and Ji Tianming just opened

August 27 [Tue], 2013, 18:33
; () 'Ren Fei' departure, the mountain appears here was a short silence, then, here seems raged. What is this person who actually so vital, blink of an eye stole someone else's martial art, but also the strength of the town overwhelmingly to kill the opponent, this is a shaking of the information! Yes ah, that person will not get the legendary Wu Sheng Heart Sutra, you can steal weapons technology? Nonsense, even Wu Sheng Heart Sutra, it is impossible to learn such a short time! Heard people talk again and again, looking at the safety record Qiyun and chubby, eyes unstoppable horror, eyes being more expressed many doubts. Hey, we do not know how else to fly either! Qiyun looked chubby, sigh loudly said. Dick grew up with me, I do not know this is how! Chubby face exposed worry, is not just any fly fly any of his familiar, like a devil, a very strange man. See Qiyun and chubby exposed worry, Ji An analysis help calm them, after a moment and said, perhaps to exercise our powers to fly out of any trouble, possessed by the devil, so strength surge, but ...... so one hears Ji said Ann , Qiyun and chubby look bleak could not help thinking that Ren Fei really possessed by the devil. But hear back 'but' word, they could not help the eyes converge on the discipline Ann who want to listen to reason. If it is possessed by the devil, then either fly categorically impossible to steal someone else's lapse learn martial art, so I think any of the fly is not possessed by the devil, but into a mysterious mood. Ji An explanation said, gently Yi Tan after he said, however, mood, mysterious and Metaphysics, I can not explain the principle. Pensive moment, Qiyun and chubby face alleviate a lot of fears, but also feel safe to say unreasonable discipline. A chase an escape, and soon, they turned around from the mountain out of the sword Villa! Ji Tianming realm Dzogchen itself is rigid, while Ren Feigang into rigid state, even if it has the Canada Goose Camp Hoody Women power of the mysterious runes blessing of a sudden, the distance between the two can not be quickly narrowed. Gradually, Ren Fei began to recover Qingming, just happened after he lost consciousness, but deeply imprinted in the brain, as if that is their own personal experience in general, very strange. Hearts surprised, Ren Fei did not expect to actually get three kinds of weird so immensely powerful martial art, but also can steal the mysterious ability to learn from others. However, while Ren Fei Ji Tianming chase, while pushing steal turn phoenix, they find themselves still unable to complete this trick, it seems that heat is not enough, let his mind suspicions uncertain. Just now, he lost consciousness, can instantly steal other people's martial art, even after recovery sober know how to do, but it takes a lot of time to exercise, and finally a real master. Do not want to fly any more, know that everything minds mysterious runes reasons, although we do not know, maybe be able to find answers. The accident got three powerful martial art, he was flying hearts delight, but also rethinking how to go about the aftermath? This time he was in front of his disciples and many entry Qiyun, chubby and Ji An, Ho surname instantly stole three martial Warrior, will inevitably cause a great sensation. Could mysterious runes imprinted verse is under Wu Sheng Heart Sutra? Ren Fei secretly guessed, just now, when he left the mountain, although there is no consciousness, but at the time of the 'own' although separated very far, but still heard some people talking about whether he has weapons Sacred Heart Sutra. It seems to be an issue in this regard, vague past job! Flying hearts set any attention, whether to mind is not Wu Sheng heart, he decided to dedicate swords Hills, in order to shelter! Men are innocent, pregnant bi incrimination! He could not hide it, only by doing so, he was able to ensure that he will not be someone else in the dark hand of the day! But he dedicated a sword Hills Heart Sutra, swords Villa certainly protective measures. Of course, he will not take the initiative to find swords Hills Presbyterian, but believe that these elders get him back a message, is sure summoned him, coercion! Hey, do not be in vain Montebello Parka CG55 Women Sale cheap swords Hills, was mixed with the following benefits! Ren Fei calculating mind up, there are two swords Hill top martial art, each of which is comparable to the grief hand, Nian Hua refers to the hustle and bustle! One kind of martial art is cast fencing, one is the Sword surgery, Ren Fei naturally want to North Face Outlet Sale return to the Sword surgery. Technology itself is not pressure! And grief hand, Nian Hua refers Longtenghuyue has no hidden xing, and if we can get two swords martial Hills, there are enough hidden tool that can be used as the killer! At the moment, Ji Tianming heart is very frightened, like wounded tiger in the forest among the rush, when he wanted to have such a strange unknown Bai Renfei ability. Since there is such a capability, why is he just cast frauds by swapping only superfluous? Is this calculation are either fly? Ji Tianming more convinced that is the case, but this time he was only embarrassing escape, fly eyes emerge at any strange evil spirits, he felt a deep fear, just like an ordinary person met the emperor in general, life and death can not be controlled. After half an hour, Ji Tianming feel behind Ren Fei breath gradually weakened, originally as a mountain-like pressure gradually dissipated, allowing up his mind bewildered. Does he have just entered a mysterious mood, so their strength short skyrocketing? Moments later, Ji Tianming mind bewildered surpassed, he felt Ren Fei and his distance actually slowly widening. Is he now is a paper tiger? Anti kill him? Ji Tianming secretly guess, then shook his head, lest his trick! If I fight, I am afraid the town killed by his backhand room! Ji Tianming been too frightened, but Ren Fei has stole the Compassionate hand, Nian Hua refers to the hustle and bustle, even if the fly without any increase in the strength of the mysterious mood, I am afraid the final result of the tragic death of his only! Restrain the impulse to live in the hearts, Ji Tianming several prance again, completely disappeared in the line of sight of any fly. Ren Yi Tan Fei shook his head, he felt, and Ji Tianming just opened the distance, they take the initiative to slow down a little speed, so Ji Tianming think he has begun to force failure, luring Ji Tianming turned back, and then fight Ji Tianming. Just to speed with Ji Tianming flat, gradually draw closer, entirely on the mysterious character of the effect is not completely dissipated, at the moment, mysterious force has finally dissipated, and let fly any kind of feeling of falling from the clouds, but also to fly on any strong forces become more eager. There are mysterious forces Rune blessing himself, his self-confidence to challenge Neijin realm Warrior! Because the breath concluded that he had just been and cold breath Star Sword when ri sight Haicheng Sarkozy government appeared almost the same time! This is also the number of strokes he just could kill any name change within Musha causes. Sit cross-legged down, Ren Fei breath slowly conditioning a bit, then turn swords Hills. All the way off, the chase Ji Tianming actually chase out hundreds of breath, let Ren Fei Ji Tianming's strength on again with a little knowledge. I'm afraid Ji Tianming has half a leg raise gas entered the realm! Otherwise, not so deep breath! Ren Fei heart Antan heard. Suddenly, he was flying paused stature, body as the Wildcats sockets in the trees, eyes flashing up, he saw an enemy.
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