Manchester City 40 million want to kill the package before 2 stars wear handsome confirmed the first to leave the world.

July 26 [Sun], 2015, 17:16
"The Sun" screenshots shortly after taking office, now boasts Pellegrini Manchester City already has a top team, but yesterday he coached the first game, the Blue Moon, but lost to South Africa 2-0 in the Super Sport United, Manchester City this war fully exposed the biggest problem, and that is not to force the striker .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap football jerseys 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let's continue talking about england football news.. After the race, Pei Shuai was forced to accept the reality, he said his team also need to continue to spend money on people. Chilean engineer, said: "It is difficult to determine the exact date, but before the end of July and so on, I think the team will be new faces soon we are trying to transfer the operation of several players, although we are not particularly urgent, but the truth also. obvious that we still need to buy twenty-three or more players. team has a strong lineup is very important, and I believe we will have the first game is very important, because this game but we, affect the team throughout the pre-season training program. In some cases, winning is not the most critical, it is important that the team can run -. "Currently, Aguero has not yet joined the team, which makes Pellegrini only He can come only hand in the super sports associated with the game striker Dzeko act as a single arrow, but the Bosnian people can not help the team to save the day. According to the latest developments in the transfer market, Manchester City and Negredo of Sevilla and Vidic Florence very close, "The Sun" is reported that the two men hope Pellegrini buyout, before leaving the team to replace Balotelli and Carlos Tevez. The newspaper analysis said the Manchester City if you want to pack Negredo and Vidic, at least to pay 40 million pounds transfer fee. Manchester flights arrived in South Africa, people did not see Maicon figure. In this regard, Pellegrini made it clear that the reason did not bring Brazilians to participate in pre-season training, he will definitely leave: "Maicon did not attend pre-season training, and the new season, he would not have the players to Manchester City Identity leave. "Last summer's transfer deadline, Maicon in the price of 3.5 million pounds came from Inter Milan to Manchester City, but his disappointing performance throughout the season, the team played only 13 times, and the remaining time either sidelined with injuries, either because of the poor state of being shelved. Next week, Maicon will spend his 32 birthday, Rome has now offer 4 million pounds buy, but he is also very likely to return to Serie A.