because feel dragon Yunfeng their arrival

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 14:48
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult? rumble ,~ ~ a terrible explosion force ,can be heard without end ,whole area ,ferocious somersault -- at the last moment ,with a conscience wave Hess ,should choose to suicide to end his life ,saved the sea of dreams ,and neptune .
Words from the heart ,Hess is really in love with the sea dream elegant ,otherwise also won give life to save the sea dream .Then ,the sea dream elegant already guarding halo que Sea King hid in the distance, but also releases of nearly half of the sea to protect Haicheng ,even so ,Haicheng inside the sea peoples or damaged ,a left tens of thousands of people .
While the gods they ,because feel dragon Yunfeng their arrival ,temporarily not and dragon Yunfeng war ,they had lost sight of . I want to kill them . Sea dreams Ya hate cried .
Dream elegant ,do not have to chase . A deep weak voice, Neptune opened my eyes . ,J. , sea of dreams ,a face pain cries ,humility ,if possible ,sea of dreams ,now is not to kill his hated ,but there are great hatred is not reported ,die for sea clan revenge .
This wave of Hess inverted or some conscience ,should give his life to save our . The king gave a smile ,face glowed with a bitter color . Although he died to save us ,but I will always hate him, is dead .
Sea of dreams and bitter said ,because one selfishness ,let the sea clan was a huge disaster, now in the sea of dreams ,the heart has filled a never deny guilt ,which shares the guilt and Pokhs on the very hate .
All of a sudden .Whoosh whoosh ,,~ ~ DRAGON Yunfeng they finally catch up, but to see so notorious scene ,there is a face in a daze .Because ,they are too late . How could this be .
Background to see such cruel act ,look trance ,his eyes glazed ,dare not believe seeing what they see is real . We are late ,J. , the dragon king he clenched his fists ,eyes red ,very angry .
They are gods ,but I really want to do not understand ,why they appear here . Long Yunfeng was hated said Sheepskin Cuff UGG,guilt ,if not because of the need to borrow Haizhu sea group ,not by this disaster .
From the ,dragon Yunfeng their heavy come to them before the king . The king brother ,sorry ,we are late . The Dragon King husky ,said the apology ,a ceremony . No, I don you .
The king shook his head ,face the pain . I ,I, I the family . Sea of dreams and painful cries . They have done a good thing is . Dragon Cloud air-cooled ,his hands clenched . En .
The Dragon King was nodded ,hate thick . The king ,you can rest assured ,this enemy we report set . Long Yunfeng was angry and said ,but now I find their trace of them ,presumably in the wave of Hess from the earlier escaped .
,these guys as long as it is in the waters ,that it can . Neptune cold grunted ,eyes with strong intention to kill . The king brother ,now temporarily to say these ,sea clan first handed over to us ,your injury faster recovery ,if you believe me ,I can help you .
Long Yunfeng said . Oh ,please ,brother of cloud wind . The king laughed .After that ,the Dragon Yunfeng hands will appear ,government ,directly to the king to give into the hills house repair space, within a day, we can recover recovery .
My father . Sea of dreams and cried . Rest assured ,the king brother in my artifact room safe ,can also be quickly recovered injury . Long Yunfeng grunted coldly ,his eyes tight as a pain in the sea of dream elegant look ,heavy cold and asked: the dream demons ya ,why they appear here ,it was your idea ! Well, I, I am sorry to my father ,I sea group .
Sea of dreams ,with his face in his hands ,crying ,regret, the sins cannot erase . ,then I break a promise ,this Haizhu I is not returned to you, I will personally handed the king brother .
Dragon Cloud air-cooled grunted ,for the sea of dreams ,the blind woman infatuated ,but let Long Yunfeng feel rather sick . This Haizhu was originally belonging to the family ,what qualifications I have to has a Haizhu .
Sea of dreams and shook his head . Well, this Haizhu in Neptune injury was not restored until ,by me . Long Yunfeng said dryly .Sea Dream elegant heavy head, heart and continuously in the cursed himself .
All of a sudden .An evil force ,a familiar shadow flash grazing and .Yes ,it is . Jie Jie ,dragon Yunfeng ,it is you ,but you come late ,let us enjoy so much food . Their grim laughter ,a secure to rely on .
They started up ,look back in anger with cthulhu . you dare to come here ,kill ,~ Dragon King angrily ,trying out .As everyone knows, Long Yunfeng is a hand held the angry dragon their eyes ,cold as the Baal, subtle asked : what do you have ! Cloud wind ,also with his crap do, kill him .
The Dragon King angrily exclaimed, have plenty of fight in sb. ,your mind quickly lost . Don . Dragon Yunfeng shook her head ,staring at their cold command type voice says : say ,what happened ! Ha ha ,kid ,or are you smarter than you ,the next two fools .
He gave a short laugh . Hell ,what do you say ,have to fight me UGG Boots Ultimate Tall Braid. The Dragon King Nu scold a way .Their only too lazy to ignore the Dragon King, laughing at Long Yunfeng Shen cold said: dragon Yunfeng ,I come to you in the afternoon ,after ten ,mainland China ,we understand the feelings between a war ,and that one day ,is you ! I am waiting .
Dragon Cloud air cooled back to a sound ,then a distance to a palm strength . . A sound .Their whole body explodes apart ,is to change into a wisp of smoke . ,good cunning guy ,actually is the magic body .
The Dragon King sink grunted ,is very unwilling . I have read ,but this guy to their courage ,not entirely sure UGG Kid's Roxy Short,it is absolutely not to fight against us . Long Yunfeng replied .Sea dreams perpetually angry unceasingly, is very impulsive ,relentless track: that they should not go far ,I have to go to them ! Then ,the sea dream leading to rush .
Suddenly ,the Dragon Yunfeng forcibly held the sea dream elegant Canada Goose Langford,Lengyan blow : you are not clear what ,if you find them and how, you will be their opponents ,you are guilty for your father and the sea clan ,it should well here ,protection of sea group ! I ,J.
, sea of dreams ,a wordless ,weakness ,bowed his head, painful cries: I really useless ,J. , now is not the time to say ,Cthulhu although they go ,but that doesn they have left here ,if you don let the sea monster family occupied it, just let your people back here ,because there is not particularly safe .
Long Yunfeng said seriously . No, I have not a sea monster race queen . Sea of dreams ,shook his head ,since the sea clan suffered persecution and wave Hess ,let the sea dream elegant on Kraken family dislike .
Sirens of the sea is a family belonging to the family ,do you really want to let your family all extinct sea ,you want your father to you down . Dragon cloud wind cooling channel .
Uh ,J. , sea of dreams ,was taken aback ,seems to senses ,figures show ,from the Dragon Yunfeng hands earned off ,rapid waters rushed westward direction . Brother ,Xiao ,here I am can be ,you follow her ,never let her .
Long Yunfeng prudently said . En ! The Dragon King and background should be ,i.e. after the tight with sea dream elegant off .All gone ,the Dragon Yunfeng hate to look around the floating body with broken sea clan ,hate hate to bite the bullet, who then had a divine glory light .
Spontaneously ,holy flames around, in the power of the light blessing, all bodies are for the spot ,like gems with flashing Evera UGG Shoes,throughout the waters of .White ,dragon Yunfeng angrily clenched his fists ,a cold channel : Cthulhu ,you give me a good waiting ,scores ,I must let you Yunfeng hundredfold reimbursement ,~ ,,,,,,this is sea ,somewhere in the dark domain .
Ignore it .By the three of the figure ,cold flashes . ,just a little . Yin he snorts . Damn it ,Long Yunfeng is the guy . War wind with hatred ,cold as a side of Cthulhu said: Cthulhu ,we should not go ,you so afraid that Long Yunfeng guy ! ,the Dragon Yunfeng to hole out ,presumably there was any good ,I have no chances to deal with this guy ,and not to take the risk .
Cthulhu coldly replied . Not sure, how can you and him after ten days of reservation ,it is not for us to more adverse . War wind sing . Oh ,how . Cthulhu smiled grimly ,raising the head, back against the wind said: very simple ,because I broke through ,in ten days ,I will kill that kid ! You want to break through !! War wind face .
What a strange ,for four years ,I and brother have to the bottleneck period ,these days I have to retreat ,it would break . Yin God smile ,seem to be intentionally to remind the war winds .
War wind with a dignified color, did not think of evil two God was ready to break through, while they still stay in a god of higher order .Think on this, war wind original plan is shaken .
Wanted to ,if can solve the Dragon Yunfeng and evil two God ,himself back to the divine also may have the opportunity to stand up, but now it seems ,if it is not possible .Their secretly hold eye war wind ,dark sing: war wind ,dont know your heart ,we want to Yin ,you are still far too young ,and your right to life but always hands in my hands .
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