quality and the potential to enrich the spiritual life

November 07 [Thu], 2013, 15:26
Ideal will always belong to the young communist ideals! Unite people together to fight this, every Chinese person, every person Southbridge due responsibilities and obligations. from scratch, start now, from the low-carbon life began to start life in moderation, it will be benefits to the present power future generations of noble cause. We should give full play to all kinds of people Southbridge potential, the potential of the human and social resources and give full play to the science of carbon ranges, so that global warming has slowed, until it finally disappears. Therefore, Southbridge people think we should do our utmost to play as several social potential: a harmonious potential and ability, harmony is productivity, this potential is all around us, all the time can make it nike air max 1 sale play well. two, human intelligence potential, especially children's intellectual potential to get timely play, including learning potential, scientific thinking, behavior of the method, the potential of art and so on. three, economic potential, including the innovative potential, energy potential and technological potential. four, people's environmental potential, including the conservation of water, electricity, oil and gas are non-renewable energy potential of low-carbon life, we must make good use of these scientific potential.

five, people's thoughts, quality and the potential to enrich the spiritual life, the direction of this potential is to guide people to the communist ideology, quality and rich spiritual to develop and make the greatest efforts to play people's communist theory and practice potential. above Declaration, the purpose is to revive China as soon as possible and to create a better humanity happiness and work together! Postscript: All the struggle for their own benefit is the lower animals, as a senior animal who should not be completely just for the sake of their own interests, (or just a vulgar), we Southbridge people, though small, but We have a firm to do an advanced interesting, noble man; make a contribution to society and people; make a person able to promote human progress ideals and beliefs, we must bring this good spirit will always inherited down. We hope that all of Southbridge younger generation should be strict with themselves, to make nike air max 2014 men's a truly harmonious fighters such ideological beliefs on the top priority for the realization of a harmonious world and work hard! We want to unite all forces that can be united, to have the same ideals of faith calls together, who are willing to pursue their careers and be able to secure the people together to unite together to build a harmonious world and work hard!
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