the origin and the mainland absolutely

October 24 [Wed], 2012, 15:45

> Yao nodded, said: contributed to these drugs gave me, I intend this as a family heirloom handed down to you do not mind? wWW. QUanbeN. Com Chen Yang the dumbfounding's said: if to others, it is best to find a special TCM re-set the amount, the amount of prescription medication to me according to your physique, is not universal. paused, Chen Yang said: I look at you the way it seems, dragon fine tiger, the state should remain very good, if your new partner has a physical problem, you can call him coming to find me, I will help him solve the injury disease. know, but when you go to be sure to tell your new partner, you this season is critical. some dull, and good food soon come up Derong and leaves Jane eat and Yao chatter up some homemade came, Yao Ming is also the Insider meet leaf Jane's curiosity. Su Yan occasionally plug in a few words, we are laughing again and again. To eating very pleasant. Yao Ming is true to its word people, after the end of the dinner, he let the hotel to arrange vehicles to take Chen Yang they go back to their hotel, and then spent the whole night Chen Yang Olympic tickets they need through the relationship to buy over, this has is the sum of a very small cost. However, these gifts for Yao, Chen Yang is poised to accept the terms of the relative fitness that he dedicated to Yao Ming recipe, these costs really nothing. And Yao Ming this lifetime endorsement fees than a lot of past lives to. Slightly spend so completely no problem. Yao Ming Chen Yang basketball ticket package is that you can continue to see the kind of final Chen Yang for them, but this is somewhat wasted, they just look like some of the Chinese men's basketball game. However, before playing in the first group matches of the men's basketball team, Chen Yang title of own medical and general counsel of the Chinese General Administration of Sport, the men's basketball team's locker room to all the players want to play to a massage The nature of the treatments. So all the players can play the best of the state. This result is very obvious. The first group match, the Chinese men's basketball team to face rival French team, as we all know. French football team is very strong, has led to Zidane's golden generation of players, but the level of basketball can only say that in general, but also absolutely can not be discounted, France,Canada Goose Victoria Parka Cheap, is the effectiveness of several players in the nba, however, only San Antonio Spurs' Parker to be regarded as the main players, and several other are basically off the bench, the kind of playing without the ball, so the key to the game is that the contest between the two men, Yao and Parker. Two different positions,Canada Goose Langford Cheap, little bit of opportunity, but Yao and Parker played excellent level data of the two is almost comparable, just Yao Ming slightly dominant Some two each ball the heart and soul of the team, in this regard Yao Ming to do better, and do not know how it is, Yao played for the first time in the game turned out to 40 +10 +10's data, in addition to rebounds double and even assists to 10, the completion of the three pairs, and is such a good play, the Chinese team is also the first group matches to win the French team 12 points, made a good start, the overall strength of the Chinese team in this The games have been more perfect manifestation. After the match, the Chinese team up and down is an excitement of color, Yao Ming, the face of domestic reporters, even to say rose. After the end of the press conference, Yao Ming on behalf of the national team up and down solemnly with Chen Yang said presumptuous request, he hoped that every time the national team before the game, Chen Yang can help those players massage for Chen Yang, just little things, not to mention the results of the national team, as a Chinese face on more light ah! Anyway Chen Yang also does not have other things, so little requirements, Chen Yang also pleased to be down. Chen Yang family then went to see the gymnastics preliminaries, as well as Liu Xiang, the Olympic Games early speech, are carried out very smoothly, and then during the Chinese men's basketball team played against, and the two countries made the results of one win and one loss after three Chinese men's basketball team actually came in the second place of the group,michael kors outlet, the record looks pretty sturdy. These days, Chen Yang family Athens swam over and over, the scenery here is really good, and yo are the ancient buildings of the era, Chen Yang even from these ancient buildings was some divine power, no wonder Greek natives of these ancient buildings have a feeling of awe, because these divine power in influencing them. Chen Yang through these divine thought of those who believe in the power of his presence in the body, in the end what purpose, as the the pure ancient times China ancient monks, for the belief in the power of this later rise of something really nothing research However, this seems to merit some common anyway, no harm to the human body wants. It is worth mentioning that the current Olympic Games in Athens, the women's taekwondo athletes from Taiwan, Chen Shih-hsin successfully won the first gold medal in the history of Taiwan, won the supreme honor, which is a major breakthrough for Chinese Taipei. In the heart Chen Yang, Taiwan's equivalent of the sea outside the autonomous province of mainland China, the origin and the mainland absolutely no difference, just because of some political reasons, Taiwan is not Hong Kong, incorporated into the embrace of the Chinese mainland. These are about the political stuff, Chen Yang can not interfere into, after all,North Face Women's Denali Sale, this is the mean of all the people in Taiwan still have to see that these things are bad forced. Of course, in the Olympic Games, Olympic History finally because a change that is Liu Xiang, he delivers the goods to get the Athens Olympic 110 meters hurdles champion, held for 12 years and tied the score of 91 to 12 seconds The old world record, absolutely shine. Prior to this, on top of the world championships and some track and field championships, Liu Xiang made a series of excellent results in the Olympic Games, Liu Xiang finally won the Olympic gold medal to complete a personal Grand Slam of the Chinese Olympic in the history of the gold medal on the track and field events, this is very memorable. To be continued. If you like this work, and to welcome you to the starting point vote Recommended, monthly, your support is my greatest motivation. <

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