for him is really not too attractive. Now they have orchards. But the orchard one year to earn enough money to their one family to eat and drink. Why get so tired. So he got such a good job to uncle to do, even though Wang Ping didn't know why Wang Pan to give Wang Ming such a good thing to do. But he was surprised about what he did not say anything. To Wang Ming or Tian Ma, fertilizer outsiders do not flow. Anyway, my home now is not the money. Wang Ming and his brother. And they had had a good relationship. Now Wang Pan is willing to help them, he certainly would not oppose. For Chen Lao and Zhao old, these outsiders. Who is responsible for all this it doesn't matter, they think, where he could not divide a cup of a thick soup with. For Wang pan can give this good thing to Wang Ming, they sigh in addition to Wang Ming good luck also won't have what. Wang Ming suddenly seemed to be scared. Wang Ming never thought of Wang pan will give this good thing into his head as he wanted to, in, Wang pan to get rich, to help him, let him inside the reference point of the stock he was happy. Did not think Wang Pan will have such a decision now. Small scale. This North Face Windstopper Clearance is not good. Uncle is what kind of person, you don't know what to say, let me point cooly words, I can, but I want to negotiate. I can not. And I don't know anything. If you mess up how to do ah. I see, it is your own.
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