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May 28 [Tue], 2013, 17:53
> Sheets one hundred, you're right. Www, QUAnben, CoM if on that day. Only with the same, forty-one cannons and the other on the boom of the "Young reform a conclusion, however, is something the twentieth century, now only 17th century, this is far from the power of artillery, ask this problem, a little too early. "on the poor say yes, put it on the poor" Zhang is not easy to live a flattering, which agree on the poor in their own words, it shows that he was right, the difference will be useful on their own good impression. "Zhang one hundred, how was this raw recommend? "Young asked over city defense reform, decided to ask the students different aspects of this,Outlet Oakley Active, think that in the future, care for the lives of the rank and file, but my party's fine tradition ah! Said life one hundred sheets face a bit embarrassing, this Ming dynasty North Korea's salary, called a low salary if live alone, this court officials that can not feed themselves, let alone them this junior officer, let alone ordinary sergeant, so, Wenchen corruption. generals eat vacancy is commonplace for. "back on poor, everything is still good, everything is still good," Zhang is not easily this time, definitely not with this "elegant" to talk about what men treatment is not high things. a talk about this matter, the entire civil and military bureaucratic corruption, eating empty places case will show, once this "elegant" to describe the situation truthfully report it to the emperor, as a teenager by now that the emperor's temper, how we resist? do not clap of thunder up? want to know their own say this little one hundred , that himself, that heaven and earth can be really great, but no almost deprived ah! Yang reform did not ask what is really the case, thought that he had the pressure on the one hundred, otherwise, is not afraid of his mouth draw what the actual situation. "This is how you fool me? What is all still good? Fortunately, what with? You'd tell us. "Young reforms gazed in the one hundred. Zhang Yi is not never felt the pressure of this pressure, than his boss, a one thousand to his pressure. Zhang is not easy to breathe a few breaths. Said:" Back poor, not the small telling lies, which the emperor Holy Spirit, have mercy sergeant small to treatment, has been much better than before, so this day is actually quite good. "Zhang one hundred simmer for a long time, such a word Biechu Yang reform somehow, when to treat yourself too sergeant? Say treat, here off the soldiers themselves to be reissued a lot of their pay. But this is the capital of the soldiers that he did not pay an extra dime out can be. "Oh? This, how to say? "Young reforms understand the question, is it because of corruption in the Ming Dynasty when the emperor himself on getting better? They have so much charm you?" Back to the poor, the difference may have heard, it is said that His Majesty and the Man Mo one hundred officials had agreed that no drift, do not allow more than three percent. It will not be investigated within three percent, which is more than three percent, and once found, Yanchengbudai ah! So. Now, this sergeant income, but added much better than before, which is always a concern not? Moreover, while 30% will be held within, which is already a big kindness, who why nothing ungrateful, knocked it? You say, right? So, are noble and wise emperor bless ah! "Zhang is also not easy to discerning, Qiaochu the emperor's relationship is not necessarily shallow, so do say good things about the emperor Yang reform depressing enough, he really seems to have had this and the ministers agreed that he had just When the emperor, it seems did say three percent within do not seek to recover, requiring the rest must be distributed to soldiers in the hands of, I did not expect, in their own words, people still listen to ah! Yang Reform listen Zhang is not easily so that is also a little proud the. "this? Indeed there is such a thing, but that is lip service when the sergeant Majesty understand this bitter, but also understand that the salary really low point, so, also have this thing, but to really be able to 70% ordinary sergeant's hand? "Young changed grass asked. Zhang Yi This time it was not patting his chest to ensure,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, said:" Back on the poor, this, little can promise a hundred small number of men who had to forage month a stone, now But the real hair seven bucket, the "if it does not believe the poor can ask small men who would never dare to lie little." seven fight? Yang Ming reform generally know a stone grain about 120 kilos, this seven bucket, there are nearly ten pounds a **. This ** pounds of food, maybe just a few mouthfuls able to feed their own people. However, people can not just eat food, have to dress, have housing, there are for example, salt, eating, what other expenses. "Yes, you can receive food outside, but also received what?" Young reforms asked again, this is a great opportunity to experience a first line of defense of junior officers, the comparable Chodo Those ministers wit more. "Back to the poor, in addition to forage, but also receive a monthly salt a jin, jacket can be made every five years, there are fat, do not say these weapons weapons, the others will be there, occasionally Chinese Lunar New Year, also can receive some of the money, pensions or something "This time, it is a relatively well-off hand, Zhang is not easy to a happy look. Young reform how feel that this is not from Zhang Yi's mouth. Listen as though all of the soldiers guarding the city. Life is good ah! There are food fat, salt and fat, as well as new clothes, hair a few years, Chinese Lunar New Year there are additional revenue, as he said, and this simple soldier's life in heaven ah! No worries about eating and drinking. Young skeptical of reform, said: "It is true?" Zhang is not easily answered: "Back on the poor, this true ah! It has always been so issued," the B plus ... lie? "Young reforms think this is more unreliable, has always been so? But historically never heard of this Ming Dynasty soldiers how high their pay him." Housekeeper, someone to take the photos one hundred men to call I have something to ask Yang reform stare stare the one hundred, although some old dress, but it is fairly decent, no rags, patches or something, but nothing like the scrubby, a prayer a kind of mold The officer looks like,Nike Air Jordan 9, taking into account a one hundred, the officer, therefore, can not see anything, it should be observed from his hands down, so should be able to get first-hand information. To my mind, knowing that just says, have seeing is believing. The hearing on the poor so overbearing, actually without their consent, ordered his men to dare soldiers, what is this? To big to say this, but there are rebel suspects ah! On any scale mobilization of soldiers, which had to go through the Ministry of War, after the emperor was so "secretly" troop movements. However, the court made a big taboo ah! Is to behead, raid genocide, ah! Zhang is not easy to dumbfounded, forced by the pressure on the poor to their own, did not dare say a word on persuade the poor, but also for this "privately. Mobilizing military forces are worried about these things in case anyone to poke out by others to grasp the handle, but even one hundred own when not become ah! but Zhang is not easy to drum a few times, and always have the courage to say the words can not troop movements. Wang Chengen got emperor's letter, and immediately command, "bodyguard. Go to work. This emperor's bodyguard, among them one thousand, one thousand won this emperor's command, without hesitation, and immediately went to the commanding sheets one hundred men, I heard the sound of yo ho, those defenders of the sergeant, yo ho cruelly Although the total of which there are a small flag flag officer but the face of such handheld Guard one thousand Yaopai, claiming poor depend on their situation, but also silent resentment, not to mention, his boss, Zhang is one hundred The man standing in front of the pit are afraid to cry even if there is no meaning to resist, obediently accepted disposal. Soon, the defenders of the sergeant to set a good line up there, waiting for review. Young reforms went over, this collection of good defenders sergeant, but only thirty or forty people, not a lot of soldiers. Young reforms asked: "Zhang one hundred, you do not say you have more than one hundred men number people do? Now here's how this man before? Than you eat empty sound right ...... Young reforms hated that people eat empty ring This one hundred thousand horses, actually only sixty-seven people, removing old and sick, afraid that only half of the young is good, this half of the inside, and then remove afraid to die, not on the battlefield of the novice, it can have ten thousand "elite" on the good. Zhang is not easily rubbed his forehead sweat, said: "Back on the small difference in the absolute no, no, do not eat empty loud, the" brothers can testify, as to why only this point people, in fact, this tour city, but also in batches, not all of the soldiers were on patrol at the same time to the wall, so that, at night, no one patrol, and therefore, the difference I saw this in three to four Yang reform nodded, right, this wall is a need for twenty-four hours can not be shut down factories, which workers have two shifts, or three classes, so that it is reasonable. Yang reform is nodding , which ranks small, someone shouted: "the poor, one hundred adult brothers can never take the soldier's pay, and never eat empty loud, um, little can testify," this person a shout, others immediately follow-up, have cried again. aside the "bodyguard" immediately snapped: "Quiet, quiet! In front of the poor, non-noisy! Shall not be presumptuous! "It was soon snapped snapped, sergeant who instinctively stopped shouting Yang reform looked, felt a bit mean, the sheets one hundred, it seems, army still has a brush, men who can actually get service management docile posts, but also help speak for itself. If this was not a little skill or that, and not mix with men who go there such a thing is impossible. "Zhang one hundred, you just can ah! Your hands of the soldiers, management was good, for you are talking ah "." Small little fear fear, which the brothers are in a pot to eat, something to bring brothers, it could not do ah! Brothers should not comfortable, "said here, this is also the face of Zhang Yi stunned not despair! Yang reform a little surprised, did not see, this was a clean government, Young glanced glances this reform. Zhang one hundred, look carefully a bit of his dress clothes is not very new, very clean and starched, cover the breastplate, also polished shiny, see, is well-kept. these individuals, inevitably a little goodwill and high but look at his brother who's wearing is not Zeyang, except for a few officers who look like dressed OK, the other, this patch. dressed so old that it is very common, some people , the body of the patch can be installed from a beggar to describe, Young reforms see very surprised! This is Beijing's defenders? emperor at the foot of the defender? this is Beijing, and that if the other cities in the garrison, that To what extent was miserable ah? Yang reform through these soldiers dressed, probably this Ming Dynasty soldiers fighting with a better understanding of the heart is cold half, this treatment of soldiers, let alone fight, and usually do not run , that are lucky. "Zhang is not easy to, you do not say that this court has put on weight jacket for you? How I see you these brothers, all of them are from the dress is not ye ah. "Young reforms could not help but ask, however, also probably know that this result is nothing more than to be no drift, or misappropriated, or court money See who like talking about these things on the poor, the sheets one hundred, it touches shed tears, wiped his tears, said: "Back on the poor. This makes defenders, not easy! The court's requirement is changed every five years clothing, but practical, five-able for once, it is fairly diligent, in fact, made a seven or eight new clothes, we should sympathize with those of us who count above alas one soldier said sad place, the sheets one hundred could not help but cry. A clothes five years? This, Young reforms have great doubts on this, if you have a lot of clothes can rotate it a dress to wear five years, it touches barely credible, but if this soldier, you let him make a fighting clothing to wear five years, this may have a difficult, I remember. Own army, one month down, there are a lot of people camouflage damaged, if this is the case, indicating that these defenders of the soldiers did not dare to go out to practice, because practice will accelerate wear clothes. It's not enough to wear more, so there can be seen, this capital city defense troops, basically do not practice in the state. This combat power, it can be imagined, Beijing Ming can withstand many times the enemy's attack, it can only say things, and that is that Beijing. "High enough, thick enough, big enough Yang reform sigh up, this Ming Dynasty. living so easy ah! In the 21st century, even if it is a working family, to take a two thousand a month wages, to say the year to buy several sets of clothes, that is a little the problem is not the day to eat meat, is basically yes, with which the Ming Dynasty Beijing's defense soldiers than it really is very happy. standing in front of dozens of reforms Young soldiers, hear my boss talking about this soldier bitterness, but also all the red eyes. Young reforms edge emotion, they organize clothing by hand to these soldiers, they touch the patch, I feel, these soldiers, is a fresh man, this standard of living, fear is able to represent the majority of people living in the Ming Dynasty. This is the most real life the Ming Dynasty, the most real person. alive, not easy! "not easy! Not easy! "Young NCOs reform patch edges touch, while emotion, which in the Ming Dynasty army, it is really not easy! Enemy came, and the enemy battle of life and death do not say that this was born Tan, is quite hard ah ! Yang reform later learned this trick from the means, let these men were moved, so that a difference on high places, actually regardless of the status hierarchy, touch them patches, and even issued a sigh, then, is This is a small act, let these soldiers moved, have tears. Young visited a lot of reform, found that these people wear clothes although very ragged, but weapons are fairly rub off, evidently, is often polished , and maintained, Young reforms on this. Zhang one hundred, saw a tall Yang reform did not say anything, do not know what to say, this does not mean to send a little meat, you can send some money trouble thing, The moves, related to Beijing more than ten million horses, related to the border hundreds of thousands of soldiers and horses, a man sent a dress, which was hundreds of thousands, even Young is a major reform of the Ming emperor, in the face figures of this size, but also feel unattainable Yang reform find today's understanding of things, great value, I feel, is also necessary to look at these other things that the rank and file, the rank and file for their grasp of the situation, helpful, This is their own decision making in the future, do strategic planning, and even war, when great reference value. only, "Zhang one hundred, you say that it defenders sergeant, other aspects can have any difficulty? Such as housing, to marry his wife, and today you say it together, that are not allowed direct access to the days of listening, speaking no, this situation, he can change it? At that time, this world sergeant, also followed this speech you benefit from it. "Young reforms asked." This is, on the poor? You are saying that housing sub? A wife? Upon my honor on the poor, these defenders of the sergeant, to wed a wife, that is thousands of hard to extremely difficult, and many people even take a lifetime bachelor's. This bucket meter per month, but a few, if there is perseverance, like a good few years or a decade, only costs a wife ah! This is in the barracks, to be sleeping through the shop, pot meal, not to mention the house issue, married, and that was trouble, alas "Anyway, so, so-so, will the over is," Zhang is not very straightforward and easy to put this soldier's difficult to say out, anyway, this soldier situation we all know, ask a person, you ask him a soldier flies Zeyang? Nine out of ten would shake his head, this thing, after all, is to eat well, wear well, let alone live, let alone marry a wife. "Well, this is ah!" Young reforms mind wondering, this is not really a soldier Ming Zayang ah! Own era, although to buy a house, a wife is more difficult, however, to find a do not care about the house, wage wife live in peace, it is not hard to do, than this Ming defenders army, be much happiness. Think of here, Yang reform and secretly cursing myself, why do good with their twenty-first century living standards with which the ratio of the Ming army? Really fed nothing to do ah! But this soldier fighting the Ming Dynasty, has been able to see 12 this dress, it seems that he had to think of ways to ah! It does not change, in order that the Ming army with combat, is impossible. Yang Ming Wu reform some things, felt the need to change this situation. <
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