which belongs to the load type

October 18 [Thu], 2012, 19:01
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe very next day ,all the morning passed ,fan Yun and He Qiaoqing are in the old maple door turns knock three times, ancient Maple that lazy to climb up .
Last night more than two up ,against the wind to training until six o ,back to sleep, only nine points less than Timberland 8 Inch Boots,be woken ,ancient Chinese felt that my life really is better than others to suffer a little bit .
Get simple wash up ,everything is too late to eat ,it would take two girls ,open the Hummer .Hummer this car ,not discerning eyes is a very vulgar ,but in some people that know a car ,but rather cool ,especially also contained two large beauty case .
Old maple suit ,wearing sunglasses, but did not shine shiny head ,he did not play in any plastic card gel water habit ,just comb ,in the cold wind ,a little messy ,with his chiseled chiseled features, it has a kind of speechless Toshiro ,fall in He Qiaoqing ,it is handsome ,a pair of eyes are always full of silently conveyed tenderness ,stay in the old maple body .
He Qiaoqing is confused ,Fan Yun is habitually dizzy, especially to see their cousin anthomaniac looks at the man drool with envy when .She does not understand ,the man can have so great charm ?How she was feeling too ?Others say that in the eye of the beholder, to fan Yunlai said ,she is sure to change ,the lover out almost anthomaniac !Old maple drove all the way racing ,on a high after the car is added to the fastest ,but unfortunately ,Hummer is not really a horse ,it is like a camel, which belongs to the load type ,does not belong to the Mercedes model ,although strong, but because the four wheel drive ,coupled with the body too bulky ,only to one hundred and fifty yards .
A way to appreciate the scenery infinite, ancient Chinese ,but not in a hurry or must concentrate on driving, but around two he sees the beauty is enough .A fiery like Mala Tang ,a cold like ice cream ,if you see Li Xiaolan, ancient Chinese must ask ,this heat and cold is it right? Is he often say it Rainbow night !One and a half hour later, Hummer was high ,Fan Yuntai saw the road sign ,face was not changed ,but He Qiaoqing is still be in the best of spirits wrapped around the ancient Maple twitter and asked the question that asked not to stop, but she and old maple first trip to a place so far .
.. ... Dragon service headquarters ,Longjin building nike air max outlet.Once a month ,each time a few hours to help service conference held today in .Previous to this time , dragon agency distribution in outside the eight gangster will be on time for the meeting ,but today ,with one abstention .
But the gangster ,everybody can understand ,because he is the latest research and ambush wounded dialect ,at this moment ,he was lying in a hospital treated in !Now ,sitting in Longjin building conference room ,a good speaker old hung vertical ,a person who offers bad advice ghost tertiary song strategy ,the following ranking order respectively ,a service man, shaggy ,Zhong Haopeng .
Two clubs at Fox ,dialect ( absent) .Three clubs gangster iron shield ,Lin dong .Four clubs at Brown ,Li Tongzhuang .Five clubs gangster flower ,Liu Dazhi .Six clubs gangster black ,Gan forward .
Seven clubs gangster nine cylinder ,and Aberdeen .Eight clubs gangster crazy sheep ,Yang di .This meeting ,the old one is supposed to announce Dragon Club ninth branch was established, as do the new agency gangster white sister .
But the white sister action is impolitic ,not only own the whole army was wiped out. No ,even the dragon club side screening her troops also suffered heavy losses ,made the old lost money and soldiers ,very embarrassed ,so the establishment of branch things he not bashful .
In fact ,no matter how old a face ,white aunt never accepted ,she is willing to help you cope with dragon club Yihe help ,and not to the right and benefit, just want to repay the Longtai the upbringing of the Tu .
The atmosphere of the meeting is very dignified ,two clubs at the fox was badly wounded, he was the younger brother of dragon club Yihe help people so bad break ,everyone are very uncomfortable ,but this time, the old also appears a little be absent-minded .
Three clubs at the iron shield could not help ,exclaimed : elder brother !What are you hesitating ? Eh? The old one still think of how to properly arrange white aunt ,although her actions fail, but the old one on her did not lose confidence .
,justice and help the man is really that ,you let me lead the troops to help those who enter the Yihe free kill kill over a not to leave ! Iron shield gnash the teeth in anger road .
Iron shield brother ,don excited ah, you didn listen to what others say ,the impulse is a devil ? Seven clubs at the nine cylinder was advised ,his intention may be good, but the words is mystifying ,let a person listen how uncomfortable .
Nine tube right ,iron shield ,you can play ?You can still play the fox ?Fox got admitted to hospital ,is it right? You want to do next? Black also with six clubs . Hey hey hey ,iron shield that is to bring people into the customs to kill ,his point is good ,it can not big relations ,you blasted him to do ,be good at ,you righteous integration helps to ah !! Four clubs at the brown ,Li Tongzhuang is gone .
brown son brother said, I iron shield while not do, but a few jins of cattle or ,Yihe help those offal such bullying us so long ,I can shit could urine could not bear them, this tone, necessarily ! Iron shield when it comes to the exciting part ,a hammer to the desktop ,so that everyone is a shock .
Brute courage. Six clubs black cold hum a sentence .What. Iron shield ho stood, Asakuro Mo look at with angry eyes . I said your limbs ,simple minds ,big brain ,brain in grass !Do you want from me? Black also follow stood up and shouted .
Well, well, you sit down ,something ,what a good fight ! Ghost tertiary quite impatient wave of his hand, sit down ,I sit down . Iron shield and black hell tertiary out ,it was reluctant to sit down .
The old saw everybody not argument, it looked all around, finally put his eyes fell on Zhong Haopeng shaggy ,shaggy ,you are the first branch boss ,what do you say? The old asked .
Want me to say ?What did I say .Clock zhang-haopeng tract . we dragon end is suitable with justice and war ! The old light Q . I really want to say ? Zhong Haopeng ask .Ghost tertiary annoyed, shouted : shit ,you say it, you her so much ! ,if at heart ,I do not want to help the war and justice together ,why ?First ,it is a legal system society ,fighting such things will not only make the official attention ,but also harass the people and waste money ,we take the fox this time things ,let me have clearance to cut people ,for their traveling expenses ?They also were stripped the clothes thrown into the street ,also being photographed ,shame us ?Is ?They have a break ,we draw money to their treatment ?Is it !In the event of dried bean curd to produce life ,we also derive the settling-in allowance ,right? Zhong Haopeng cicada is such ,let him seriously ,he must go ,are you? !However ,what he said is really from the heart ,because acting knives kill for him really does not have the meaning ,so a good effort ,should think about how to make money !The ghost is not optimistic about the tertiary before Zhong Haopeng ,because of this Zhong Haopeng says with its is a triad ,is more like a business person ,everything is benefit for the first .
But this time ,the old one doesn talk with him without action ,make Dragon Society suffer heavy casualties ,and finally to him to clean up the mess ,was some temper ,so this time ,he will stand in the long side .
Well ,shaggy said is quite right ,since the God of wealth after the event ,we � dragonfinances are stretched ,and now to start it, will certainly help ... ... Said Gui Shuzheng ,out came the bursts of noise noise .
... UGG Finnegan Clearance... God ,what are you doing ?I said ,Mr. Hong is in a meeting north face jackets sale... ... North Face Men's Bionic Sale... ... Fast ,quickly stopped him ... ... ... ... Have a death wish ,is it right? ,dare to this place to do ,ah .
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