Implicate economy to slow down again drive low price the supplier Nian press Lee Man hand bag profits slump

November 18 [Fri], 2016, 14:55

global economy recession, but Hong Kong's retailing a city way is also miserably thin.Is Puma to wait the hand bag supplier Lee of exercising the brand Man, announce a wealth report recently, also displayed the circumstance of profits slump.However, not only only because the economy slows down.

Lee Man is the hand bag that Puma waits to exercise brand supplier

according to know, up to 2015 of December 31, 2015 wealth year inside, company the net profit is smooth for hk$10,013,000, on the contrast one wealth the year tumble 70.01%, 2014 net profit of wealth years are smooth for hk$33,393,000.This fall than the early warning of 60% falls of market expectation wants Gao De Duo far and far.To the reason of hundred million this datas, group means, is in order to coming from Vietnam and the production company's price war of Philippines etc. nation, make the group order damaged, add of the local labor cost continuously soars and makes the cost of group more heavy.

for resisting a price war, Lee Man means, have already spent at the end of 2015 USD 12,000,000 sets up factory in Burma, the plan will be able to formally throw in an use at the end of this year.