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> Looked at XIAO Fan's move, Xie Ying seems to also aware of the up that he in the end want to do? My heart slightly some shocked, but the surprisingly ground did not re-speak. Inverted END all oil, Lian took his two oil drums Du thrown into the the specter of inside the door, XIAO Fan This satisfied locations nod, and smiled, dragging in a daze's Xie Ying run uphill walked, came to the Hill Road's middle position. In the jade within the groping for a half a day, XIAO Fan the hands of before multi-out the a the old-fashioned pistol, exactly what he from the real world belt come in of that put antique pistol. Open the bomb cavity counted the, the hand bullets cavity li there are 7 rounds of ammunition, and some Du already rusty, do not know but also can not be used, but the use this the ignition should be the most safe, although some waste, but this kind pistol are also only be able to pairs of 50 the following of people play a threat of, 40 above defense Gao's is also not constitute a threat, a waste of respect of wasted a! Xiangba, nor Guxie Ying stunned doubts, aiming azimuth, toward the low-Department the specter of doors intend to shot and. "You really Xun, though do not know you how there will be geology oil, there are so ancient pistol, but I have to say you this grip gun posture completely wrong, and if you do not want put own arm played so loudly that numb, I am come shoot bar! "Huiguo Shen's Xie younger sister proudly snatched the XIAO Fan the hands of the pistol, to mention the gun, aiming, hair shè one step in place. Looked at wearing a leather leather pants's Xie younger sister a solemn and just in order to pending the, raised a gun hair shè's appearance, XIAO Fan sudden discovery that her Huan do have some charm. Less-the-top high foot cap, whether it those who really a bit like western cowboy li's Spicy Girl, flavoursome ah! Bang! With the gunfire sounded, the specter of doors consigned to the flames, "handsome spent, duality but also! How kind, with the his aging mother ratio, you are not also inexperienced point." Xie younger sister put the gun handed the XIAO Fan. "Handsome spent." XIAO Fan did not pick, discourse on the promise, and my heart snigger, Shuai Gepi, the girls every family's was not at home embroidered embroidery, Huan play with guns, you is not aircraft and artillery the universe the aircraft carrier Du Played? Such a woman who would dare to want to ah! "Also, this gun you first Retention bar! But not during the of someone's place to use." XIAO Fan flipped through the supercilious look. "Really? Really gave me up? You will not be yes intend to bribe me bar! I said, god blood will I yes will not give you's." Listen to XIAO Fan say that this the gun Normalized their own, and Xie younger sister a look of excitement pleasantly surprised, nor care about the XIAO Fan prior to belittle her rhetoric. "Who needs your God blood, and you open a joke only, you Du take it seriously, Zhengou being insipid's!" XIAO Fan subconsciously ground to answer. The original himself really misunderstood him? ! But the anti-person of the heart can not do without, this also no wonder I ah, who knows what you are saying phrase is the true phrase is false,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, Xie Ying my heart irritably ground think. "As saying come back,Oakley Whisker Sunglasses, you these things are how to take come in's?" Xie Ying staring at a pair round yo big eyes a ignorant of the child kind looked at XIAO Fan: "You Do not tell me this world There were originally these things, moreover you this man everywhere Du make people feel strange. you yes how know that Here's, you level is so low how dare to alone in a people come here to? "" where's so multi-Why, you one hundred thousand Why do ah! "XIAO Fan ignore her, and flipped through the supercilious look to continue to looked at specter of door rekindled the fires, I saw fire has greater the more burning, and instantly spread to the specter door depths of the, and even the specter of door of the arch pillars Du forward to played a the fire. "You must there are secrets, you do not tell me, hum!" Xie Ying playing with the pistol, facing the XIAO Fan nakedness Miaole Miao, "Do you Believe it or not I dare to shot collapse of the it? This gun, but very easy to fire escape's Oh! "" Are you kidding, you are my Who, who am I to tell you? "" I am ... I am your friend! right, is to temporarily's friends! "Xie Ying Aung up Angtou, she did not expect XIAO Fan would be so ask, Lengle Leng, Leng Shimo figured himself is his Who, you really want count can only be regarded ordinary a friend. "My friends! You say a friend up, moreover also added a deadline's. Friend between the there are secret too! I what basis wholly-to tell you? You are not my girlfriend." XIAO Fan a pushed open the Xie Ying should aim at the their own lower body's hand, such a thing he may not dare to joking, if this Devil Wears Prada really shot and of it? That its own direct commit suicide Forget it, can no longer Mo Lianxian Yaoyao up. "Girlfriend? Hum! Xiang Demei, and I sooner or later will know's." Xie Ying turned his head and alone in an life forward to stuffiness but my mind was thinking about XIAO Fan to say's girlfriend words. This guy Could it be want me to when his girlfriend do? Or was he Originally will have a girlfriend? Did not know he girlfriend drift not beautiful, ah ...... I all want to what is it! Xie Ying scratched his little head, the heart Tao he must but also yes would like to from their own here to get god of blood,Coach Bags Store, like the this lady clever this predicament, how might deceived. Xie Ying proudly Aung a Ngong small head. "All day long his aging mother his aging mother's, you really like a his aging mother, a woman still know less point, the human naive point is good, know do not?" XIAO Fan flipped through the supercilious look. Unbridled Wrath's Xie Ying also intends to forward to to give him younger brother come shot, while the this time the series of voice sounded. Bite! Congratulations on your to rise to 26, reward five o'clock zìyóu point. Bite! Congratulations on your to rise to 27, reward five o'clock zìyóu point. Bite! ............ A series of voice sounded, but also without interruption the meaning of, Xie Ying is busy view their own genus xìng, I saw the their own experiences such as the rocket-like rapid growth of forward to. Bite! Congratulations on your kill the an white Gua the specter of, reward five hundred experience, the 2 silver coins. Congratulations on your kill the an white Gua the specter of, reward five hundred experience, the 2 silver coins. Congratulations on your kill the a the Green Gua the specter of, reward 1000 Experience, 10 silver coins. ...... Congratulations on your to rise to 35, reward five o'clock zìyóu point. Bite! Congratulations on your kill the an white Gua the specter of, reward five hundred experience, the 2 silver coins. Congratulations on your kill the an white Gua the specter of, reward five hundred experience, the 2 silver coins. Congratulations on your kill the an white Gua the specter of, reward five hundred experience, the 2 silver coins. ...... Congratulations on your to rise to 36, reward five o'clock zìyóu point. ...... Xie Ying somewhat not dare to believe, the eyes straight Leng Leng ground looking at the XIAO Fan, surprised to find he a look of calm. Strange that he how one o'clock does not surprised, Did not he growth experience of? Level too low? Xieying Li engraved View the next XIAO Fan's Level People: XIAO Fan Level: 30 Experience: 1054/3000 contribution to the: 2000 genus xìng: Attack: 151, jīng God: the 300, agile: 204, Defense: 126 Life: 75 / 80 Neijin: 50/300 Hunger degrees: 80/100zìyóu Point: 100 so say that he grade also in to enhance the, Xie Ying shocked to looked at not just this From the disgrace is not scared man. Gengrang Xie Ying is surprising is XIAO Fan's contribution degree of actually have 2 000, while the 30's grade, Neijin even more yes has reached a 50, it is strange, and this multi-out of the so many genus xìng yes where's the? PS: Road indignant roar, the hand on hand, click on the vote in a wood there? <
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