other monks in the absorption of drugs

November 06 [Tue], 2012, 10:15

> More than all the disciples,Canada Goose Snow Parka, Even Pei far few people, look to the Sun in the eyes of the season a few more suspiciously up, but no matter what, even with the suspect,Hybridge Lite Jacket Canada Goose, Pei far still feel that these disciples, do not have the guts to play on their own This head. Www! QunabEn! CoM if they can not tease yourself, why the other disciples did not encounter such a thing, several encounter it? Ponder some Pei far before the wave of a hand, said, , this, Sun Jigang he had been hanging in the heart before gradually letting sentence just Pei far, immediately letting him again, the mere mention of the discourse directly on the fierce up, but it did not say how to dispose of, and only looked ferocious Sun quarter a. sigh of relief and look to the eyes of the Peak direction, quietly more than a trace of strange, he also heard the last sentence Pei far on the quarter, Sun said, after all, several times listening to him far more than ordinary at the time The case did not go far, want to hear a clear, easy. The base period figures This time, at the beginning, Du Guanglin and sleepless nights continue, a full Then, after three or four days, when he is being control the two spirituality gas when the government could not absorb the aura, and suddenly felt With Reiki shares into the body , his original is getting sober, cool and comfortable brain, a sudden burst of dumb, seems to be something similar to mind first emerged. So with a full eighteen nine days, or he has been sleepless nights, twelve hours sleep a day, all other time in practice. Of course,Tassel UGG Boot, if you do not have in front of a few days, every day spent sixty-seven hours to transfer the value, he must also mention a few days ago, but now can stimulate know the sea, is also very good. With the ecstatic feeling, the sense of the kind of dumb mind more and more intense, in this moment, he seems to feel the original stable flow of in the House of Reiki suddenly becomes faster a lot. eye, found that he was lost to the body, being in a narrow extremely thin as air, the weird gas liquid things void filled. his ideas, flattened, curled up the stretch ...... almost meaning to the command line, those things than simply directing his hands and feet should be convenient, and quick. This is the concept of God! Stay for a while and know the sea, Du Guanglin this suddenly went back to the reality of the body in, and then to try to want that concept of God output vitro, but no matter how he tried, the concept of God who had knowledge at home and free to command are unable to expand the surface even a single cent. Side table at this time, is quietly placed the size of an Eye quintana aquamarine exudes an inexplicable fragrance pills. Condensable gas Dan! Each practitioners, first taking condensable gas Dan, can make their own concept of God to grow one meter. Almost no hesitation, Du Guanglin direct grabbed rocket condensable gas Dan eat it with the immortality of'll feel as if suddenly suddenly swallowed endless Reiki Du Guanglin just felt belly between fierce to a warm, followed by a bomb, a surge like a great river rapids like Reiki, along the nerves of his body, and go straight toward the location of the Zhong Fu Chung. At this moment, he seems to have felt the nerves to be explode like a Unit of cool, comfortable and smooth beauty, stimulating him every inch of the nerve, too big thrill, Jingsi put him uncomfortable paralysis fainted. Stiff, even if his physique is very powerful, but at this moment, he still felt from the chest and abdomen, his body at this moment, with the local stiffness and want unconscious means, and this feeling is not live outward diffusion instantly flooded his entire upper body, and spread toward the lower part of the body. Condensable gas Dan inherent aura, too large, in addition to independent outside rushing toward him in the government position, those remaining could not find a government position in the route the flow of the Reiki directly along other nervous system, the flow of his Department. With over again crazy operation repair practice law, those flows to him at the Aura only beginning to become soothing, slows down, but more and more of the aura, gathered in one, can not be stretched forward, there more aura coming from behind, just a moment, you almost want to say Du Guanglin nervous system rose burst wildly, his body surface, the expansion at Aura stranded, gradually emerged a trace of red bloodstains. Needle-like pain emanating directly from nerve, that kind of pain, was more direct, more terrible, and good Duguang Lin has far more than ordinary physical endurance are also ordinary people several times, so life and withstand The kind of pain, running exercises to speed up the popular the Reiki speed of the House position, Reiki fewer With immortality release the pain of his body, and gradually began to mitigate the trend ... In fact, Du Guanglin not know He is creating a miracle. That is, let the aura of immortality trace of wear and tear, all containment in the body, all absorbed. Simply put, this means that he is a hundred percent digestion a condensable gas Dan efficacy,Bailey Fancy UGG Boots. While this process, so that he almost every pain could not help but cry out, and he, after all, hold back. For the others, if not huge endurance, simply can not tolerate such a severe pain, after all, the pain is all stimulate the nervous system than outside the body but also to more serious injuries, while the human nervous system than the real outer body are also more fragile. The other monks in the absorption of drugs of the condensable gas Dan impossible all Reiki trapped in the body can only control a large number of the aura input in House side, while watched part of the aura flooded the body, either through their own spiritual gas government, out of the body, or will settle in the nerve line throughout the whole body, temporarily unable to mobilize. This is the potency loss monks often said, precipitation and pharmacodynamics example, a person eating an immortality, not always the whole immortality efficacy all play each other's body will be gradually storage from the enormous spiritual power, only practicing with the accumulated gradually, step by step of those herbs developed. This process, whether it is the loss of more precipitation on the number based on the the personal spirituality gas House set the. The more the spirituality gas House, lost more, it would be a balance, the high spirituality gas House, usually practicing speed, then its absorption immortality, can get the aura will be less ... these things gradually monks groups, formed an irresistible fact, but one would have thought, would really to someone abruptly endured the immortality effectiveness attack, that is a huge pain, trapped in all Reiki nervous online, better absorb all! to the in vitro proliferation. Just a moment, not really strong, but such the arm command of the God read directly from his knowledge at home and excited, enveloped within a radius of two meters. (Ps: thanks to the following book club a reward, the nether as snow, the contentment √ wait, Beigushan, book club 100,414,105,409,730, Spark residual rhyme. Another point is that today there will be twelve thousand updated chapters, tentative 0:01 Chapter twelve one chapter, one past six p.m. chapter, chapter one past ten p.m.. Khan died the students too strong, cast a total of 19 chapters updated ticket direction swallowed ... hanbelindin, direction from the original book mad, nether snow, wild, four students, victims this afternoon, has been busy ten p.m., resentment birds to super immediately shelves, and the last time we crazy collection recommend it!) (ps: books recommended by a brother, hunting enemy! a name is a very domineering novel, dealing with the enemy, the cruel hunting, quack, if you like you can take a look ~) [quanbenid = 1519230, quanbenname =
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