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Ju Rong come back in the big gold sè messaging operator, direct a method tactic to play on it, should be contacted in the eighth Cloud River Lin Lin fourth team protracted and wide width Rui Lin. A little while, a bright golden Talisman, Lin W JI's voice, "Chen Zhuo?" "Uncle, I was a small six, has come to the end of the eighth Cloud River, which position are you?" "Little six coming!" Rui Lin Wide Voice "is the six little ......" "fast pointing small six over!" Lin wide side of a protracted Ju Rong to his head, what emotions rising up. Ju Rong Lin wide protracted even heard easily exhaled breath. "You just fly down the river and saw a flat steepest cliffs, we are in this cliff midair one platform." Ju Rong early to put too big a speed slow, listen Cloud River to the eighth stop on both sides of a looked and found a steep cliff is at his feet, and then flash on the fly past. "Flew by, is behind the piece of stone walls." Obedient big a change in the orientation toward the walls fall down. Cloud River rare stone with the tenth different eighth Cloud River this piece is a steep cliff sè bluestone from. Big glide down, Ju Rong saw a silhouette of a group of stagnation in the next half-height of the cliff. It highlights the foot of cliffs formed a natural midair huge stone. Some shadow slowly in front to expand, it is sent to greet him underneath. "Six young master!" Six steppe eagle to near to, on six private Wei Jian Li loudly. Ju Rong nodded, "Take me to go on." Subsequently, the big guy falls gently on top of stone, put away the wings. Next morning waiting to grab the side of the Ju Jiu approached, pulled Ju Rong said: "Little six you can come here is really terrible!" Ju Ju Gui brother was nine, Lin Qi Gui to changing fire rì ; the wisdom of the body into the sea, the Ju nine to pick up his brother's eldest son bit fill up. Ju Rong said: "Little six briefly mention my father had a little, but not very clear specific, Nine brother brother to two with six front magistrate to speak with these days?" Ju Jiu then also found that some bold, busy crashed said: "It is! exactly! six with the brother to brother. Cong fourth brother yesterday from the stone in the hall (crab) out, I do not know how, and on yù drift off to sleep together. two magistrate then waited at that edge "Ju Rong will receive a big guy, busy with Ju Jiu Wei from separate private room in front of the cliff walk. People have not renowned, it touches on the cliff of a four fifty cubits wide open high Shimen first look in the eye! Within the dark one, and then looked toward the door side, she saw two old figure. "Little six seen granduncle, uncle!" Ju Rong Jian Li came quickly. "Get up ......" Lin Rong Lin Qi propped wide protracted. "You've come just a small six, come help us to see Cong brothers!" Lin Rui old eyes wide red and tried to grab the Ju Rong went to the one, the floor is covered with a layer of thick fur,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, Lin Qi Cong eyes half open, half closed, lying above the unconscious. Ju Rong busy crouch down and grabbed Ju Cong hand, a trace of soul force probe into it. Lin Rui wide seventy three this year, Lin Qi Cong is his most outstanding grandchildren, so hard only for the sake of such a grandchild. Today a Cloud River Festival, on life and death so I do not know, constructive criticism do nothing, is not enough to describe his anxious concern at this time. Lin Chen Lin wide protracted kite is the Shuzhang son, he pulled his son Ju Jiu prevent its forward disturb View Ju Ju Rong Cong's injuries. This son, though not outstanding, his selfishness we should try to protect it. Ju Rong looked up and asked: "Cong Mahone is what happened?" Lin Rui one finger width door Shimen Road ahead: "We are in the eighth afterbirth encountered some of the island's land-line hydroids; every one has one hundred more long-husband, four five feet thick. Originally, we have flying mounts are not afraid to it, but since the entry, these flying mounts will no longer be able to fly high. while to Carchesium ends up constantly pumping strike as long as we in the attack range. finally spent two emerald breaks, before finally retreated., but also lost more than one hundred private health! here just left the afterbirth of the island, did not pick up a good remnants, there are countless size of the tip of the black insects surrounded us. hard to prevent these and other small insects, specifically within the drill to flesh the total cover prevents light method algorithm a little while, but at one point Kenshi Jiabu Zhu countless bashing damage and there were twenty people dead. This Cong brothers think of you when you said when starting, the West is desperate to last Rashomon. So we rely on to this piece of cliff over and sure enough, after a midline, those black insects will not dare to come! good to see this place is stone. everyone desperate to fly up, there is a wounded eagle hit the cliff. suddenly opened up this road Shimen! surge black air rushed out. Cong brother and dozens of private guard just in trick! private guard their injury fairly stable, but Cong brother is raving constantly, seeing worse ...... "" which went to see no? "Lin W protracted then said:" After reading it. thirty nine skeletons, as well as two flesh and clothing intact old person. touched nothing but back out. "" I went to see. "Ju Rong walked up to the Shimen. Iris Chen Jiu Lin Ju accompanied sent over. Ju Jiu scared trembling hands Ju Rong followed behind. Ju Rong looked at the front of the Jiu Lin Qi said: "take the trouble to look younger, etc. Nine brother out!" "Good!" Ju Jiu hurried to stop. He did not dare to look at the skull. * - * - * - * When the dust is opened, might be so ...... Ju Rong spotless watching the huge stone hall, the door could not help but mottled with heavy dust control, one kind of vicissitudes unexpected. Ground smooth as a mirror, stone pattern beautiful as each sè Lan Margaret. Door sides, a slightly larger style stone a few short, the same general Mirror. Two men dressed antiquity Ershiqiba sitting in the rear; They wrap hair in the post-cranial each ring on a moist white jade Yuan, large white robes, is Kiyotoshi looks very refined. Yingying is also still look like yesterday. There are a few cases on very thin piece rectangular stone page, above the handwriting hearted. Subsequently stone hall depth twenty Zhang Xu, points on both sides of thirty-nine Zhang ordered some stone case, a complete human skeleton with, or in pairs, or in a separate one, kneeling in front squat documented after the case; case in front of them on the stone pieces, board, bone needles, bone tubes, bone comb, Bangzhu, as well as bamboo policy ......, Fanran a diligent students, the scholarly study of the King - a touch of pure light scattered under come, pray limitless disk appears in Ju Rong head. He gently enough to fulfill this place is submerged in time after years old. He first Duodao innermost, a half a foot high platform, there are mountains, rivers, clouds, and the praise he does not say anything, it was the middle of an object caught his eye. Ten feet radius, semi than a foot high, such as upside down a cauldron! Black and black ...... engraved rì Xinghai month. So much a "style"! His hand gently Yifu, a gust of wind pushing it slowly turn up. Zheng! Clank - on which there are numerous small lit up the sky as really as Xingyu; gradually head dome, a star maps rotation come, so dark stone hall a brilliant up! With the changing sky, stone platform of mountains, rivers, fog cloud to go, a change of scenery earth ...... just this one thing, for patients learn yīn Yang who has been cases when the town was treasure! Ju Rong put away a little excited while checking out the side door. Both sides of the case of a few in front of the skull, apparently before his death are learning warm, and the next moment I do not know that death is. It seems that these people died at the same time, there is no trace of prevention. Case of a few things, in addition to stone,Mahina Leather Outlet, and bone are rot off, one touch to smash open. Even the stone, bone soul force a probe under the practiced hand is unusual thing. Until the door to see two men corpse recovery. Lifelike, there must be something wrong; Ju Rong did not frivolous, a stone flew front page. Ancient text! Ju Rong big son before being Chen Zhuo Lin Ling Xia arrest and money was very strict, flat rì read a lot between the secular books, a variety of ancient, early modern text does not say jīng pass, but also learn a little. At this point a look gestures and body, and then, once identified. Immediately Qiaochu some origin. "Teacher: guardian big before, only shame is also dead against the door division ...... ...... too ......" Ju Rong and look at the other stone dozen pages, the above is some scattered records: this rì chess, this case when you want to combine astrology ...... he found in Lin Qi Cong Hai soul situation has been wondering a ballpark. Then, carefully back out outside the cave. Just left the cave, Ju Ju Rong hurriedly pulled Jiu stay away some peace of mind before any conscious thought to ask Ju Rong said: "Six brother find anything?" Pulled Ju Ju Rong chuckle about nine, said: "In fact, nothing major . Nine Big Brother do not worry, go two magistrate who said to go. "* - * - * - * two magistrate also saw Ju Lin Rong Chen kite safely return, busy around us. "Little six reasons can be found?" Lin Rui scurried wide asked. Ju Rong nodded, "but one within the ruins of the old days, that two young son, is the guardian of the commander. Prefer a sudden disaster, the area was completely banned to begin with a person dies there are remnants that will, prolonged failure to disperse, no self devoid Cong Will Mahone is being invaded this soul sea, I am conscious of the trauma ...... "" ah - "exclaimed together around four young and old. Wide Rui Lin Ju Rong is gripped his arm, "and save it?" Ju Rong did not come across such a situation, only said: "Four granduncle If you agree, a small six to try,Oakley Juliet Online, but can not guarantee a small six will be able to OK. "Lin Rui wide shaking body moment undecided. Ju Rong said a trial must be the grandson Ju Cong soul into the sea, and such a thing is not a joke. The slightest mistake, the grandson would be finished. I'm not surprised to find a wide protracted further delay, the wave of his hand and said: "Despite the small six you start!" He looked anxious about Rui Lin wide up, "Mahone Is there a better way? Dead Cong brother die, and a small shot at least six also point hope, then do not think anymore! "word let Lin Rui Tude wide vent strong, somewhat more old. Driven to distraction wide Rui Lin nodded: "Little six you go ...... if not ...... do not blame you ......"
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