to get three top psychic magic

August 27 [Tue], 2013, 17:06
; () Spent three hours in two chapters codeword over 5000, more than three hours three chapters codeword over 6000 still hard, is really a challenge ah. Seeking collection! Having heard the youngest Korea after several other help revealing bloody smile. They are Void third heaven realm, deal with two heavy days Void first realm is simply hand to catch. You wait for the next big fuss is responsible under the cloth, I will hold them, they have the Dao, which is also a rich windfall, no big fuss, then maybe let them escape out. Han youngest yin Canada Goose UK Outlet dense laughs. Dao, although powerful, but Korea is also very clear youngest minds, Void first heavy day state, pushed lower slopes are also at most comparable to the Void third heaven only, they met with five people, and under the cloth four images locking element array, sufficient to ensure foolproof. Dao hear the word, the other four are risking jing light eyes, with the Dao, they flew on to be among the real thief, recruiting. That this time, hands-on! Ren Fei and moon and stars in the son came to a mountain, Han youngest suddenly a drink, the body first to go out, in the hands of a terrorist Pentium mana, condensed into a road Weaponry sword, a direct cut time and space, where dozens of piercing from direct immediate concern. Some people attack! Feel this Qi Jin, Ren Fei and Xingyue son anger from Granville, suddenly back, body magic clearance north face pouring out, it is either fly bombers flying directly flesh scattered Weaponry condensed from these magic sword. And this time, suddenly appeared in any of the other four fly and Xingyue son Quartet, occupying the truck and began to play France pushed magic formula planted a big fuss. Four images locking element array! It seems they want to kill Indiana it. Saw the formation of four images instantly lock element array, moon and stars look son brow wrinkled up, the four have Void third heaven realm, arranged under four images lock element array, even with Dao bombardment, are difficult to break opened. I think they are not simply kill Indiana, knowing that we are on a spiritual disciple cents to send, dare to get involved, but also to prepare the four images and lock element array, obviously aimed at our own Dao. Ren Fei H bulk cohesion Weaponry these magic sword after Chen Sheng Road. Let fly so that is also Xingyue son nodded, yes, we were just Void first heavy day realm, they need only one shot is enough, but five people with the shot, it seems that someone bought us head. Can not go wrong, this thing with Lin Xiao Yuan certainly have a great relationship. Ren Fei void standing, turned to look at Han youngest asked, arranged under such a big battle, it seems you are determined to win, I have a question, do not know to buy our head is not Lin Xiao Yuan? Ha ha ha, you are already Wengzhongzhibie tell you anyway, yes, it is Lin Xiao Yuan bought your head, to the lives on the road, beating up anyone who knows your life. Saw four images either lock element array trapped fly and Xingyue son, Han youngest laughed, conduct four images on the lock element array, overlooking Ren Fei and Xingyue son. After saying that, Han youngest four images of the body also entered into lock element array, but he was able to smooth, without the slightest influence of a large array. Subject go die! Han youngest se face grinning again, Murder absolutely shattered, I know you have Dao, but you are now living among the four images locking element array, mana hampered channel's power will be greatly reduced, let you know, high technology a chip crushed to death! In his words, between the power of four images and lock element array open the door for him, and a large array of forces being attached to his attack. Ren Fei and Xingyue son's body could not help shake up, said device are bursts of buzz. Simply Longyou shallow water shrimp play. But because the road's sake, Ren Fei and Xingyue son was not injured. Really worthy Dao, even so are able to protect the back of you, but you do not happy too early, there are four images locking element array blockade here, you want to escape there is no chance! To see their Chilliwack Bomber Men UK attack did not blew open each other's defense, some Korean youngest exclaimed, but also worried that any son can fly and escape the moon and stars. How to do, the situation is very bad for us. Xingyue son calm down a roll of the blood in his eyes, some cold, head of the 'stars make' mysterious flashing light, seems to want to break the lock element array of four images, piercing the town to kill. He was half past one would not be able to break open our two channel's defense, if not this four images and lock element array, with the channel's strength, day the earth, they do not keep us! Ren Fei Chen Ning Road, he did not have much research for tactical deployment, knowing knot disease, but can not break. If there are four different fire world, breaking the lock element array which four images is also very easy, but unfortunately ...... Xingyue son seems to be a better understanding of the four images locking element array, the reigning sighs. But half past one would let him where to find four kinds of different fire heaven and earth? Ah? Four kinds of different fire, I have six kinds although integration into together, but can also be separated. Ren Fei joyful hearts, facing Xingyue son said, you attract his attention, I have a way to break the four images and lock element array. Could you have four different fire? Xingyue son was shocked, Ren Fei has Dao, this is understandable, but different fire in a sense, more precious than the Dao, in particular, has four different fire. Ren Fei nodded, not too much to explain what, in the hands of the sudden appearance of dragon sword, pull out the four Jianhua, respectively, of which contains four kinds of different fire. Arctic spell, to Yang Fire, yin yang fire, Xuanming Cang fire. Xingyue son suddenly recognized among Jianhua inherent flame. Hands on the fly at any moment, Xingyue son also hands, the hands appear three top psychic magic, suddenly resorted to, into three terror jing Mans. 'Various Artists make' general also issued starry radiance shining things. But Kunshouyoudou only. Ren Fei and son saw the moon and stars counterattack, Korea youngest sneer, thugs suddenly grasping son taken to the moon and stars dishing three psychic magic. This three psychic magic are all top-grade, just quelled. Youngest repression which saw Korea's top three psychic magic, moon and stars son mouth slightly move, this three top psychic magic youngest natural not to attack South Korea, but in order to attract the attention of Korean youngest, or want to break Lock out four images element array is not so easy. After all, Korea youngest watched four images will not lock element array is broken. And in Korea crushed the three youngest top psychic magic of the moment, the four Jianhua Ren Fei suddenly bombarded four footing. Honghong, Honghong! Well, different fire of heaven and earth, how they have four kinds of different fire heaven and earth. Four images lock element array vibration felt the moment was too late Han youngest want to block. Four images locking element array collapse, officials opened a crack, Ren Fei and Xingyue son immediately rushed out, and shortly disappeared. Damn, appeared to be successful, but fall short. Among a curse and said four people. Thousands of operators million, did not think they have four kinds of different fire world, one thing down, four images can of course lock element array block everything, but it can not stop the world different fire power. But this time we did not count futile, get three top psychic magic. Han youngest slightly Yi Tan. Only once, the next time you want to kill each other with no chance to storm it. Brother, this time let them escape, we explain how to tell Li Yun Xi? Well, the deposit back, this time anyway, to get three top psychic magic. Originally If suppressed two Dao, swallow this time the benefits are not afraid of people interested. Han youngest is not a fool, if not Dao supporter, no amount of benefits nor Fu Xiaoshou, I am afraid will be between backhand Li Yun Xi abusing. It was such, Korea youngest escaped unharmed. Had to wait in the dark with the group, saw Ren Fei and Xingyue son fled, are not disappointed them. Boy, that there are two Dao, pity, pity, and if Korea youngest successful, riding his refinery Dao, we will be able to a praying mantis in the post, snatched Dao . Escape more than hundred thousand years later, Ren Fei and Xingyue son stopped here already Void outside the center of the ruins, the crisis-ridden, just did not like the rampage. But also because they are a proper way is body care, otherwise there will be just this journey many dangers. Destination not far from here, we have to be careful. Ren Fei looked looked a lot, knowing that they are now location away from their destination at most there are tens of thousands of years. Xingyue son nodded, secretly with the 'Stars Order' cover your body and prevent raids, so once again in dire straits. They have also considered lucky, just have a different fire either fly, or want to escape, thousands of hard to extremely difficult.
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