Demo laser pointer can cause blindness

January 28 [Wed], 2015, 16:39

Recent media reports, Xi'an, a newborn boy more than a month because of the bath of love staring at Yuba see, two months after being identified blindness due to the Department by the light stimulation caused "macular degeneration blindness."
Once the event broke, triggering hot, many users message exclaimed, "horrible", "horrible", some users criticized the parents 'negligence', actor Mai Li shared parenting experience: "Can not open the flash to take pictures of the baby the family can not open the glare of lights, use the back cover when the mother bathing Yuba lighting bathes the children, there are other kids looked up to find the old teasing lamp lights, this is common sense! "
Professor Bai Ji, deputy director of Ophthalmology, Daping Hospital, said the baby macular area until about four years before fully developed, and therefore more susceptible to light damage. Life flash, fluorescent lamps, Yuba lights, laser, and many other sources will impact on the child's vision. burning laser pointers for sale
Professor Bai said Yuba launch the high-energy blue light that can pass through the cornea and contact lens to the retina, and children can not effectively filter blue lens, excessive blue light will burn the retina, visual damage cells, retinal spot. purple laser pointer
Professor Bai reminder, the same way, using the laser pointer demo also affect the child's vision, especially red. After the red light penetrates the cornea and lens, can reach the retina, because the child can not filter the red lens, prolonged exposure to the eyes, once red, will burn the retina, retinal macula, the children see things, there will be shadows, cause temporary blindness eyes. purple laser pointers