even more brilliant way of expression

June 05 [Wed], 2013, 9:41
> But this is difficult to completely change the dna genetic data. WWw! QUAnBen! Com Amy's blood have this ability to absorb fusion except the blood of others, does not go beyond his own body's ability to symbolize much dna information for its own purposes, but also capable of absorbing dna repair defects such as fusion, as well as better, improve antibody function information. "This will not be the role of spider silk can vary bring it?" Xu red dress off somewhat questionable, but also into the glass in by Amy manipulator device starts checking. When a circle swept Yan Xu Hong sè different body mask on the screen after the system quickly gives the result of the calculation. Xu Hong out of glass, standing in front of the screen holding the dress. "Normal ......" Her tone was mixed with intense disappointment. "Forget it, this thing is like the human abilities, different, not to insist." She sighed, put aside for Amy possess special abilities blood admiration. "Looking to try your blood can not cure AIDS, it" "dare out of a more badass idea?" Amy knows she is jealous of red fruit. Two people use physical abilities Imperial installed generator sets, has been tried, the power demand of electricity sufficient to supply base. "Only such promise love coming." Xu Hong relieved, tired of looking for a room asleep rest. With enough power to ensure, Amy's View from the room by the data. This base inside large, although a department, but had also broken down the different segments, there are specializing responsible for recording, data collection, there are specialized analytic 'eyes' device records the information has come back abnormal, with a dedicated follow-up investigation to determine taken to arrest or eradication initiative,Nike Jordan 12 Shoes, with a dedicated action plan concrete steps, there are responsible for the arrest or elimination of the battle group, but also to look after the transfer was arrested protoss ...... of asking other classes, detailed division of labor. In the past, such a large part of the work of many, but alone in a Korean Taoist completed. Inefficient Needless to say, only time-consuming, energy to make people speechless. Amy armory in hunting group opened a closed metal door. Base control password Taoist Chen obtained from Korea, even if there had control password, base system itself only recognizes the person in charge of the department, many of the key features to be able to enable xing. About the role of the absorptive capacity of the blood, so that the base system, Chen suddenly got the recognition he has the other Taoist quite as Korea, on the base control permissions. Thus, many would have thought it difficult to enter the working group of the important warehouse, are now able to unimpeded access. Han Chen Taoist had attacked those used when the ball emits light weapons, are not regarded as human beings now have the technology. But the former gate 'mastermind' system production provides. That kind of firearms can not just run out of energy once added, just like scrap metal. Today, the remaining amount is not much. Chen pick a few to use as intelligence and other security bureau to deal with Xu person essential weapon. In addition to the kind of energy guns, the hunting group coffers weapons left with six ji lightsaber. From the energy point of view, the use of the market but also over ten hours. Aurora sword usual state, only one ring, can be easily carried, concealed. Once opened, will form a cylindrical ring side airflow grip for the user to grip; ring will form the other side of the blade of light energy ji, lethality is very alarming. Do not say that ordinary mirror reflection, even though qualities, high reflectivity, high heat-resistant material qualities of the mirror, is not enough to reflect its energy. In the past Han ji lightsaber Taoist sector is also very powerful, practical fighting weapons. But because of a small number of energy when not in use, they will not use. Furthermore protoss manhunt department combatants are basically protoss, good wrestling skills much, so they use more long-range weapons like firearms combat, you need to wrestle with the goal rarely close. Chen Li ji lightsaber out five, looked at anything else, are these auxiliary xing weapons, the numbers are very scarce, the base of the fighting are also irrelevant. Information on the screen seeing the last remaining one weapon, Chen Li random next turn. Saw a few are run out of energy, is preparing to shut down when they found displayed on the screen, but there are still a cold weapon short dagger. "Odd strange, the total door how well this ancient soldiers morning ......" Amy muttered to himself with the view from the dagger details, before we know, this thing is unusual. This dagger almost transparent without sè, also former chief mastermind door manufacture weapons. Is in recognition of an outstanding fighter month special door, who was later injured soldiers from the lunar month gate door fighting abilities department deployed to hunt departments to do the person in charge, this dagger so went into this base. When he died, the differences can be placed flush department dagger arsenal, no one has been utilized. The power of this dagger is very alarming, is the total gate 'mastermind' arrangement of elements on a single carbon changed slightly after making cold weapons. Can say it is made by a diamond, but it is not a typically brittle diamonds. It has a hardness comparable with the diamond, but no diamonds fragile weaknesses, and have a strong self-repair, restore xing quality. This dagger dagger's name was called one, God. Divine name is because the former May doors with a door trick extremely profound, few people can excel at special stunt. Symbolizing this dagger dagger unique. "So pull the wind weapon, not just for me to prepare this installed x masters of it?" Amy unceremoniously Pindar access instructions. Weapons warehouse, delivery channel, the dumplings out of a black sè tarpitting Kam will open the box, which is placed inside the almost transparent without sè of eleven divine. Amy tried, holding the handle, without any sorrow pierce the wall. Insert half later, Amy feels forces blocked, hit a wall that is the central and most rugged compartment. He did not dare excessive force to pull out the divine, see the blade head without the slightest damage. 'Hardness is indeed extraordinary ah ....... Base of the inner layer of the original total gate 'mastermind' construction of special materials, the data shows that the atomic bomb detonated next to the inner layer, the impact can not bo even a glimmer of inner rift caused damage, radiation can not penetrate inside The barrier layer. Despite the lifting of the whole base to leave the ground gravity meters altitude caused by vibration force can destroy the lining. Word, is an impossible thing to be destroyed. There are not that cow Chen Li is unable to verify, anyway, his gun UFO emitted light does not destroy the energy base of the lining. This original base need only the inner layer is an inner layer in order to hide it on both sides to increase the heavy alloys. Chen Li put arsenal ji lightsaber and energy gun was assigned to Xu Lei, Wen Zhu, on behalf of Lei. Get Tsui Hung room, I saw her frowning, cold face. Chen ranging opening, she complained, said. "Gdf just go again! This woman really annoying, endless one -" Amy had talked with Xu Hong initiative abilities thing. Also take the initiative to bring over gdf things. Xu Hong was surprised, why gm not approached Amy. Amy remembered dream, seeing UFOs and gdf things always feel a little uneasy. So for Xu Hong said. "May be dangerous anyway I dreamed UFO and gdf second time, not how long it will certainly encounter danger." Amy wondering, asked Xu Hong. "Does that remind me should contact gdf?" "I do not know how to find her, the woman has always been looking for me, and one I did not interested in the benefits of saving the world, you're looking for, you are looking for, do not I get involved . "Xu Hong Speaking gdf is a look of disgust and impatience. Chen Li understand her feelings because of her childhood experiences, because her mother after the death of those things. Let Xu Hong hate with justice, with the world for this kind of problem linked to national social thing. She spurned the kind of life! Hate the kind of life! Chen also-ran that kind of thing is not interested in half. However, he very much hope gdf see him. Because ...... "The sword is to save or kill, depending on a person with a sword and you use it thought that what Doomsday protoss organization? Join them if you can use their power to reap the benefits, it just can not be considered things ah a 々. Chen tried to persuade this sentence really let's face boredom Xu Hong eliminate a lot. "which so easily? "" The next gdf then contact you,Oakley Squared Sale, you know more about some of the things they might have this possible? Do you hate their ideals and ideas, of course, is the expression of rejection nasty way, but that,Oakley Radar clearance, if harnessed, then it is even more brilliant way of expression. Is not it? "Xu Hong startled by startled, thinking for a moment, and when she again face when Amy's eyes, sighed and said something." Gdf I finally understand why not find you because you do not worth incurable expectations ...... "Chen is very shameless, I wonder if guilt smile, enthusiastic continuing to persuade Xu Hong Zi consider his proposal, but he shameless evil spirit, very let Xu Hong appreciate, so two people whole-heartedly The plotting up ...... time a day goes by. Oct. 9. predicted from Amy Xu love to base two days when he received the alarm call. "Hey, you have recently disappeared ah? Doing? In a hurry to find you ah an alarm clock are not using his cell phone, but the public telephone. "Battery died?" "Not using a mobile phone. Come out and say ah!" "Not in the city." "Well actually did something else. Zhao Zhengming let me do with him walking crossing si business, should also be nothing to do, but I always feel fear gripped his pit so I want to entrust your help. "Amy should not feel dark, Zhao Zhengming gave the alarm clock so much sweetness, and now beginning to use him, unreasonable to pit him. And pit alarm clock, no good for Zhao Zhengming, alarm clock out of things, and his righteous societies and Bear Chen, hardly affected. ! . <
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