Coupled with the sudden death of his father and then give my heart

February 28 [Fri], 2014, 18:29
Please remember to camera, I specifically asked for our winery Audi came back I was sitting in the back, has been put Haas in his arms. Agricultural Bureau of the day, I have a lot of time to engage in creative photography. So finally I bought a Canon 60D, a lot of money professional camera, but the camera used to sell people say, between professional and non-professional range of this camera is. But I think, since it is so, is not it better reflect the photographic technique. So when I went to Tibet to experience the good intentions of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is with this Canon 60D, on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, I left almost nearly of photos, many photos in my sleep for that treasures. Worth my memory forever. Last year I went to the Northwest, especially in an oasis in the Gobi Desert, I own a Canon 60D, do not expect a lot of minds among all melt into the screen. But in Dunhuang, in Crescent Lake side,burberry ties I did want to shoot a big desert glamor photos show life. However, due to the limitations of the camera, pictures are not satisfied with out my flat. That is, from that moment, I am eager to buy a better level camera. last November, his father suddenly ill in hospital, I accompanied his father in the hospital when his father said to my mind. At that time his father did not say anything.

Coupled with the sudden death of his father and then give my heart to leave an indelible shadow. But not long after, the mother suddenly called me to her side, said his father died when temporary stay, saying let me buy a professional camera, money to dig him. I did not even know what to say. But to his father's wish, for my love of photography, I agreed. Just recently, my mother went to the provincial capital at the weekend, I was thinking about buying a professional camera on it. Many years, and this is my one wish, did not expect to walk when his father thought his son's surprising that wish. I decided to buy a Canon 5D3 camera. Last summer when I read, but I asked the price I backed out, not the lens, the light body on more than twenty thousand dollars of it. But this time the mood is different, not the same confidence. Find a friend to Canon introduced a store, they let the price to a minimum, have recommended I buy a 24-300 zoom lens is. Such price down forty-six thousand. Although when I went to the ambitious, you can listen to this price hesitated. Finally, a call to his mother, his burberry shoes women mother said, as long as like to buy it, when is vow to his father. I bite the bullet and bought it. This is my first time I have one of their own professional camera. Xi'an plans this weekend to buy a tripod.
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