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July 09 [Tue], 2013, 18:27
> Success came so quickly, Xiao providential did not think, because a successful identity now, after all, different from the ordinary. As is now the best generals, while most Zhaolao esteem, promising a bright future for him, even so coming. It seems that he really impatient ah, thinking, Xiao providential said: "Please." Like this type of military success, Xiao providential admire, they are not the same as with the politicians alone, he can afford to wear the military this is called, it has been hard won. "Gou country life and death, are not due tend to avoid bad fortune", "good will is not scared to die Gou Free, martyr to survive without destroying Festival", "Died went national crisis, died suddenly, such as the return" "picking arms to guard the boat "Although the nine dead never regretted it," "was martyred, and then one meaning only" This is the military, whenever the state is difficult critical moment, this mission will inspire blood man army for the country for the nation shed blood, expense, inferior military people Noriyuki. servicemen appellation impressive because military personnel are closely linked with the fate of the country. soldiers together with the national produce. countries need to defend the soldiers, the military presence for the country and the State because of the presence of the military, security, there is a guarantee for the country's military security, willing to jump through hoops, sacrifice everything. Suvorov Russian famous military strategist said: "The decision to fight ending one minute, 1 hour, decided to end the war, one day decided to Empire fate. "Suvorov stresses that determine a country's survival war, war is to rely on the military to fight, so he actually said is that the fate of the military to close relations with the countries. Z ancient Chinese military strategist also said: soldiers who. affairs of state. Chinese Traditional "national" character, that is a big "mouth" placed inside a word "or" large "mouth" indicates the country's territory and boundaries. "Ge" means a weapon to defend the national interest to the military. "country "Traditional word wording is also a reflection of the military and the country's fate closely related, because the military and the State are dependent on the survival and common, therefore, both born in this country to the military when the country in trouble. nation when there is danger. military necessity first to come forward for the country Funan for the nation to go to danger. Hsiao godsend to arrogance with mad, do not know how much fat is listening, though later evolved into numerous versions, but the Will gas hematemesis alone is not Diao m to the President, together with the things on the street today, it is sufficient to be able to see out. actually fat just have not had time to ask, though now much Hsiao godsend, but in public places that come up with so much movement, he was really afraid and this allows fat heart did not want to understand, but not know the chance to ask. providential such as Shaw, please hear from his mouth, fat man said: "From your mouth, please hear a word I want to be sure it is not easy, nobody. "Xiao Godsend laughed:" a soldier, a general, it is worth to admire people. "Yuehua Jian, LIN Jian great explorer has walked along behind him to succeed, success at this time wearing a suit, honed military temperament, just to that station, how to be more spiritual spirit fat also look to the success, looked up and down the success, success in front of Xiao Godsend to "pop" a standard military salute: "Success came and obey your commands. "Xiao godsend although respected him, but did not stand up, he knew that success has been with Zhaolao said, success here three months, everything obey his commands." Well, as generals came, Thank you very much, well, large mains, you first King's room with success to go rest, so big a place, a person is also a waste of King Kong, save point is good, not easy to make money now! ! ! "The success of his face, not even a little expression, is mentioned in King Xiao godsend when he had no expression, placid, and she deserves the best generals, alas, hoping three months, can help you unlock knot, uh, can also help me to make more points, things, Oh, do not have such a strong fighting pity the way, he should also like to deal with small rb it, just go with him, had he told King , it may be too perfect. "is a" big mains: "a general way, please. "Then, the great explorer Lam Kin has been leading the way," pop "is a military salute, turned and followed the great explorer to leave." Call ...... "When successfully go after the fat man took a deep breath and said:" OMG, this person simply too much. "" Oh, "Xiao providential puzzled look fat and said:" how do you? "Fat to, just a little battle with him just a bit, it has been to stare at his breath, and my grandmother a bear, just facing the sea with his mother as a little effort so do not,Oakley Active Clearance, no matter how I like hard , he did not change a bit. This is the original, Xiao providential laughed: "This is your own kicked iron on, and tell you wap.quanben. c om1 | 6 | k slugger four official signature dish a lie Upload it, he is the country's army of gods, are invincible generals known as Ares success, he's like King Kong for many years, has been comparable to the old rivals, you talk to him than, say you are only asking for trouble yourself . "" Grandma a bear, then you do not tell me earlier that almost made me a fool. "Fat Man's head has been sweating, albeit secretly contest just seems a bit, but not easy. Hsiao providential sigh and said:" Unfortunately, ah, the heart tribulations control, in fact, this is no way. "Fat a busy questioning, this is not a confidential, Xiao godsend to King and his scores are told to listen to the fat, and finally said:" This time let him come, one to do, is to give him a chance with Diamond I think people want them to this level, if want to be improved, it must require a rather special situation. Two to it, I want to pass this opportunity to try to get them to communicate about, after all the things that year, we have no way. Three to it, I have here the lack of manpower, the success is a super strong man, with him, a lot of things felt much better. "Fat listened, admire thumbs up:" The cow, super cow, your kid is a really cattle God, you look at your hands of these people, that is not a cow, now even let you to gather together , now more violent, and even find a general as bodyguards. "Then. Fat busy:" Remember, they contest to time, be sure to call me. Damn, this contest if they do not see, it is simply too bad. "Xiao godsend and said:" Do not worry. Less than the last day. I will not let them both hands. "Xiao godsend long to be good if two people really better than a certain, then wait until the last, anyway, now let the two of them together every day, have the opportunity to talk to successfully communicate about and if not do it last, contest will let them forget Well, in fact, the best way. is to let them fight together, the two of them are the kind of duty to obey the command type. regarding this matter, Xiao providential sense, the success of this find Diamond contest. probably not the main ingredient hate to, and when he can agree, it has been described a number of problems, of course, this kind of thing is impossible to forget, but it is not subject to question, but important, which relates to two Is it possible to put together personal past. providential fat hear the words of Shaw, was very unhappy and said: "Damn, count you vicious. "Xiao Godsend said:" You do not say, you have to celebrate it, you think, after tomorrow, I'll take time out to deal with what things I have passed, these people do not naturally have passed, with these people to join, you still worry about our little dry, but rb do? "Fat one, excited clapping her hands, where the calculation of the beginning, how it broke down. They talked for a while, Xiao providential looked at the time:" The Fat Man, today you do not go, or else altogether, you has always lived here, we are brothers, not seen for so many years, we have a conversation, with the past two days we directly. "Fat listened, thought, finally shook his head:" No, today I still have to go back, my hands get those brothers, it is unclear how I was, I'm afraid they messed up, and say there has been no small rb idle, I have to go back to idle wore them. "Fat as a thing, is the kind of crisp Ga collapse was, say, have stood up and said:" Well, I will go back, and so you put things here and then processed over, we can really look, how dry small rb. "This kind of thing can not be rushed, Xiao providential very clear, we must go step by step and he nodded his head and said:" Well, in that case, you go back, what do you call this number. "Xiao godsend to a private individual printed business cards to him, is very simple to make Platinum card, the top projecting a group of golden figures, fat one look, exclaimed:" wow ...... really fake ah ...... You simply too prodigal,oakley sunglasses sale, and even use this as a card, here there are diamonds, my God, what do you do then, ah, that became the first in the world, but also can not spend ah, you are not to get carried away wealth No wonder people outside call you crazy, spendthrift. "This is indeed made of platinum cards, surrounded by small diamond inlay, the front is simply a set of numbers, the back is a sky dragon, below is a vast land, above the sky, soaring dragon Xiao godsend shrugged helplessly and said: "It does not matter to me, I just have one day allow them to get hold of the special points, then it is simple but not tacky, they get this, you are the first one. "Fat one said:" There are many "Godsend Xiao said:" A total of one hundred, give you a, there are ninety nine chapters. "Fat one said:" prompt,oakley sunglasses, and you gave me forget it. "They were such a tease, Xiao providential could not help but laugh out any connection with McCain for a casual fat, this fat people sent a car to go back. Encountered a fat man, how did not think of things, but no matter how , he is in need of help when it came to him, can be considered a good thing, just a little bit now has his own strength, help him back, Xiao providential sat there, put things today thought, that Sakura group thing, better said that provide their own money, but also personally took people up, Xiao providential do not believe that is also not an underworld organization level before dinner, Xiao providential call came in the King alone, let him sit down said: "I put together the successful arrangement with you, will not contest the last three, I can tell you, no matter how, the contest I have thought three months to say, how do you think. "As his men, especially King Kong, Xiao providential certainly share what's with him if he was for a decision, really do not agree, then you can discuss it first, do not do things so stiff. hear the words of the boss asked myself, King said: "Boss, you are assured that everything I obey you send commands. "Xiao Godsend laughed:" this kind of thing, mainly depends on how you think, said to be the boss, in fact, the same age as you are good brothers, if you have any special dissatisfied, you can tell me that these things are not saying that we want, you can change this. "King nodded and said:" The boss do not worry. "Seeing the attitude of King Kong, Xiao providential nodded and said:" If you think so too, then this thing to have stuck, this time, a group of success with you, after what you communicate more. "Diamond slightly thought a moment before slowly nodded:" Yes. "Then this thing, Xiao providential thing with the cherry group said about King Kong, and sure enough, King Kong is only for the cherry group understand that they are the most powerful underworld, there is no contact with, because when he was, he also not on the schedule name. For other areas, there may also be some thought King Kong Debu thoughtful, but for the war, but he is very powerful, though do not know so deep, but it was brought up a few simple suggestions to help Xiao providential listen the address him enjoyable. dinner too often, in order to meet successfully, you can also get confused very rich, but the success of the wine is a drop does not stick, he had the kind of sit there again, most people who embarrassed urging people to drink, but Xiao godsend The drink or not to delay, reason Well, as the protagonist drink drink, he did not force, did not care. drinking is fun, tomorrow negotiations, Xiao providential just tasted. <
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