The black moon violent tremor

October 24 [Wed], 2012, 18:32
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe ninety-ninth chapter into battle group ( three seeking Collection ) -- palm forest to fly in the sky five shadows ,circling endlessly, which radiates from the hell of Yin ,condenses into clouds .
Will be seeing the Inferi ,huge body of twinkle ,want instant escape .But in the meantime ,Lin Yi mouth but gently spit out the words .The wind .The rain .Cloud .Ray .Month .Originally the cloudy sky ,the wind blew up ,dark clouds dispersed ,a dark gray moon appeared .
The black moon violent tremor ,central seems to open a door .The portal ,is the gate to hell .Black moon is learned from the forces of hell, fast together .Then, a black blade from her in channeling ,such as rain ,crazy falls ,enveloped the Inferi in magic the whole body .
Chi Chi sneer ,Chi Chi sneer .A road cut flesh voice Timberland High Top Sale,numerous black blade on the Inferi body ,like death ,to take him alive to punishment by hacking process .That day ,Lin has five female soldiers use the falling edge ,but Kau scale armor protection .
And then, Lin easy play moon down edge ,is with holy water boiling refining demon Ding the five hell messenger token refining for more than two months ,control the Yin ,and then to the dragon flying fig for the foundation ,released .
Its power ,than the five female soldiers to play UGG Uptown,do not know how many times .Rao is the Inferi in Yin Yushan cultivated for many years ,to absorb a large number of Yin jade Qi ,strengthening the body, but also unable to resist the edge off the blow UGG Men's Coat.
The black moon ,is the moon of hell .To hell with the infinite strength ,display the attack ,is devastating ,be a trend which cannot be halted . ! Inferi magic will be numerous black blade attack ,a dark golden blood .
It was originally cultivated diamond door method ,combining the Inferi gas condensed blood .His body is the blood ,can ignore normal monk Kaiqiao environment limits the life ,can live for hundreds of years ,even thousands of years .
Now ,the mouth of the Inferi will suffocate ,with numerous wound bleeding ,suddenly revealed to look to my heart .It is his life ,just like the water fast flow away . Ah !Wait for me.
Inferi magic will be uttered a bad call ,the whole people running again Inferi gas, huge body of boom ,flew up into the air ,quick to Yin jade mountain to escape . Try to run? Lin Yi look cold ,build flash ,flash chasing the Inferi DOM will .
The palm of his hand out, using long flying fig drives five hell messenger token .Five block token a turn toward the Inferi ,magic will follow .Snort !Snort !A moment later ,black blade again fell on the Inferi body ,let the body repeatedly pause ,seemed to be drained of blood and physical .
His huge body ,have already put full black moon blade ,this is hell was condensed ,although eventually to disperse ,but inserted in the Inferi body ,but like a ghost claw ,crazy grab their blood .
However ,the Inferi have diamond door main body foundation ,the intrepid matchless .The body outwards crazy bleeding cases, he still had the strength to escape .Each time he pauses ,easy to pull off a few months edge ,and then run .
Finally ,Yin jade peak on the Inferi DOM will appears in front of .He seemed to see the hope ,was shocked ,fly ,spell out finally a Yin ,Yin jade peak rush toward grazing .The rear ,Lin Yimeng stopped .
Originally ,all his attention on Inferi magic will be on ,will kill each other, to obtain some treasures .Although the forest and never seen the real Yin jade laughing ,but he read the three star ,see Inferi DOM will two blood red eyes ,it was speculated ,the other side of the eye ,is likely to be from Yin jade Dickson draws some treasure, to make .
Even if not the distributed with a strong flavor of the flesh eyes ,with Lin to treasure treasure ,he will not easily let go of his flesh .Water boiling refining demon tripod inside, have Troll syndrome in a bit of a corpse ,refining .
The Inferi DOM will flesh inside ,water boiling refining demon tripod can absorb its body Yin ,and more perfect ,can identify more evil .Then what demons of refinery ,will be faster and more effect .
However ,Lin Yi was stopped ,but not think these things Timberland Mens Slippers.He saw ,Yin jade on the top of the mountain ,there are gathering in crowds and groups of bones of the dead soldier ,wave after wave ,of more than twenty human monk to attack .
While the two monks , has Xia Bitong !There are willow floats ,Yin Sumei ,these two women ,Lin is also easy to remember .In addition ,soldiers and human bones ,in Yin at the top of the Yushan ,a body dark, snowy white hair ,looks like a female demon ,palm continuous injection with Yin , Jie Jie Jie Jie mouth the people not to stop .
Like, look at those human friars were bone soldiers attack ,is the female demons of the great fun .Seeing all this ,Lin Yi did not think, physically violent earthquake ,flew to soldier over white .
Dragon flying fig drives up ,rain clouds thunder month five tokens are rapidly rotating ,condensed the hitherto unknown ,huge ,a few feet size black blade ,when falling ,in everywhere bones soldiers killed in the past .
Chi Chi Chi Chi chi !Numerous black blade falls in bones soldiers body ,immediately be cut into broken waste, into a pile of rotten bones ,crashed down on the floor .Sorry. Found this scene ,foot Yin jade laughing the Inferi witch ,suddenly felt a shiver ,like anger to the vertex ,suddenly turned ,looked at high altitude .
At the same time ,the shadow gate and refine cadaveric mountain monks, also at high altitude at .The two monks ,see a fly in the sky of Lin Yi, first one, then reveals the undisguised smile .
They can see ,each other is with Inferi witch confrontation ,so is a helper .Moreover, from the other side of display means looks ,he was a big help .The puppet soldiers Inferi have been suppressed ,to Yin jade terri ! At this time, see air has a strange helper ,refining the bald man cadaveric Hill cries ,quickly rose to the top of the mountain ,rushed past .
Other refined cadaveric mountain monk also rose to one one ,hot pursuit .These refined cadaveric mountain monk, not what is good practice exercises ,although systemic be packed Yin jade spear through ,but that seems to have no effect on them ,it is too strange .
Xia Bitong ,Yin Sumei willow floats ,three female ,from one see Lin easy when, just stayed .Three female face ,at the same time the color of eyes twinkled with joy ,unblinking stare at Lin yi .
But the oil resin mountain monk to reach the top ,but it caused them to three attention .Master worker. Willow floats pointing to reach the top of mountain chain .The monks, shout .Xia Bitong also look dignified color look at Yin Sumei .
They this time ,is with its corpse mountain monk together, here and Inferi witch for Yin jade terri .Yin jade rhythmic values ,enormous ,as long as they can get a small part of forging ,virtual reality under the monk ,has a great benefits ,can at least save 10 years or even decades of penance .
But the oil resin mountain monks suddenly rushed to the door ,and no shadow ,said earlier ,appeared to yourself . Hum .They refine cadaveric mountain monk are practicing body art, body is dead ,he can live ,let them go ,see the Inferi witch how to deal with them .
Yin Sumei sneer at said, suddenly changed direction ,pointing to the high altitude , Lin easy . Indeed, a saw chain cadaveric mountain monks to reach the top ,to snatch the Inferi witch at the foot of Yin jade Terri ,Lin easily folded five hell messenger token ,rapid to Xia Bitong, willow floats ,Yin Sumei three people here fell .
At Lin Yifei ,willow floats suddenly light up with pleasure ,Jiao track: Lin Yi ,and thank you ! From female verbal judgments ,and after two or three months ,she seems to be completely forgot the first time and forest easy fight unhappiness .
At this time, was to the forest is easily produced not little appreciation .This also no wonder ,a strength of violent juvenile ,two times in a row to help themselves ,normal teenage monk will slightly tempted .
However ,Lin Yi is at Willow floats gently smile ,then toward Yin Sumei nodded ,called the voice of predecessors ,I went straight up to the opposite Xia Bitong ,a serious face staring at this .
I don ,see Lin Yi looked at Xia Bitong eyes ,willow floats just feel a tight, a breath unprovoked in pleural pool ,a lump in my throat choked UGG Oliviya Outlet. What do you do here ?Grab the Inferi witch Yin jade laughing ? Forest road .
Well . Xia Bitong was unchanged ,and should be a sound ,is not much to say .To see this ,Lin Yi Yin Sumei hearts ,to smile ,said: elder ,the Inferi witch which have so good deal ?I see your shadow ,a person still go back .
Hum . Yin Sumei glanced at forest easy eye ,sneered : you this boy is it right? Like Bi Tong ?In the last / Longtan ,got the long Kun flood dragon scale armor ,and even the point of said no ,she slipped away ,you know that bell ridge to ridicule my master and apprentice three people ?Dragon scale armor ? Before the evil dragon ,Yin Sumei saw long Kun the Kau scale armour ,but later ,but the dragon as a trading conditions directly to Lin yi .
Yin Sumei doesn ,thought forest easily made a good bargain ,this time to see him again ,I always find easy to trick over forest . Dragon scale armor ?Alas ,the older you don ,the juniors just and Bi Tong, falling apart, had not gone far ,by Xinluo Dynasty phantom killer eyes ,they play a three ,junior finished ,fortunately, dragon scale armor ,sent them, otherwise this time ,younger bodies were the Dragon Mountain Branch food ,into a pile of bones .
Lin Yi touch nose ,be poker-faced ,seems to have a lingering fear and said .PS :a collection ?Thank you oh please remember the URL, if you like - commander who wrote Kuhuang the
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