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"Gonzo - Gonzo -" tribal thorn in firewood cheering, that called Gonzo warriors, armed with a special longbow, dismounted. His upright, chin held high, staring deep blue sky. After its slowly back, sidelong around and marched to the field. Gonzo will readily throw machetes waist, shank half on the grass 'buzz' quiver. His strong arm waving, bow to the front, Yu Jian remove a three feet long, light rough ride in the bow on top of the little finger. Overlooking a three hundred paces outside the shield, Gonzo arms force, stature sank, the pace of the anterior arch, suddenly shouted: "Open -" 'crunch' sound, open bow moon. "Boom -" soon chord ring, arrows 'whoosh' sound not disappeared, everyone held their breath between, I saw the distant shield issue 'wins -' sound muffled. Distant visible arrows through the shield, and I potential is not reduced, plunged into Shiyu Zhang grass. "Gonzo Marksman - Marksman Gonzo -" Kazuma Changsi, deafening cries loudly sky. Cai thorn tribal people, excitement. Cai Wu children not endured shoulder pain, grinning strange smile. Looking across Saada tribes into the silence of death, his heart with unspeakable fun. Gonzo is a shot finished, sunken eyes, the conceal complacency. He strode Sazha children the wrong side, ruthless spat. Apprenticed himself since childhood, a martial arts master in the arena above can be considered, along with early acquisition of skilled archery, this piece of grassland, the fear is hard to find a rival. Unusual prairie man, why do their opponents with it Sazha children the wrong face flushed, unspeakable humiliation, so he grabbed the machete arm trembled. Burning anger in his heart, can be in the hands of the bow, but not for himself deep scrubbing shame ah head hanging down, vivacious creaky, Sazha children silently wrong turn, come from in front of Sakha, 'plop' kneeling next. Tall man, the heart in tears. Serbs face of distress, they themselves are powerless. At this moment, if Edie let him die, he will not hesitate to draw machete, cut off his head, to redeem their sins. Looked prostrate brother, Sa Muli child biting his lips, tears have been shed as stream-like cheeks. Saha watching Sazha children North Face Outlet Sale wrong, my heart burst of pulling pain. Horsewhip 'shabu' under the command, but landed softly on his son's body. His low shouted: "Get up prairie man to win since it can afford to lose. Is dead, we must stand up for me," "Haha, no suspense ah, the second is my stab home win Chai" Chai stab home firewood wrong elders, proudly ran the farm. "The third field, or my family's Gonzo firewood thorn warriors played Haha Sada family, or obediently lose them saying goes, valor also know, Gonzo's Marksman, it is difficult on the prairie seeking rival and I see this a test, this end of it, you wait obediently concede Well, how ah? "firewood wrong verbal banter, it can do its ridicule. Saha heart covered with gloom, but sternly rebuke: "Dudou not over yet, not yet decided the final winner, you laugh firewood stab home too early it" "Well then please come out of the Sada family of warriors fight it However, do not let my family warriors such a long time, a stick of incense time limit. within this hour, if nobody fight, that I stabbed home win Chai "Chai wrong tree sneer a cry, the horse ran back. Field only that Gonzo, handheld longbow, head to heaven, the mighty. "Long Road, Sardar tribal Weiyi Thus, as a foreigner, you and I want to get out in the next few thousand cavalry, Nana" court case falls Lin's eyes, he said thoughtfully. Cai thorn tribal possession really dark hands. Poses as a marriage as a pretext to launch an attack, took the opportunity soldiers arrives, forcing the other to be under gambling regulations; thereafter so brave invincible Gonzo go into action, a stone's throw clincher; eventually, without firing a shot swallow Sardar tribes. Its counsel of deep, very hard to detect. As for the Bodhisattva Men's North Face Ski children Shu, but this game in a pawn. Looked at the arrogant Gonzo, really Motoko some frustration, said: "This is not just a contest, I'll wait for his party, who would not pull out Longbow it goes? May bow one, rivers and lakes of the few people are accustomed, but opened the bow, arrows command a quasi-head face difficulties in Sa'ada tribe, even though I waited determined to help, was powerless ah "" Meng elders have this ability too? "Lin asked, curious. "It - it may, I have to ask it, so we can not give up on the" real Motoko leave the carriage, and went to the office of Monsanto. True Motoko not come back, I'm one from their conversation, know everything. Shader a difficult crowd could not be opened longbow, also shot three hundred paces outside the shield, no one can do that. Even Bangladesh elders, also smile shaking his head. A stick of incense efforts soon depleted, Saha cheeky bitter. Family warriors are everybody know too much, Saha did not give up, or return to the tribe, and careful inquiry again. Women's North Face Denali Clearance The result is still no one can hit three hundred paces distant shield. Not only that, Sada family hard bow, but also can shoot the best one hundred fifty sixty paces. Able to participate in the next game than shooting, and people do not, nor bow, Sardar tribal people, all listless, one face with a sad, quiet waiting for the arrival of the last moment. Under Si Pin, for fear that the whole family destruction, and finally even the family of women and children were not spared. Surrender, do firewood thorn tribal slaves, life might be able to stay too, but would like hounds from being tied down his neck, fancy driving whips, sons and Sunyong Shi can not stand up. "Meng elders, I went to try it," I'm a Cunsi long time, still found Monsanto. Motoko Mouguang one side of the true light, the heart, brats, ordered me asking questions, and eventually jumped out himself. However, a good young line Xia Yi, Road I like it. "You are sure to win you? You know, win or lose Sa'ada tribe, relating to the operation of their own number. Intervene after the other, or if I lose, this is not difficult to get away so simple, you may want a good" Meng Shan Lin looked quite surprised, thought, or said so. "Lin has always been a mountain, on the hunt very familiar with the road, as archers do, not strange, not to mention the next claim the handle brute force, to help people to help themselves, the total can not be wrong." Face Dragon faction disciples eyes suspiciously, Lin a look unchanged. Even some strange bows, crossbows do not also do little practiced a few days, time being so to say. Motoko really seize the opportunity, said: "Meng elders, this bow and arrow, I mused bad this road and since I'm a have this play, and let him go to try it alone, Cai stab home simply ignore you my life and death, If you want to avoid the ravages of the few thousand cavalry, this may be a sure way. "Monsanto Ancun long time, he stared deeply Lin, slowly nodded and said:" You go, to try "Lin a spare the face efforts should be respectful, turned and walked to the field. "Edie, we'll just lose it?" Sa Muli child language, choking, face is unwilling unwilling to look. The Ukrainian side was powerless to guess. Although a skilled archer childhood can be the target of three hundred paces away, that he did not suffer internal injuries before the full under the hands of the bow can not shoot under those firms so far ah, still could not save Sa'ada tribe crisis, watching Sa Muli children sad look, black guess my heart throbbing. "Well -" Saha sighed. He remembered his father at stake, there is this inexplicable Dudou, and seeing it is difficult to reverse the defeat. Did not think, at the foot of this piece of pasture ancestors passed down, we should have lost from their own hands. While weak tired in my heart, so his prime Sakha, also can not help but immediately jolt body. "Bale, I left this piece of Sa'ada home pasture bars. Vast grasslands, there is always a place to be able to feed my family's tribe Sa'ada Even the grass is gone, but also do not let the tribe firewood thorn house slaves I want to take the tribe, raised his machete, out of the beast's minions, to the depths of grasslands to find a new world. "sorrowful mood Saha Jiang Yi, Chen Sheng and Sa Sa Muli children wrong tie children, said: "Get back, so prepare migratory tribe, we want to leave this piece of pasture", "Edie, they are willing to do?" Sazha children wrong with Youse said. "Well lost pasture, is to be a gambling regulations. Hold tight if Cai stab home, the whole family is the family of a fight. Nobody can block the flying horse, no one can stand in my fight to the death before the trip home in Sa'ada footsteps, "Saha voice heavy and powerful. At the moment, for the tribe, he had to stand tall. "This contest, winning or losing does not yet decided" Wensheng, Saha, who looked surprised - came to be a young man dressed in a gray robe, seventeen-year-old look, knife eyebrow as ink, head if Morningstar , cool and bright with a hint of a smile on the face, a black casual rope in the back, waist hung a delicate hyacinth. As sauntered general, who saddled his hands, look relaxed in casual with a bit random. Saha recognize Denon camp, to those who do not know what meaning, sometimes bad openings. Lin smiled and nodded hello Chong Wu guess, fishes Saha said: "The third field Dudou, so I'll try, okay?" Saha stunned a public occasion, incredible watching this young people. Nobody thought in despair, willing shot Xiangbang, turned out to be a passing stranger. Saha busy dismounted, overjoyed and said: "Little brother may have of winning? No, no, I mean, of course," impatient under Saha, incoherent. Since it was early for themselves, but also how can it make improper suspicion for prairie people, this is a rude manners. Brothers and friends, is used to trust. Since some people fight, than humiliating defeat. Saha face apology, Lin seen as no. He nodded, turning to his long time that proudly walked Gonzo. Only a few steps away, Lin and self-deprecating smile shaking his head, stopped, looking back on Saha said: "The best hard Saada tribes bow fetch"
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