and see no one behind to chase

October 27 [Sat], 2012, 11:44

> Cap 176] rape attempted a girl, from beginning to end has been observed Li Feng, see Lee bailing wind, flew into a roar, and passers-by are scared hop. Li Feng heart that hate ah, wait for them to dig a hole drilled into it, he choked apprehension, gingerly walked to KFC. Li Feng startled, heart prayer, various tablets pray you bless, do not let Qingzhu know, the man raped her daughter is his, ah, if not, Li Feng doubt kill! Lee Wind wore tingling scalp with both mother and daughter behind, uneasy sit down. Girl hurry to go to eat, while Qingzhu straight staring at Li Feng,Air Max 87 Mens, she suddenly said: , how did she know? Li Feng did not dare to think about, he kept shaking his head, the mother, why do I always hurt? Young girls first tease me, I only safeguard the interests of Bale, guys, she bite of one, do not! Qingzhu picked up the Fan bar and did not eat, but look to Lee Wind, frowned more tightly. Strange girl she was not aware of a glimmer of normal. Li Feng did not dare move, did not dare to ask, why not for his sake,UGG Suburb Crochet Short, he was just head down, staring at the desktop of the rash. Semis full when eating, the girls move, her look Li Feng, will end over the rest of the food, lazy and said: not left! fear into strength, breath and swallowed up the entire hamburger, the Big Mac tens of dollars a foot component Lee Wind swallowing, stomach inflation. See Li Feng hands, girls stare, the eyes contained imply very clear: If you do not eat, you gave me to die! Li Feng bitter face, had no alternative, he drank a bottle of milk after the big move with both hands, grabbed the food on the table to devour. Fan strips, fried chicken wings, and so on food that is a swallow, do not swallow the bones of. A few minutes later, surprised and disgusted people around the eyes, Li Feng finally completed the task, he spit a flatulence, the whole irrigation and milk are the best, and then a heavy fall in the seat, he touched the belly bulge side spit heavy gas. looked at the girl, and asked: Did you find what? Li Feng looked straight bamboo, but shook his head, we did not say, Qingzhu how did she know? But green bamboo face a stretch Lengheng soon snapped: you know I do not know, the mother will be worried about you! You misunderstood what is the relationship with him, I did not. mom, girl things Lee Wind anxious, if then add a green bamboo wind believe, he would die. Liberties! Things until now, you also hide it from me? If you are not a male and female friends, why Li Feng not even my daughter left if you are just an ordinary friend, why my daughter for your tears? dinner leftovers should eat? you regardless Health, or do you have with my daughter's saliva tasted? Also, you say you are a stranger, well, why my daughter wearing your clothes,UGG Tall Sheepskin Cuff Boots! wind startled and the Maiden, are spent, they can not think, bamboo could be so Lee's eye, even the girls Shenshangnajian white shirt, she could see Li Feng? Side of the girl but calm down, she deliberately keep some distance with Li Feng, face a touch of on Qingzhu Road: daughter ah, no wonder I introduced several Botchan give you, you did not that you are already eating the forbidden fruit? from high school to now, you maintain a relationship with him is not? every encounter a vacation,UGG Coat, ran here go out into Guangzhou, I do not know, now finally understand the original because of him! want to soak my daughter, daydreaming go! spoken words, such as Wu Lei, shoved to the The Qingzhu two female bombers to go, that moment, bamboo face changed, she looked gloomy Li Feng, the finger firmly Le together, go my virginity. Li Feng immediately but trembling Xinchan, the Qingzhu then angry. Li wind started to run, Wang Menwai ran. The Qingzhu Batui on the chase, chase them to the Li Feng. Wind ran shouting: the city, for sure! Li Feng did not pause, but rather one else seems to run. Lee Wind ran for a long time, and see no one behind to chase, also stopped and he did not dare to return Wushan Street, I'm afraid Qingzhu are already there, in time, right? Li Feng remembered Xu Hong Ming said: get as much want him to go to her site, her site is Gangding. Li Feng rest, go out into the memory of the dragon to the hotel in time, one into the door, Li Feng receptionist said: Ming, the receptionist did not smile, she looked a lot Li Feng, nothing major suspect, she quickly dialed the phone, call a pass, she was anxious and said: , said in a hurry? whom? you wait ... I came down. Li Feng in the hall waiting a moment later, Xu Hong Ming appeared, she spoke and asked: make me feel better! : Lee Wind said quickly: For a long time, she rolled up on his head, said: can not afford such a person, I'm afraid to deal with her family background, her father is the central leadership, although retired, but there is a huge personal connections, and her brother, all of them are eating government food , I was met with a on curry favor, even if not a friend, nor do the enemy! background, this how to respond? you being on here to avoid revive a few days, calm, I'll introduce you to let you talk to her, she forces you think Rush is impossible. algebra review. Today can not be a three-shift, Sunday supplemented back to the fourth <

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