army of the right two times faster

October 27 [Sat], 2012, 18:26
As the slave army built forward troops were built slave is white and white inlaid two ,this two flags are three brothers and duo Ergun ,and their presence has undoubtedly made on his and his son Haug power as a threat ,such as wars ,Nike Air Max 87 Outlet,Huang Taiji is grab weakened two white the strength of the chance ,so the duo Ergun ,Ajige sturt ,three brothers ,come very naturally can either act as built slave army striker ,with two white banners banners and parts of Mongolia and Chinese military forces ,leading to the Ningyuan town .
While in police force area only more than 20000 people, after all, limited the army to defend Ningyuan and Shanhaiguan area, a not all available troops are piled in Ningyuan town area and built the slave army battle ,so the three brothers in the duo Ergun Hong Cheng domain in Ningyuan town peripheral several line ,soon the duo Ergun army breakthrough .
This battle can such soldiers were not hard ,no matter is guarding Taishan white Cao Bianjiao ,still guarding the old crooked Taoshan Wang Tingchen ,and even Lv Pinqi is guarding Jiulong Mountain area army ,all force ,the respective rates and built the slave army was a fierce, but he the police morale is not high ,coupled with the troops nor built slave army ,is also in white Taishan defending Cao Bianjiao ,had built a small victory or be taken by surprise ,a shortage of troops ,later because of reason ,was going to be built in the white slave army surrounded the area of Taishan, Cao Jiao had to change in order to preserve strength the rate of withdrawal ,white Taishan ,and Wang Tingchen was soon in the old crooked Taoshan area was Ajige dodo and the army surrounded, Wang Tingchen refused to accept the duo Ergun inducing to capitulate ,troops in the old crooked Taoshan area and built the slaves had a duel ,but is his strength is limited, and fight a lone battle ,after two days after a fierce battle ,fought under Wang Tingchen ultimately heroic martyred ,killed on the front ,his more than 4000 soldiers ,killed more than half, the rest is almost all captured .
Cao Bianjiao tries to rescue the remnants of Wang Tingchen ,but Dorgon was fighting a block ,after the defeat of Cao Bianjiao ,fled to the Ningyuan town .Only the Jiulong Mountain guard lieutenant Lv Pinqi after learning that Wang Tingchen died soon after defeat ,and not the enemy ,the final rate of surrender duo Ergun built slave army .
So far in peri battle outside the city after six days later, the collapse of all ,was built the slave army will be surrounded by Ning Yuancheng .Although Hong Chengchou would stall Ningyuan town built slave army for a period of time ,delay the slave army to the south to build speed ,after Katayama customs area for some time up ,but what Nai Ming man to now ,fighting capacity is weak ,even as Cao Bianjiao Wang Tingchen this army would be willing to fight to the death ,nor can you change them disadvantage ,which is just outside during the war in a few days ,then the collapse of all .
In desperation ,had led a remaining Zu Bu ,Cao Bianjiao Department of more than ten thousand people trapped in Ningyuan Town ,and hurriedly sent to the rescue .Although the Ming Dynasty to now already be besieged on all sides ,but when he learned that a and other Ma Zu enclaves in Ningyuan Town, Emperor Zhu by check or showed his admirable side .
By this time, Zhu Youjian has learned that Xiao Tianjian punishment army began three armies into the capital city and its environs ,heart knows Daming is likely this year ,will be destroyed ,but he to build slave promise and then deny in succession or angry .
And three days ago ,he learned of my army left the army in rebellion ,Lu Xiangsheng and the thief will be led by Yan Zhongxi et al , beat Xuanda Zongbing Yang Guozhu ,occupied the Datong Prefecture throughout, while forced Yang Guozhu had to rate the Department from Xuanfu town area back into the pass .
,abandoned Xuanfu Town ,making the ground also announced in a few days time ,quickly lost ,Zhu Youjian also was abnormal ,but at this time ,he chose to make Yang Guozhu and Xuanhua Miyun Zongbing down pass ,the army to Shanhaiguan ,Chi aid enclaves in Ningyuan town Hong Chengchou bu .
In addition after the death of Wu Sangui ,Shanhaiguan has no general, the courtier plea ,Chongzhen will once again already in the post Wu Xiangqi complex ,once again Wu Xiang was appointed commander of Shanhaiguan ,immediately out of the capital to Shanhaiguan ,presided over the Shanhaiguan defence .
During this time ,Emperor Chongzhen also carefully review their years of negligence ,for Xiao Tianjian, he is naturally very hate ,but to build a slave of hate ,even beyond the Xiao Tianjian hate ten times .
Carefully recall Daming is go to look down the poor water level ,Zhu Youjian believes that the most fundamental reason is in build a slave who, since the wild boar in Liaodong P Nur Ha Che Qibing rebels ,Daming financial began into predicament ,from revealed years beginning ,Daming revenue is primarily tilted to the customs counter build slave things ,so that domestic famine again and again, but was unable to save ,also because of the situation in the north ,continue to increase pay more taxes ,finally got the world involving four people everywhere ,change rise up in arms .
So now the Daming destroyed shortly, Zhu by check or dark be determined, must defend the area of Shanhaiguan, cannot again let the slave south building ,faced with such a situation ,Zhu by check at this moment ,chose to hand can mobilize the main force into the battlefield to ning .
He will also commander Tang Tong recruited into the capital ,to mention a ,on Tangtong hopes to Tang ,hope can at this time played the crucial role ,will be a save on customs ,also called will leave Beijing during Wu Xiang ,hope he can hold the line at Shanhaiguan ,can add build slave army entry .
Tang and Wu Xiang started were moved ,one will not live up to the St. pats chest to assure ,must build the slave block entry ,followed by the respective rates of Beijing towards to Shanhaiguan .
A large number of police in Yang Guozhu and down through lead ,began to leave the capital ,to Ningyuan Town ,immediately makes the capital more empty armed forces of many ,in order to prevent my army left route from Juyongguan things Rufan capital ,but Zhu Youjian had to lower the decree incumbent bingbushangshu Fu Zonglong was returned to the capital, guarding the capital area, and sent General Zhou Yuji to play Juyongguan ,resist the punishment was offensive ,air max store.
So the whole Ming finally available forces ,have started toward the Gyeonggi area together ,not a few days ,in Diao is under the command of the army ,major road will carry all before one took the Guangping house ,Bing Feng directed at the government is really determined .
The three northern Chinese forces thereon in Chong fourteen years ,in Tianyuan the first year ,China Tak six years, launched a big battle on three party of vital importance .The matchup of protagonist actually was only built slave and two large and medium-sized ,but seemingly orthodox emperors of Ming Dynasty ,Northface Kids Northface Jackets,in this battle ,have completely reduced to a subordinate status ,has been unable to call it as the leading role .
In the Northern Expedition war later built the slave army a few days ,but for Xiao Tianjian ,and here the situation facing it ,than to build a good slave ,after all this time, Daming finally a certain combat troops ,mostly concentrated in the Guan Ning area, as the country left-behind the man, but basically have no fighting .
In March seventeen Xiao Tianjian led the army out of Huaian Prefecture ,the Grande Canale began along the way north, along the continuous attack is no surrender official city ,in Xiao Tianjian right front army front ,the local authorities ,there is no corresponding Resistance Army ,then in Xiao Tianjian and handsome ,along state the County can be said to be like the all-powerful general have been big the right route broken, more police and government officials ,is directly in front and right army referred to under, have taken the initiative to surrender ,to big china .
So the right route along the Grande Canale in the vicinity of the offensive is very smooth ,a month not to ,they are Xiao Tianjian leadership ,from the Huaian government always attack to Linqing City, Qingjiang ,Xuzhou ,along with Jining ,Dongchangfu and other canal along the town either directly to surrender, or in the right Route Army soldiers Feng ,rapidly breached .
In order to prevent Xiao Tianjian along the canal north, officials also want some approaches ,such as damage along the way ,in the canal lock in filled canal ,but these moves to Xiao Tianjian in the right route ,with little success ,in the military ,government and the right route around unable to resist ,often meets the government tried to jam the canal ,Xiao Tianjian often called ,will have many people went to help a large army ,river dredging, repair broken gate lock objects, coupled with the army of elite Engineer Battalion traveling ,the Corps of engineers is to take a large restoration project ,the government ,often not enough the utility ,the right route as a razor ,continue towards the north carry all before one general progress .
Tianyuan year twenty-two ,the magistrate of Xuzhou city to offer down ,in March twenty-nine the city of Jining was the right route to break ,and the governor was killed in April ,Dongchangfu was broken ,the seventh in April ,Liu Yaoben from the Dongchangfu troops into Ji three time ,Ji surrendered ,after a long day of Thai Anju also announced the surrender ,in April 17th, just in the northern expedition with a month ,Xiao Tianjian appeared in Linqing city .
Responsible for guarding Shandong military governor of Shandong commander Liu Zeqing in the time of a month ,did not play any role ,he led his twenty thousand man, is back and back ,up more than one after another city ,Xiao Tianjian army of the right two times faster time ,first from Tai ran into Ji then give up Ji palace and fled to Binzhou, can say the battle didn right route to play ,then in the middle of April fled to Binzhou ,beginning in Binzhou wheezing up ,he the twenty thousand man, in this month of flee ,escape died very much, and he went to Binzhou time ,twenty thousand man had only four thousand men left is weak ,completely lost and large Chinese guards against actual strength ,become a be confound at army ,at best, called feibing almost .
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