a cigarette in the room pacing

September 10 [Tue], 2013, 18:10
; Ni sister, I don't have to rob the U.S. government not. A white young beam with joy somewhere in North Africa, the good city Zhao Xuan was depressed in a complete mess, see there a message, that feeling is really very strange. Said he was the pit? There should be no bar, the other is indeed tell him the whereabouts of fire charm, is that some people speechless. Speechless took the chair Zhao Xuancai suddenly air move, immediately pulled the keyboard and start typing, that thing you find, what color is it? Black, that even if found, if not also not take, I see from an ancient book, it can easily melt steel rock, want to get is not easy, I was ready for a 20 cm high melting point alloy alley, and prepared a lot of frozen soil in the box, just haven't put in is surrounded by, don't know there is how to take the kid this time of Dionysus is very straightforward, things like that really is not easy to hold, because is put in the iron box can be easily melted iron at high temperature. And with that, Zhao Xuan was suddenly leaned a meal, a gleam in the eyes. Black fire charm? That can be forged products Saint star for baby. If only the pale fire charm, he is not to Women's North Face Hyvent Sale put too much in the mind, because you want to get the fire evil spirit, but also because it is the fire department Yibao, estimated might make fire archosaur archosaur oven recovery point of strength, but if the fire charm is too poor, too basic is useless. Other do not say, if even the Millennium standards are not up to the fire demon, Zhao Xuan also is to have no ran, but the black fire charm, but Womens North Face Gore Tex thousand years fire charm, to really get it, it will have a certain effect. Know this answer Zhao Xuanzhen's heartbeat. Rob a government? Get this thing also rely on rob, he didn't really have any psychological burden ah, but it is certain, if not to rob Zhao Xuan must not possible from over there by the formal means. Understand that these Zhao North Face Gore Tex Outlet Xuan suddenly stood up, lit a cigarette in the room pacing slowly, begin to consider the feasibility. A long furnace in hand, can use the ability of archosaur furnace space folding his robbery may not have that ability, but in a sneaky way to go, still have not little grasp of the. The crux of the problem lies in how to, how to come back, is a normal passport visa to go abroad, or by the archosaurs space diversion, which is undoubtedly the most convenient, but don't forget the space only three archosaurs moved opportunity if reuse after archosaurs Salai back to back and he is the only chance. And a chance to rest with up if you can't help each other to find space is treasure, the archosaurs will sleep, when the capacity of the whole furnace all archosaurs and space related never used. But if it is flying back and forth words, things will be a lot of trouble, because the underground laboratory the military site, near many distance estimation is the state of siege, really want to go, Zhao Xuan at least have to prepare a lot of restorative elixir may require preparatory maintained most of the day and even more time space folding Dan medicine. Other do not say, once the military laboratory theft, estimated in the shortest.
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