is Chen Buyun for his dignity and

August 17 [Sat], 2013, 10:07
The ninety-first chapter all [/ page Chen Buyun Chong Yang Shenghang treasure it nodded, orthochromatic said: it is natural, it also used to say?! Yang Shenghang see Chen Buyun so serious, my emotion is more stirring, Chen Buyun can not just nonsense ah man, since he is so promised himself, it is inevitable that there will be good job waiting for yourself, for this point, Yang Shenghang is no doubt, Chen Buyun is no ordinary people ah. *///* Lao Chen, big does not say thanks, after what things, even though you say, if only I had half not word, you...... Yang Shenghang knew she had no way to return to Chen Buyun, only through this way to express their loyalty at the moment the excited mood. Although Chen Buyun wants to win the support of Yang Shenghang to their own use, however, that this time it really is attributed to Yang Shenghang sympathy, and this thing if Yang Shenghang participation will become more relaxed, so, Chen Buyun where such articles well to, hurriedly interrupted Yang Shenghang's statement, serious Yang Ge said: if we just make yourself at home, then, that it is not. See Chen Buyun so himself, Yang Shenghang in the heart of gratitude is more full, with her aunt's words, is filled out, to spill out. Chen Buyun know Yang Shenghang heart emotion, will ease the atmosphere: Gee, said Yang brother, you know, this project, but also need your help to, if can make money that is our common efforts, so the money that is self income, simply don't thank me, and if lost you, then I'm sorry, Yang brother your input is to play ducks and drakes. Although Chen Buyun was terrible, but that first impressions are strongest Solaris Parka Sale beliefs have made Yang Shenghang of Chen Buyun is a respected, therefore, what good afraid, for Chen Buyun's speech, he also only is Chen Buyun for his dignity and consider the name to excuse. Therefore, Yang Shenghang then picked up the wine bottle to Chen Buyun toast: old Chen, I know what you mean, I Yang, although some snobbish, however, for the North Face Outlet brotherhood of man, I still firmly Trillium Parka CG55 Sale in mind, old Chen, this time to be with you so good, it is the right thing to do my life has been done, what are the requirements, you went straight, I without demur, what do you say, how do i! See Yang Shenghang so serious, Chen Buyun this time also is not hypocritical, picked up his Yang Sheng line with wine: Well, young brother, let us to make an effort, to solve the material basis,, we can better application! Yes. All! Yang Shenghang held up the bottle, drink. So it is with Chen Buyun! Two people soon will be a bottle of beer finished, smiled at each other, but also quite heroic, in Chen Buyun will make plans to Yang Shenghang talk, the doorbell rang. Yang Shenghang is a Jiling, stood up, punching Chen Buyun waved with great care, close the door, the cat's eye, observe up, Chen Buyun know what Yang Shenghang meant, so I >
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