money is not the most important

October 26 [Fri], 2012, 11:18
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Igor was a bit of a shock ,he thought Ye Shaofeng was too give less ,but the second part of the sentence but Ye Shaofeng said ,give him a billion won if ,if feel a million are less so ,that this man is not a small .
www businessman ,is to maintain their own economic interests ,Mr. Igor gives ten million ,is already be fully prepared to ,if Ye Shaofeng really offer a billion more than words ,that the transaction ,not less .
Mr. Igor is very careful look at the leaves Shaofeng ,asked : it to Mr. mean ,you have a look ,how much money is appropriate? This is not a question of money . Ye Shaofeng waved ,and said .
, is not about the money ?Then what ? According to Mr. Igor ,in this world, only the money problem ,if there is no money problems ,it seems that it was all the everything will be fine .
Ye Shaofeng laughed ,and said : I don want you anything ,also does not want to follow you, Igor group behind the buttocks .Therefore ,those shares ,I do not want ,you give me pay ,I also do not have a penny .
However ,Mr. Igor ,you must know ,in order to eradicate the Qiao ,we long to pay how much ?I of his brothers died six ,injured a dozen ,too many to count on our minor injuries ,dragon ,resulting in very large trauma ,these losses ,by a few money can make up ?I help you ,is to look at the Igor for Lan Qin ,I leave now, also see Igor Lan Qin .
I just want you to know, this world, many things UGG Lo Pro Denim Jacquard,not only in terms of money . Then ,Ye Shaofeng too .Luo Tian joined by rose from his seat . Mr. Igor hospitality ,now it is late ,I will not bother ,you have a good rest, to Qin Lanyi sound ,I go ,anything, call me .
Ye Shaofeng said ,with Luo Tian head do not back out of the villa .Just before Ye Shaofeng is about to get on the bus leave, villa door suddenly opened ,nine sister to forget about one ran out ,ran and shouted : little little brother Feng ,Feng brother ,you don if you go ,I will go with you ! Lan Qin ,you come back ! Mrs.
Igor in the back tension . ,a human are not, I don the family together !For his friend ,you like through the money to play go ,you still have the human nature !Igor pharmaceutical ,without leaf Shaofeng ,without their dragon ,now would fall into the hands of others ,and you, are still in Xinjiang from exile !If a treason and heresy ,was born in your family like this ,I really feel ashamed ! Then, have also got into Ye Shaofeng .
Ye Shaofeng hesitated ,or foot on the accelerator pedal on ,the car was gone .Left is Mr. and Mrs. Igor in two individuals ,puzzle eyes ,they may not know ,the daughter away from home ,is really go away, take this, do not know what year will come back .
Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Igor are not aware of these ,maybe they just thinks that her daughter is in the temper ,playing patience ,however ,time will indicate to them all the time ,also can let Igor know ,in this world, money is not the most important ,money is not be equal to anything ,but ,time will prove to him Canada Goose Mystique Parka,leaves Shaofeng ,he did not think of it as a simple ,if he knows the future prospects for the development of the words of Ye Shaofeng ,surely today ,he would never make such foolish things .
Back to Ye Shaofeng villa .Is that the international school expert apartment area as Ye Shaofeng prepared a small villa ,the two floor ,there is a small garden ,although the area is not big, it home ,but very delicate ,but ,live inside the school ,is still relatively quiet .
Luo Tian and sister nine the two girls were temporarily lived in Ye Shaofeng villas ,two girls lives on the two floor ,Ye Shaofeng himself lived in a building .Ye Shaofeng like a brother .
He and the two girls in the relationship between .Luo Tian was said to be the hotel to keep dry ,but Ye Shaofeng said no ,don go back to the hotel ,Beijing office subordinate ,doing in there for a long time, are in the others do ,as well as get their own enterprises ,to do their own .
So what company ?Not recommended to do medicine ,first of all ,he knows that people are more ,and, by their family name ,you can run a lot of network ,the network of relationships ,may be more likely to become their customers .
Ye Shaofeng smiled and said : it is not with your dad get business to do . Rescue grab chant, he is he ,I am I ,I can be developed, we also considered the Igor family glory ,we the Igor family if my dad who led the way, will become a ruthless business .
Nine sister is not old, talk is quite reasonable ,Luo Tian is endorsed ,nodded ,and said: originally from the hotel to be entered into the Igor industry ,did not think of ,inside a few days ,Feng brother put the give back ,they should we play the big door ,such work ,really is very authentic ,if have been in this business philosophy to do business, the future development of enterprises ,is very worrying .
Ye Shaofeng said : what other service that is another thing, we have no right to comment on others behind ,do good own can .As to do the same thing ,when I saw a very reliable things ,the things you will do it, all planned out North Face Boots,give me a detailed plan, if I see the right words ,how much money you need, I give you the investment .
Although I am not rich ,but say ,investment builds a plant ,run run ,the back door do this kind of thing ,I can for your service ,you two go dry . Never thought of ,have no relevance to the two person ,walk together, Luo Tian and nine sister was a combination ,is often Miaoke North Face Down Vest Sale,Tang Jiaqian and Yao Xueqi three people would tie together ,because they are a man walk together, the light from this perspective ,could be demonstrated ,Ye Shaofeng not only can guide the man ,also can control the woman UGG Amelie,Ye Shaofeng ,like ,everything is so easy .
.. ... The remaining chapters in daytime update .The 63945758 brothers ,thanks to cover buckle large chapter ,good, the Diaoyu Islands are chinese !Hope brothers ,a chapter of the buckle chapter ,you donate every penny, perhaps will become the future battlefield vital a .
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