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Montreal, the blood of seven hundred and eighty fifth chapter directory: Tang Jun Search this novel fastest updates [keep in mind the site domain name said: just flying out of a few meters, Yong big beauty has been stopped, just listen to her and said: full best in triple literature () Chu flying surprised,North Face Denali Jackets, said: remembered just Fengqi, the reigning helpless smile, and said: go sightseeing, Need District pushed on this, you can not blame me refused to help,Michael Kors Purses Sale, also blame I did not notice you. Chu flying paused for a moment, shook his head helplessly followed the fly past. big day basically invisible shadows, even the skies are dark and extremely to both of them for the repair and visibility, but also hundred meters or so. The two quickly to the door of the best area, light door tightly closed, Chu flying waved his right hand, the Zong Qi Lu permission to impose on you can still open here. Three brothers opened the door, three bodies fell to the ground, Chu fluttering surprised, speechless: , the trio became the three dead bodies and fell to the ground, blood everywhere. Yong pity thinking: there had been, when dark band from Yong pity thinking on the best area to lead all the way to kill, and he is also behind in hot pursuit, ultimately at the Shang Palace at catch up with them, but he accidentally fall into the underground palace. At a time when they completely changed around to accompany their own people even when princes of the dark bands Yong pity thinking. Two over the endless sea, out of the other side of the road, the export platform and more than a dozen corpses, Yong pity thinking tut or two, said: stature quickly flew, flew toward the Dream Palace of the mountainside between dark areas of war underworld demon world, where mountain had collapsed, still missing a large piece of the Dream Palace of the iceberg is still incomplete, The doorway is even worse, Montreal, blood, guarding the corpses everywhere, and the wound is very simple, all Yijizhiming. Chu flying burst into the hall, scattered lay three bodies, he stormed away from the doors of the house of a recent, and the hearts of a cold, turned out to get the sound of the waves of the high-level segment of the bright-order water system, and then entered, walking two wind system where the line, the non-flower of the optical system. These men are senior-high segment,Canada Goose Lodge Cheap, once in the World War, the dark bands and dark bands directly confront each other, So Yong pity thinking know them, which was finally surprised a moment, said: They start really never enough! so fragile? Also so confident before Fengqi told myself, why? Prosperity days, you in the end in mind? Yong pity thinking looked at the corpse shook his head and said: Chu flying Yong pity thinking reminder finally understand their cultivation, with a bright-order system, although strong enough, but the best hit fellow just died, that is seven Need all finished killing all Enron lossless. Yong to pity thinking to see him blankly not speak, continued: fast, Ping Haitian Yong pity thinking ah a cry, and hastened to follow him forever Chu flying must not be so in Yiping Haitian, but will snicker, but to escape the underworld demon world, and because of his own too many enemies, and he the holy soul Valley wretched man family crowd, all moved to the Need Ping Haitian's family group, in accordance with the the Prosperity days to this kill, seems to really want the entire best area bloodbath. Then ranked Dream days, yet from the day on top of ping Haitian, is the most dangerous, where the maximum family strength is not weak. Here for the two are not strangers, Shang Palace at an empty palace, but there is still a large-scale massacre of the results, of course, is only the best warrior of all deaths. Looked Tao Yong pity thinking: imagination Shura killing field and did not appear, touches a row embattled, enchantment, and all types of appliances all ready. When they occur, the opposite suddenly continuous broke several Sheng said: that the best area to be captured, has been playing up hurriedly prepared,North Face Gore Tex Jackets Sale. heart suddenly a move, Prosperity days fear is not what family alliance, but the night chill Honourable cents level characters can not be free to intervene in the affairs of the holy profession, but the once-threatening night home, for the benefit of the family, he can still hand, I am afraid this is Prosperity days to deliberately avoid Ping Haitian reason. But they obviously have to come up, and these people are blocked from the entrance, they certainly have not appeared! Chu flying stature startled, cried aloud:
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