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October 29 [Mon], 2012, 9:28

> (12:00) charges the chapter two hundred and seventieth chapters consciousness in the history of the Third World War is known as wWw, quaNBen, COm large literature course, this does not mean that human civilization did not happen again this fratricidal war,Timberland High Top. By the end of 2057, the European Union launched a unified war. In 2063, the United Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq, the formation of the Arab People's Republic Bahrain, Libya, Algeria, Sudan, Tunisia and Morocco, until in 2066, China sent troops to interfere in Arab People's Republic was only defeated more than a dozen Arab countries re **, the largest regional war announced the end of this war . Of course, the other parts of the world also burst a lot of wars and conflicts, only burst reached the scale of war more than 30 regional conflicts in the African continent, the post-war decades, South America, the burst of the 14 sub-regional conflicts . Just full-scale war is never burst. The most fundamental reason is the common trend is the development of human civilization. Promote the global common of specific implementing agencies set up in the end of the war, the League International Coordination Conference. Interestingly, the established, the organization did not receive attention, as well as even the Chinese are not too great importance. This can be understood because of the war, not a few powerful, can influence the situation of the war, and indirectly, to send troops to the war of the country, almost won the battle alone, and thus deal with the post-war affairs when other countries have little say. As a result,UGG Sheepskin Cuff Tall, it is almost the Chinese nuts on how, with allies to discuss the issue does not exist. Of course, not to discuss, not reality. The result is that, in animal husbandry, Hiromi recommendations, Huang Hanlin inside the allies set up a specially responsible for coordinating the organization of the post-war international affairs. This is the Large literature in the years after the war more than a year, the agency is essentially a display, even if there is a problem out coordination, eventually most of China have the final say, or by arbitration. For example, the outer Caucasus region, the arbitration is to come forward by China and Iran to withdraw its troops from Azerbaijan and Armenia. Change At that time, Spain makes a request to the Chinese hope that China will come forward to stop the military invasion of the United States of Europe. The problem is that China has a secret agreement reached with the European Union, the the default European Union, by any means reunification of the European continent, it is impossible to indirectly intervene. Of course, non-interference, can not be justified. The result is that, Huang Hanlin this thing kicked to the alliance international affairs and a co-ordinating body. Interestingly, Spain is not the organization members, even the observers are not. That is, in the legal, Spain is not the right to be heard. More importantly, the European Union is a full member of the organization, so the organization is no reason for other countries accuse the United States of Europe. In fact, Spain representations are not to have any effect. Just by this incident, Huang Hanlin realized, should improve The result is that, in 2058, the organization began to accept more members. In that year alone, the organization accepted eleven member states of the United States, Britain, Libya, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, also accepted more than thirty observer countries, the scale doubled. It is also from 2058, the Of the organizations involved in the coordination of international affairs is the annexation of Poland's military action in the European Union, although ultimately failed, but had a very positive effect, Poland has made a lot of autonomy, Poland became the first European Union high degree of autonomy of the nations. Big literary realism is what Poland achieved a high degree of autonomy, and the subsequent annexation of the nations of the European Union have gained autonomy. In the long run, it planted the seeds for the European Federation later split. You know, a real centralized state, is absolutely impossible for most members autonomy, autonomy must be controlled within the context of a smaller. Later, triggering the European Union youth sports event Another grim role of alliance coordination of international affairs organization, provides a legal basis is followed by China sent troops to interfere in the Arab world unification war. Put it indirectly, until the Arab armies invaded Libya, China decided to send troops to interfere, because Libya is a member of the alliance coordination of international affairs organization, and China had promised to provide security for the organization of all Member States. There is no doubt that this international organization is a tool used to control the global situation. In a sense, the alliance coordination of international affairs organization The most important difference is that the organization is a core member states. Plainly, the resolution of the interference in the organization, only China has the right to launch, and the other member states merely suggest that there is no final decision-making power. Of course, in the first time, Huang Hanlin ever thought of using the organization to promote the global sharing. In fact, the organization's impact on the global commons of spontaneous behavior among a national strength of many weak countries need to rely on China in order to obtain security guarantees, also need to rely on to get the development opportunities, but also need to rely on China to get due respect. This led to many international events with severe influence. In early 2058, North Korea first proposed merger with China has become the second Special Administrative Region of China (Special Administrative Region of the first Fuso, Hong Kong, Macau burst before the war had become municipalities Taiwan during the war. a provincial-level administrative units), for which North Korea also held a referendum, over 95 per cent of the people voted in favor of the Korean incorporated into China. North Korea to do so, the main alliance has not ensure that their fundamental interests. You know, in a burst before the war, North Korea and Pakistan, and China's top allies, enjoying many other allies can not enjoy was the special treatment. Technical control of China on North Korea, for example, is relatively relaxed, controlled fusion nuclear power plants built before the war burst. The question is, after the war, North Korea's status obviously was questioned,Canada Goose Camp Down Jacket Sale. The resulting impact is North Korea up and down that the only incorporated into China, to become a Special Administrative Region of China, it will not marginalization. Interestingly, China rejected North Korea's incorporated into the request. In fact, China after the war, no annexation any one country. Mainly in the vast majority of Chinese people seems to increase a member is small, the key towards Administrative Region attitude towards allies attitude of is completely different. In other words, a lot of Chinese people think, add a borough has a population of tens of millions of, equal to the increase in the burden. Do not forget, China's social welfare is constantly the highest in the world, and tens of millions of people, is equivalent to an increase of the burden of social welfare and security, equivalent to reducing the level of protection of others. But, this does not prevent other countries have also made a similar request. The end of the year, Mongolia's second to China incorporated into the request, and willing with China's Inner Mongolia region merge the grounds that the Mongols to live under the same roof. Shortly thereafter, have put forward a number of countries established after the war Amur Republic, the Republic of Okhotsk library leaf Republic incorporated into the request, including the Amur Republic of the library leaves the grounds of the Republic of history, they would have been China's territory because of the unequal treaties was only split out, so they have a reason to return to the Chinese territory. China, as always rejected these incorporated into the request. To put it plainly, in the new era, the land area is not an important factor to determine the strength of a country, there is no reason in order to expand the land area and the back of the burden. To 2059, Fuso through a referendum, decided to permanently incorporated into China, and became the province. Interestingly, China at that time did not promise, but requires Fuso Twenty years later, in 2079, a referendum decided to permanently incorporated into the Chinese, or select **. Twenty years later, the Fuso second referendum results remains permanently incorporated in China, followed by the Chinese National People's Congress before passing the resolution of the reorganization of Japan for three provinces, to Fuso become a part of China. Of course, these things Chinese leaders recognize global common is the general trend. The result is that, in 2059, the Chinese League International Coordination Organization framework within the context of the establishment of a new group of countries, began to advance the global common technology. To do so, to avoid the European Union,Michael Kors Shoulder Bags, because the European Union has to lift the treaty of alliance with China, but no exit That is to say, two thousand and sixty years ago, the global sharing on the overall start. This is not just common of political, economic, cultural, religious, social, public opinion, common, and its fundamental purpose is to establish a central authority with coercive power of human civilization within the context of the world's unified under one government. There is no doubt, this is a very long process. Mainly based on common fundamental values ​​of absolutely impossible by force, all participants must have a common understanding that only the global commons to the benefit of the human civilization, only global commons in order to achieve a permanent prosperity and peace. Of course, when the mentioned global common, we have to mention the thing at the end of the war. In a sense, it is this thing, laid the foundations for the global sharing. 374 374 consciousness consciousness Baidu search to read the latest novel T! ~! . . <

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