Air marshals -2000 "is equipped with the Nanjing

June 08 [Sat], 2013, 11:36
Air marshals -2000 "is equipped with the Nanjing Institute of Electronic Technology developed multifunctional coordinate Doppler radar, can be omni-directional detection, mainly nike kobe 7 for sale
for the detection and tracking of air and surface targets, operating frequency is 1200-1400 MHz. Airborne antenna system consists of three solid-state active phased array antenna structure, set in a diameter of 14 m fixed radome (Russian A-50 radome diameter of 9 meters, India "Phalcon" System in diameter to 11 m), each phased array antenna detection range of 120 °, for air target detection range of 470 km farthest. aircraft's radar system can simultaneously track 60-100 air targets (including low-altitude targets and cruise missiles), and the Air Force's 10 tactical aircraft implementation guidance.

The first is China's neighbor Japan has long been purchased from the United States about 13 E-2C "Hawkeye" early warning aircraft, is equipped with four self-developed E-767 AWACS early warning aircraft for such large-scale aerial target detection range of up to 780 one thousand m, internally fitted with warning devices are basically similar to the U.S. Air Force E-3 AWACS, an aerial refueling can fly 22 hours. Japan is also ready to purchase six E-767.

Because of the recent Sino-Japanese war, Japan an imaginary article says our air marshals 2000 detection distance of only 400 kilometers, I do not fly, so nike hyperdunk tb 2013
he watched the next Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Encyclopedia actually said so ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Phased array radar air marshals 2000 would not be so bad, and I seem to remember that there are official Wen said air marshals 2000 the world of early warning detection distances
Reading Tip: The author in a taxi, when witnessed to a Taiwanese drivers to use "Anthem" as his cell phone ringtone. Taiwan, the driver said: "They Philippines behind the United States, we also have Chinese Taiwanese behind this big brother ah, but unfortunately Ma Ying-jeou is a soft foot shrimp, do not use it!"

Since 2013 Taiwanese fishermen in disputed waters flood Shicheng Philippine Coast Guard was killed, has been threatened by the PLA Navy to recapture the Philippines Charity reef so far, I believe that in the fight for Taiwan, Beijing has made popular at unprecedented victory, so had a strong hold on the Chinese mainland's Taiwan people hostile to the state, no longer cooperate with China HuYu exclusion option, but another sign of a more significant, it is a lot of Mesozoic and Cenozoic DPP politicians, has also embarked on a "pro-unification" of the road.

Differences between the Philippines and Japan

Why Diaoyutai in the previous conflict with the East China Sea, the Japan Coast Guard bully DPP Taiwan fishermen's behavior to take an extremely weak and low-key attitude, and even openly oppose the Ma administration, all possibilities of cooperation with the other side, but yet in this times in disputes with the Philippines, became the cross-strait cooperation "pioneer" mean? This is something we first from the Demens nike hyperfuse 2012
mocratic Progressive Party, and even social traditions throughout Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines on the viewpoint of the two countries.
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