his men would be Lv Yanzuo hand the invisible strength seize

September 05 [Wed], 2012, 12:34
Lv Yan to get rid of the Centaur elite warriors ,appearing in the mirror tower outside, discovered suddenly has been critical to the extreme ,people in the encirclement ,all enemies are crazy out their weapons ,the arrows literally days stars were completely blocked up ,this still does not calculate ,Lv Yan to feel around wild element riots ,a large magical being their peripheral formation ,it is human and Aogusijin collaborated with Karen Wahl ,Lu Yan in my mind of Alban ,the little king .
Don weak .Now don praise the Alban, Lu Yan is most concerned about his subordinates ,he looked back ,all subordinates is still intact, although each is wounded ,but not seriously injured ,but due to the continuous fighting ,and no Wraith supplement, these guys are a little mental weariness ,as he appeared, Levin the first down ,Cadel also feels sitting ,backbone back, of course they all relaxed .
Well ,to do good, here to me . Lv Yan received a the skeletal mage hand space bags ,phalanx swaying have these tired guys are close in, then don call bone ant mounts directly to the south ,running up .
Wearing golden armor for striking Lv Yanji ,he appears, almost all the cheers, LV rocks into their encirclement ,what could have been more happy, but when Lv Yan began to run after the skull immediately ,laughing ,this guy running too fast .
A golden shadow across the river ,Lv Yan has to run 100 meters distance ,the attack of the bone ,bone arrow gun almost all lost ,there are several hit Lv Yan in the golden armor ,like the eggs hit the stone ,crushed to touch ,Lv Yan not do influence .
! Collar bone were immediately ordered to carry out ,tactical ,with skull crushed rock sea lu .Initially about the siege is a fart ,Lv Yan never intended as the first-line Valley as ambush battle ,just run away ,and he ran so block Sale UGG Boots Outlet,the big guy would not have helped .
A human Sorcerer out, Lv Yan had to spell the edge ,there are a few flame tentacles to Lv Yan over, want to will Lv Yan trapped, but how is that possible ,Lv Yan bone spirit in vivo twinkle ,an absorbing element color silk fried, his body within two meters around flame out all at once ,he flew up and rushed out .
Lv Yan ran ,but behind him the skull are out of luck ,the down this fire field star changed has a radius of two hundred meters distance ,there are many riding bone as anxious who had rushed in ,they immediately were ground grows out of the flame tentacles to catch ,a moment later ,the flame tentacle .
Ground disappears ,forming a huge pit ,floating in the pit were flame bound riding bone of at least 200 ,of which there are two bone ,and then big and small rocks around them and in vivo ,disorderly bump, and soon becomes a single flying meteor .
.. ... They cannot escape ,waiting for their only death .Lv Yan dived into the ring of encirclement ,immediately and several bone bucket up ,have to say ,the bone strength is very strong ,there are several bone ring with bone technology played a quite amazing role ,Lv Yan was once they knocked to the ground .
At the same time dispatch Jie led the eagle bone brigade in hovering over Lv Yan ,Lv Yan not only identifies the location ,but also from time to time on Lv Yan to throw a bone gun ,from 100 meters dive and throwing heavy bone gun ,even though Lv Yan is also very difficult to bear ,is often played in a series of roll .
See Lv Yan embarrassed, skeletons with confidence ,like a swarm of bees around Lv Yan but they soon discover UGG Boots Outlet Sale,although Lv Yan is distressed, but Jack Bauer general tenacious ,how also dozen undead ,sometimes to see his face bone had been broken ,but after a while he saw his recovery .
.. ... No breath ,also did not see Lv Yan cited the soul can use water ,why his so fast ?In addition Lv Yan kill instead is quite sharp ,he can run ,use white bees are eight spin will skeletons were bullets fly ,if he was knocked to the ground ,he swallowed Soul Ring by means of suction force against the ground bone oblique flying up ,of course he borrows the skull eventually he will be well done .
And the sky Eagle skull are starting to feel fear ,because Lv Yan to move them from the sky will be pulled down ,hurled on ground after Lv Yan will not mend knife ,they can climb up .
The right hand of the white tip gun was bad enough ,now found Lu Yan left out as if an invisible giant hands, can be separated by a few meters away to catch anything ,the skeletons were couldn LV Yanzhen is a skull instead of a physically tough magician .
In the hunt and kill ,Lv Yan to the south to escape two hours .Basic is encountered mountain hill ,have holes drilled hole, meet lake is a lake ,Lv Yanpao looks in the fact that ,escape ,Lv Yan loss is not small ,basic two hours have been spent his thirty conviction force based beam spot, if not then kill the Centaur elite fighters reward ,now he has overwhelmed .
In front is a touch the sky mountain, Lv Yan does not know what is the name of the mountain ,but he for the mountain appears very satisfied ,this is he an excellent springboard ,the implementation plan next time .
Lv Yan slightly raised terrain along to the hill ran all over the mountains and plains ,with the skull immediately ,there are many around to the other side ,trying to intercept Lv Yan .
The six collar bone with Lv Yan in the ass, although they have the ability to within a few seconds rushed to Lv Yan ,but they are well discussed in general without action ,these collar bone are clear mind ,Niiwa Ta the terrible, who first approached him well is the first killed ,only have identified Lv Yan serious injury or supply broke down ,they would consider anything .
Just a bunch of Black Skull like ants generally along the mountains to ,to the peak direction touch, dispatch Jie with Eagle bone brigade hovering in the distance ,but not close ,dispatch Jie for Lv Yan means gas gnash the teeth in anger ,near km ,his men would be Lv Yanzuo hand the invisible strength seize ,then he fell dead to the ground ,too horrible to look at .
But if more than a kilometre, their fire is lack of accuracy and strength ,a very low probability of hit Lv Yan . The skull is implacable and inflexible. Ah ! Dispatch of Jie anxious circling, he died in Fafnir ,anxious to get Augustin more reuse ,so for the killing of Lv Yan he shizaibide .
The human wizard also game over ,two hours ,he sang mouth skin fast gas, but the summoned several magic did not play a role, the first problem is Lv Yan too far ,one-way magic not good positioning ,and the scope of magic words too slow ,often did not play a role in was Lv Yan to run out of the range ,but to kill a large number of kill Lv Yan skull .
Occasionally there are individual magic captured Lu Yan ,but Lv Yan was able to absorb elements Puma Baylee Future Cat II Shoes,a shock will spell to phagocytosis ,for this strange thing, not a large persistent magic is trapped under his .
Human Mage heart secretly shook his head : no wonder it is said that this guy in Lunteer city made a pass ,he really is a little capital . Those placed in the skull Ghost Warrior is also not play a role ,they even Lv Yan was killed in two ,Lv Yan armor is too strong ,even if they hit Lv Yan key also is no good effect .
In fact ,Lv Yan now wants to run away so easily, but he was not ,he spent two hours this gang of skull pulled so far ,has his own ideas cheap puma ferrari shoes,and now ,to have this idea into practice of the time .
Soon ,Lu Yan up to the mountain of the east mountain top, at the moment there was half a red sun ,sun shines on Lv Yan golden armor ,10000 golden issued ,plus the armor and modeling ,it made Lv Yan look like a general war .
Lv Yan stood on the mountain top, around the skull began to look around ,he is a vice can go without the road looks ,but after the previous two hours tail ,who also don will be driven into a corner to the step .
Stop, you get tired of running . Lv Yan light smile ,at the six collar bone shouted .Collar bone minds are startled ,they see it ,Lv Yan is forced to the top ,but seem to be what purpose would chase after arms have cited here, collar bone were immediately began to look around ,afraid of is it right? What trap ambushed in the mountain Karen Millen Coats 2012 Sale,there are two collar bone at the time wanted to down the mountain ,but it is not open in front of his friends in the face ,is also afraid after a bad and Augustin .
The sky shot to dispatch a bone gun Jie ,Lv Yan with random white bee dance a Guns N ,will the bone the bullets fly out ,after all, at one thousand meters distance ,the wind is very large, this bone gun to him long time no accuracy and strength, even if he does not resist ,do not take him in .
Jie in the sky in his teeth ,but dare not near .Lv Yan on the six collar bone said: must have wondered what I ,good, I will you draw ,but if I have to run ,long run, you can not catch me .
The six collar bone face slightly angry ,but has not said what .Lv Yan added : I led you here ,not to fight you ,but must be negotiated with you . Negotiation ?The collar bones are robust, but also no lack of a smart guy ,guessed Lv Yan .
You are Aogusijin appendages collar bone . Lv Yan said : but you what are subservient to him ,not because of his strong ,his bone technology can make inside suddenly relegated ,no defense .
.. ... Ha ha ,rest assured ,I am not convinced you to assassinate Aogusijin ,I want to say is ,you are free . Free ? Collar bone were exposed shocking face color .Lv Yan O Sidles move out bone ants ,when all the skull face leisurely ride bone : ant appendages, which is an incompatible with skull relationship habits ,you attach to the Aogusijin necessarily filled with various refuses to accept, so I want to talk to you about it ,I will kill you Aogusijin ,free, to retrieve your territory .
Then ,O Sidles bone wing opened ,in the humid in morning breeze gently fan .Bang !In golden armor Lv Yan and huge bone ants away at the top of the mountain, and left a terrified chase .
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