you are not afraid of a joke

May 25 [Sat], 2013, 15:27
> To December, when George is already able to walk slowly, of course, can not do without crutches. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM George was sitting in a wheelchair most of the time outside of which enjoy views sè. "Little York, you do not busy now?." Miranda initially almost headed to the hospital, the hospital hired a specialized beds. Only in recent George's body a lot better before we back the beds. Is the case, Miranda also came to the hospital every day will. Miranda while pushing a wheelchair, his mouth while singing hum do not know what song. George heard the words, slightly bent her head on George's shoulder. "George brother, I said you must not get angry." George Miranda look like a baby, smiled, and then nodded. "I have been with the school for a year, please leave." Miranda whispered in George's ear to speak. "What?" George quickly turned around. "You dropped out." Miranda did not speak,nike jordan outlet, but what is out there singing songs. George certainly do not blame Miranda, but is deeply moved. George certainly understand Miranda dropped out because of this his car accident. George now because it is self-cultivation, it is in a sanatorium. There are mountains and water, flowers and grass, and of course most of them are artificial production. But even so, George also feel very nice here. Only English weather is too bad, and want a sunny weather, it is too difficult. "George." Are hard to come by to enjoy the sun, George, was the sound bother. George turned puzzled, because this sounds unfamiliar. George has been a car accident, came to see George's basically quite familiar people. But this sounds very familiar. "Walker husband? You how to." George surprised, because to the people is a steel big Hengjie Ke Walker. Speaking George car accident a month later, Jack Walker gave George came to call ">. But that time, the doctor forbade George calls ">,Jordan 11 Shoes, answer the phone,">, almost for George's life has very strict regulations. So George's telephone "> is to help meet the Miranda. "George, you are such a big thing, I am a little late." Jack Walker and last, as the road was very forthright. Said George looked next to Miranda. "Little York, who you should know. Walker husband, this is my sister, Miranda York Little York, you go back." George simple introduction to the two people. Miranda against Jack Walker simple courtesies, he left the place, leaving George and Jack Walker. "Thank you to see me, Walker husband." George Last, while rejecting the invitation of Jack Walker, but for Jack Walker's feeling quite good. Jack Walker shook his head gently to the back of the wheelchair, went to a sit down place. "George, what time can heal?" Jack Walker sat beside George, like a normal conversation so we asked George. "It should be the time to the next year in April." "I know the situation now Burnley do?." George smile: "The doctor told me not accept stimulus Recently So any news about football do not let me contact my people timid, so obediently listen to the words of the doctor." Jack Walker nodded, no Continue this topic. "However, Walker husband and I know that Burnley should not upgrade this year, although they do not tell me, but every time the club people over, I can see that they furrowed brow." In fact, George did not ask though them, but each time to see Carl Patrick and Evan Sawyer's face, it has been speculated jiǔ pretty close up. Jack Walker is not surprised smile and nodded. Hesitated, still said: "George, I know now that these some rebound guy, but I still want to send you an invitation. Burnley next year but also in the league, you really want to waste their youth chūn and time do?. " "Kidd has not just become Blackburn coach do?." George asked Jack Walker Road. Kidd said it's not little people, is Ferguson's assistant coach. Former Manchester United striker, 1968 Champions League final win over Benfica, when overtime is also into a ball. Later, Kidd became Ferguson's assistant coach, helping Ferguson got long to league title. After the establishment of the Premier League,Air Jordan Outlet, but also to help Ferguson became Manchester United Premier League supremacy. In Dalglish left, Jack Walker first candidate was George. But George refused, Jack Walker found the Kidd. According to the history of Blackburn Kidd became head coach in 1998, but because Ray Xiafu Te earlier resignation and departure of Kenny Dalglish, so is two years ahead of Blackburn found Kidd. Kidd willing to continue placing him under Ferguson would also like to break a world. And Blackburn almost hit it off, so the summer Kidd became Blackburn's new coach. "George, you are not afraid of a joke we are away from the relegation zone Blackburn now also high for so few. Since Dalglish, we would never find a suitable coach and I think you are the most appropriate. "George did not answer the words of Jack Walker, just smile. For Blackburn coach George was never thought of, but for the sincerity of Jack Walker, George was very touching. Jack Walker, a big spender in England, Sanfanliangci invited George, George hearts without a hint of excitement is impossible. See George look, Jack Walker is already understood. So also changed the subject, and George talk about some easy topic. After about half an hour talking, Jack Walker left. "George brother, how he came looking for you." Miranda pushed George into the ward, while Staveley asked. "Do you think so?" "I think he must be a fancy George brother you, because you are the best football coach." Miranda as in praise himself, was very proud of road. "How can such a boast their own." George is laughing. But they have not yet entered the room, I heard someone called out from behind George. "Levy coach to disturb you." A very beautiful voice stopped George and Miranda. They looked back to the person wearing beautiful red sè skirt, smiling at George. George unexpected surprise channel: "Miss Eimicke">, how are you? "49 second 49 second invitation was invited to a URL <
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