he is not willing to choose the latter

August 15 [Thu], 2013, 10:03
; when there is no Zhang Ming's command, the follow-up units peak had been rushed, with Zhang Ming's command they also directed the worse. () in the beginning they did someone quickly rushed to the room only when the chief position of the dead, of course, more people were still in the door way and die. But this time, Zhang Ming method also is to I love a wood ears, he is very understand why at the Emirates of the people in the room not to attack, because they need other people to touch this achievement. This is easier than the siege of the place, it's purpose is to take the achievement and defense is different, even the team need not just in their own city saw the other game player to kill it. I love a firewood is a command chief room people Camp Hoody Women increase the intensity of the attacks, a mobilization of all the people will start to the Emirates room door way to seal died, he let the group not to support the Emirates room person. And after this kind of adjustment, the peak of Sagittarius is Men's North Face Nuptse Down Clearance really have a lot of trouble, they are more difficult than before coming in. There are even some just after the resurrection people haven't action immediately when it is dried up, they also became a real drag the corpse inside, so they support time is more long, give Meng Xiaofan pressure is larger. The results into the final 3 minutes of the time, only a few people very few real dragged carcasses into the chief's room support inside defense battle, which most people now still continue to run corpse road. Trouble than they imagine to be the. But they refused to support Meng Xiaofan in the past. When they were on the verge of death group. Do not carry the last stick to line up more slowly, support. Although not immediately counterattack back, but at least it was able to continue on this line, the chief's room to Canada Goose Kensington CG55 Parka hold the death. When Zhang Ming Meng Xiaofan from the screen to see such a situation, he is also worried about tight, massacre and steal the city he is not willing to choose the latter, but the reality of the situation. He can only choose the latter. This time I did not love a firewood and not as he imagined much, in his PVP this command are weak burst, estimated that Zhang Ming this time plan would be ruined. But now all that's past, the peak is the most basic conditions to stabilize the. It is only time. As more and more people relying on peak dragged carcasses into Emirates Emirates room, room and began to strengthen the defense forces, that be too strong to break line began to extrapolate out room. And the most important real Alliance Group also has come to Orgrimmar outside the city, they also started to the Emirates room rushed up. But this time the union brigade will be easier than starting peak small units. They are together and then rushed, they this thousand troops in the face of hundreds of people defending the breakthrough is still relatively easy. Well, now we team ten * * came, the rest is a matter of time. Only)
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