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June 03 [Mon], 2013, 16:32
> Text] three hundred and thirteenth chapter three hundred and thirteenth chapter despair despair dirt tightly adsorbed to live Hsiao pole body, the opposite of fake body also did not miss out on this opportunity to draw the hands on the invitation scared "Brilliant" a blow, tearing endless violent atmosphere all around in front of Xiao know very fake body has its own means so, so want to beat him, I am afraid only trying out the cast had never been strong supernatural powers to take on the invitation Interfax sword attack, with Xiao pole ** force is also invited May Janus instantly repulsed horror Jianmang ripped blue "sè" scales, dark sword of the bone when the invitation to dance again when Xiao Dasheng very concept of God, acts of terrorism override the will to leave the body directly above the "Dragon supernatural - despair" Xiao pole broke out the glaring eyes rainbow Mans concept of God turned into a violent channeling dragon, fake body directly penetrate eyes, hit into the soul consciousness among the sea suddenly, fake body body suddenly a dark, will be destroyed, the body turned slowly disappear. But at the foot of mud bog without the slightest retreat, the sky above,Oakley Monster Dog, the situation becomes "sè", rì same month now, the days of endless wake outrageously over Tian Zhiming will not be anti-terror days will come, Xiao pole body instantly Annealing few steps soul a vertigo tremendous pressure blessing Xiao very top of the body, which is the firmament of the will, an idea of ​​a move are all high of the road, there is no way to compete horrible pressure grind to Xiao pole soul will straight "force" them to know the depths of the sea at the moment very soul among Hsiao days coffin coffin confrontation with the three powers days, could not help solve the problem Xiao pole, that is, Xiao pole in addition to their soul, there is no guardian of the sea of ​​knowledge of things The days of horror will just come very knowledge Xiao Hai, he seemed endless Origins general idea of ​​a move of God,Nike Air Jordan 13 Sale, ten thousand crashes into the sea Xiao know very little universe rules of the "chaos" There is no trace of the trajectory Road, in the days following the will of the Will almost collapsing days, every word is Tao, a phrase is a word law, the source of ten thousand, ten thousand Fanny Law, the will have eternal supreme Although this is only with God day and not supreme supreme days, but contains a trace of the supreme God, enough to crush most of the soul with God Hsiao days coffin, but days coffin ghost among the three of Xeon How can it be so easy to be charged? In this endless days of the will, the will, but it is more extreme Shaw handed up I do not know how experienced the catastrophe, how much pain, Xiao tenacious will of the pole, called rare in the world in the days under the will of the infinite Weili, Xiao most will actually know the sea steadily quells the whole, making extremely unstable know the sea began to rebuild the origin, structure Boulevard Meanwhile, Xiao pole will actually force the will of the origin of the interception day, you want out of the day these three powers derived Will stay in the thorough knowledge of the sea into which shares days of the will, although the three powers, but it is really the idea of ​​the interception of the day, you want to refining this very moment Shaw shares days of the will of God can not simply Guards Shaw felt extremely illegal refining days will actually want, endless days of the rules come down, even want to strike bombers kill Hsiao-pole But at the moment, it had seemed a stone's Pearl, in the days of the rule the advent of the next, even the vastness of the light emitted, the days will give all of them and swallowed Hsiao also take this opportunity very forcibly pushed the terror will, the will of the days of thorough refining, into yuan soul sea inside, it is simply coincide with Road unprecedented feat monks, although it will open up in the sea of ​​knowledge among a small universe, and the formation of which rules Avenue, but it is not really a day of ideas, only the monks own ideas only. But even at the moment Xiao extremely small fraction of the days of the idea of ​​a refinery, forced them into a so within ten thousand small universe coherent, up unprecedented perfect blend of days of ideas, Xiao extremely thorough awakening of the soul, and instantly reached Although the state supreme ** still remain in the realm of eternal, but the real strength has shrunk "Ang" Yin "-" the mouth of the dragon broke out a deafening "Yin" of the sound, Alondra hair force, almost immortal concept of God Talon attached on top of that a direct hit into the expanse of the earth among the "Rumble Long -" terrorist explosion came the voice, the whole earth was of one vast Weili breakdown, All land have undergone violent explosion, mud flights nine days Meanwhile, the collapse of the entire world directly, with God day also appear in the coffin Xiao pole soul among the few mouthfuls of days with another coffin "diplomacy" echoes "God read instantly jumped to such a degree even really extraordinary "Xuanyuanjian treasure as days of order, and instantly he saw through Hsiao very soul and the reality, lip of truth. "However, this strength is not enough to see me unless it can be reached easily control the point of a knife with Ming Hung, otherwise we could not compete with the arrival of the end of rì catastrophe" Sure enough, the truth is still the same heavy, even with God day received a coffin, Xiao pole strength is still not enough. But ...... "I want to Find a quiet place to retreat" Xiao pole did not do more to explain, binocular "jīng" light flashes. Moment of his new knowledge into the sea one day to receive a coffin, naturally takes time integration. More importantly, at the moment the vast magic dragon breath broke out, the pole Yuan Xiao Hai soul completely wrapped "Well,Air Jordan SC 1, when rì much, you will once again retreat it, this is forbidden Mayan family, also my Regulus Sword Guardian in the hope that when you exit, so I have the strength eyebrows "above the earth at the moment, I do not know who is, even when the moon will be very Hsiao photos posted to the Internet, suddenly let the whole world know This mysterious creatures, as well as its own political fu various forces of terror can not simply prohibit the spread of the network, after observing the moon institutions too much, even an ordinary astronomical okay, and also often observe the dynamics of the moon above and found Xiao pole the moon is also not unusual situation. "Oh, this is China's dragon legend among you? This power is how many tons? Nay, can describe the tonnage has gone beyond the limits, this is the real power of the gods to play out," "Yes, this is My ancestors China Dragon, but I am China Dragon, Dragon faith, but have everlasting life "" Upstairs is a sesame seed, immortalized considered a p, in fact, tell you that the letter Dragon, you can place full of state resurrection "With friends a large number of mining, one has a legend about the dragon was dug out. Dragon in the "Journey to the West" before the appearance, but Xeon fetish, one of the gods of heaven shines even be able to cover up but the "Journey to the West" appeared, people only remember the universal dragon that looks like useless, completely forgotten the glorious Dragon Today, everything belongs to Shenlong all been dug out. . More to the address <
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