Suddenly saw some strange waters coming

October 31 [Thu], 2013, 15:37
came to the beach, the heart was shocked, an invisible force surrounded me, quietly watching the sea, quietly feeling gushing from the heart of the drip feelings. facing the sea breeze, a long sigh of relief, chilly sea air inhaled into the lungs, feel refreshing, renewal and feel the blowing in fresh mood in an instant becomes wider; thoughts are with the fish shallow water areas, swim freely, swaying into a gorgeous Stronghold. long standing, could not bear to miss the blossoming spray happy chase scene; ignore the sea wind in the hair, just overlooking the clear blue sky, staring at clouds, Haitian connection, so I could not help but secretly wondered, Are you tired of ethereal clouds moncler outlet uk sky, to chase the fish with the sea, playing with each other? endless sea, let your thoughts flying, indifferent to express emotion in an instant with the desire. sea, you are calm, it is gentle enough lover, deep love of wisdom, so quiet just want people sweetly sleep; sea, in your rage, when they will be like chilling it? You are killers, can instantly break the wheel of the keel, buried life, flooded homes. You're a giver, but also vandals.

But I do pilots, such as just passing sea level, rewarding the seagulls, and galloped off, leaving only a touch of brilliant smile. Tuosai hands with you to do a silent communication. Suddenly saw some strange waters coming, clear flashed on the sea of ​​thick layers of oil. Suddenly, my heart leapt up from another emotion: the sea ah, I have always thought you were strong and invincible. At the moment, as human beings in small and humble me, but feel that mankind is so great and everything becomes possible. They plundered your arms, hunting, and even young lives are spared, as they had a treat food of the children, not only do not know how to Thanksgiving, but will be issued without Kuiyi to the stench of waste products into full your arms. sea, you accommodate hundreds of rivers, deep feelings broad and inclusive, so that the strong soul can be a moment of awakening? And I, should these; great pride similar for their ingenuity and know how to enjoy life and proud you? sea, that touch your navy, the number of hidden wisdom moncler down jackets men and vicissitudes? My heart was with you collide, causing much regret and perception? Thy pure and noble mind, let me see the greedy shameful; thy deep and huge denounced, shocked I can not tell, did not dare cry timid soul ...... sea, my footsteps away from you, but their hearts are in close to you. You rhythmic bursts that sound like a bass drum singing, has been echoed in the ears; your imposing, tireless move forward, and always come to my eyes, in my heart over the surging sea, stirring!
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