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July 01 [Mon], 2013, 18:23
> Time is one of the later, not because charming fairy good mood and become long-term, on the contrary, she feels the time is very short, it seems that only one day only. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm because someone sorts rogue, that gambling regulations was extended time, took almost seven days, and finally make it through their side these days there is always one person whining, "prohibited there are many, Mana based and often requires media sprites situation seems that the use of the water medium,Christian Louboutin Shoes, is not it? "" Water media ban is not very easy to crack, because the water can melt in the blood, no wonder so confident charming, but this fall is not difficult pour me, just be able to find a way to display would be much easier. ah, yes, charming, you are using is not blue water inside source Cave? Some water here is really special, you need to look at, there is no interest in discussing what? "" method is very strange, this is not a general prohibition, no wonder the good magic sprites can not break even. Hey, you did this several places under the ban, really imaginative, worthy of commendation. ah, is not These allusions? There should be no other, right? "cloud Britain spoke secretly to take eye Piao Liaopiao pretend dismissive charming fairy. "Sprites, you yourself feel better? Prohibition is not there to stay in the body feeling? Should be no bar you carefully feel it is like this." Because the cloud British regulation, the atmosphere is quite good in this seven days , Han Feng found his mouth some pain, after he and Hu Xiaoxian unanimously concluded that it is because the smile too much strain caused by chewing muscles caused. In exquisite pagoda's help, they finally put on the seventh hole to fill smooth finish, cast magic cloud Britain, launched its own planning a large array of the last function, the cave inside the enchantment that road blockade can occur where the. Future here will no longer be any loopholes, because the point of contact people by his magic transferred away. Walking on the road, Hu Xiaoxian smiled and said: "I have never seen such a happy fairy, did not think you would prank master even so, so happy to coax fairies." Han Feng smile shaking his head and said: "sprites, do you think true master just to coax fairy happy? charming fairy although powerful, prohibition is very clever, can not let the master delay so long as his reason for doing all for you. "" For me? "Hu Xiaoxian somewhat puzzling asked: "To me what?" "For you will not be offended because Master from Triumph fairy, let her mind on you blame gap." Han Feng looked up at the clouds in the sky drifting softly: "Master is a Thinking ahead retrospection thoughtful man, he is not the kind of solve the immediate problem of leaving the troubles just leave no responsible person. untie your body, but the ban is part of a Master's intention is nothing more than want you and the fairy The relationship between gentle and better able to get along with. because of this he would deliberately hide their strength, trying to coax fairy happy, natural and you about these credit, after the master has a walk memories fairy natural will not embarrass you. these days you see is a Master's Foreign Secretary, his heart is actually very deep. "Hu Xiaoxian suddenly, gently nodded and said:" No wonder, the cloud just to see I was able to master ban properties judge me, and vowed that within half an hour you can help me solve. however, and fairy bet when he seemed to know nothing, but also a little bit from the fairy pry message out, these are all he has done to see fairies, fairy heart wants nothing more than met, he would not unpopular with me because this thing. "Han Feng nodded and said:" Master is deliberate as he wit a blessing for us to speculate in. If not because of the words he said later, when the first dawn to meet almost the same, but the performance of some overly realistic, I'm afraid I have been lied to him in this case, the master good use of the fairy psychology so that you get the relief finally master the fifth day you unlock a prohibition, the time is also a quarter of an hour. charming fairies do not hate you, because she did not lose, you will not only get the liberation, Master nor stuck into, also between themselves and fairy about a life and death struggle that Gracefulness light scanning solution to this is the genius of the master, the game no matter who wins the result is not best practice to be able to master barely accessible to everyone. "heard here some slightly darker sadly Hu Xiaoxian said:" There is another meaning of your master, that is not willing to let us together. fairy I do not bear grudges , but also because this matter impression on me, and I left to nature is a natural thing and I and fairies live together originally, he would not suffer any ill I naturally good at this time to leave fairy, your teacher really is well-intentioned ah. "Han Feng nodded slightly, that he was reluctant to put forward, cloud Britain that he thought vaguely able to feel it, but did not dare. Cloud English is his master, his most respected people, and Hu Xiaoxian is your favorite girl, but she is a monster, cloud Britain doing is understandable. After all, people can get good results combined monster seems very few can even be used to describe the rare cloud Britain also makes sense to worry about things openly accepted Hu Xiaoxian and if things between themselves, that is not responsible for it. "Anyway, sprites, this life I do not marry non-you." Han Fengjian set said: "Life is short, Master afraid of us together will have an accident, so just do not want to accept the relationship between us, as long as I can efforts to practice as soon as possible to achieve real level, I believe the master would not oppose anything. sprites, you have to believe me, I must be able to do. "heard here Hu Xiaoxian some more or less moving, his body demon poison now Korea peak is impossible to resist live, and if forced together only harm Han Feng, although aware of the cloud Britain's medical skills, we can not see a doctor every day Han Feng. Thought for a moment after feeling cloud Britain these days indeed for their own efforts, a monster walking in human society really is not very easy, especially when the name is not correct words ring true. The demon poison let himself become Ms. Han Feng's dream become a reality a hard time, mankind will not allow a monster such blatant walking, then the charming fairy side is undoubtedly the safest. "Since you are so exclusive master monster, I do not means you do not marry, simply good terms after we go all the way better." Hu Xiaoxian dropped a word quickly ran forward, Han Feng hurried to catch up to the Road : "sprites, anyway I have said will not be recovered, this life I really do not marry a non-you, this life if you dare to marry someone else, do not blame me make trouble." Hu Xiaoxian that little effort how could conceal over-attentive Han Feng, she wanted nothing more than to say his open mind and accept the arrangement cloud Britain, but Han Feng Hu Xiaoxian the more the better on their own can not easily forget her. A few days ago because of the hardships, the last day of a relatively small amount of work a lot, charming fairy and Hu Xiaoxian "knock off" after quickly done sumptuous cuisine, they know Han Feng Yun English and adapt to what is left without excuse. Perhaps deliberately, or is absent-minded, always deft movements of the charming fairy turned repeatedly in error, and finally managed to get out of all the good things, the time has not earlier. The atmosphere on the table some boring, charming fairy toast and said: "wait eight years to wait until you come to me,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, but this one will do the foreseeable future, charming in this respect your cup, I wish everything goes safely greisen . "and then drink and do, face full of sad. Bear in mind some clouds England said: "All good things come to an end, but a person can still go back. Orchids and then I can take over Yingying bother, I hope charming Despise not bother us." "Really do? "charming immediately excited and said:" I will remember your words, and other skills may not be very good, but remember the commitment of others, but my strength. "" cloud Britain, though not big names, but still speak Some components of this charming little rest assured, then I will take the time to come visit you. "For cloud Britain is still quite charming fairy appreciate, but enjoy not love, from love and enjoy a long, long way to walk. "I'll wait for you." Charming fairy pun, and then looked at the same complexion deep Hu Xiaoxian, whispered: "The wolf demon monster world wide strokes, to July next year at Mount Jiuhua will convene one thousand demons intent against door. Sprites magic, though not very high, but generally not the monster her rival, in the middle of the monster is relatively easy communication. And she and Han Feng also fall in love, I want her to worship you as a teacher, to follow you back, meaning you how? "cloud Britain slightly surprised a moment, I did not expect her to be offered this thing, quickly said:" You only sprites around a person, if she followed me to go, after that to own a person how to do? "" Well, what I am a man how to do? previously sprites when I not a man? monster sprites you dislike the identity of it, afraid that she would harm Han Feng, the bad reputation of your seven doors. I know you look down upon us from the heart, we reject the monster. "charming fairy some displeasure, immediately Tingbei pushing. Cloud English smile: "charming, you listen to me. My own eyes still very confident these days I do not see very clearly, sprites really a good girl, and small peaks indeed, fall in love, but she who The demon poison will not be because she is a good girl, and will not harm small peaks congenial small peak, ah As fame, I always do not care how, anyway, in the eyes of others I have nothing but a womanizer, seven door does not belong doors, they secure those red tape shit I can not ignore the rules. "Here gently sigh and said:" In fact, I am very optimistic about the sprites,Coach Bags Factory, if not for her I would not unlock the ban, after all, charming is all I believe, you are bound by the she is the ideal. Even if I do not believe and optimistic about the sprites on things between them but also helpless ah. "<
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