blunt closer tartar

September 03 [Tue], 2013, 12:55
All positions; and blowing the Swan sound, this is the son of a hundred Chong and a small Buddha Lang machine volley, a lot of balls a pound or five two, and lead Mimizaza countless roared out. The army vehicle camp, seems a blaze, accompanied by, and shares from the thick white smoke. Look from Liu Zhaoji, Che Ying front and center, seem to be choking smog, smoke flavor, all the way to his nose. Liu Zhaoji looked at the front, there a large number of shield car suddenly became a scrap car, Bai Zi Chong Chong holding a lead two hundred or three hundred, ten gun is the lead two thousand or three thousand, Bai Chong is the lead twenty thousand or thirty thousand, Liu Zhaoji van camp, a total of 100 gun dozens of door, can be hung around nearly a thousand step range. Million projectile lasing away, cover plate penetrated numerous shield car, perforated leather upper, shot through the top cover of thick quilts. Porphyrin porphyrin porphyrin porphyrin, such as dense raindrops, shield car fragmentation, cotton swirling, big the big mist stirred, shield the car creeps North Face Ribbon hoplite, no military equipment, such as grass planted. Different size of lead emission into their bodies, jostle and elbow one's way in their body, their visceral abdominal fast stir him. A lot of people clutching his stomach, looked out of the small and large intestines, an inhuman yowling. The east front was a slave chaos, many casualties, Liaodong Zongbing smile on his face, his hand. The car in front of the shield were hundreds of vehicles, hundreds of vehicles, to create more sophisticated, but in the Buddha Lang machine and Bai Zi gun bombardment, at least including dozens of vehicles, the remainder is scar repeatedly. But the army artillery, lost cover Archer and push a mess, not hesitate to come up. Then Liu Zhaoji frowned, back from the thief, in sharp soldiers oppression, while his car camp was shrouded in haze, still pushing back relatively poor shield car. Screaming. Zoom into the hundred steps. Is a bit unusual slave thieves, arguably had the defeat, Liu Zhaoji is cold to hum a. Continue to command. And blow the Swan sound, the car belongs to fire a salvo of rockets, Musketeer who. The road good fowling piece, also began to prepare for battle. They camp in front of each vehicle from the vehicle, cover plate hole position, out of a bar and a bar with flash thick fowling piece. These wearing the helmet, wearing cotton a Musketeer, equally divided into three layers, and only before the party good shoot people shooting, more than two layer, all transfer and installation of child. They aim at more blunt closer tartar shield vehicle. The sweat haired under the scorching sun, the body cotton a Womens North Face Hoodie steaming steaming, clenching her cheeks. Just wait for the military command. Behind them. The size of generals are also in the roar, not commands. Not the gun, or local military disposal. Spear hand behind him, his head wrapped in thick warrior, folded napkin, wearing a short cover armour, shields the broadsword lance, be prepared to meet the challenge. Some of the flash shield car gun, Pa Pa sound, but the army is still not and ignore the tartar soldiers, most like virtual punch tempted me, actually hits is a blank. If a gun, they took the opportunity to come. Liaodong Zongbing Liu Zhaoji men, long and the contact, on their sleeve as early as well, just listen to the army military command. The voice sounded again, the Ming position Canada Goose Sale UK is a big fire, from the big smoke, gun roar loudly, some future and cover the archer chest mase A shares blood Arrow *
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