Hear say man dropped his eyes thoughtfully commoner up

March 08 [Tue], 2011, 16:04
Study the masters - a sick old man sounded extremely positive dress sitting on his desk sat a few years ago behind him lying on the one axis of the gas flowing into the calligraphy, see the majestic for; not far from his sitting in an armchair on the shirt of the man that Huiyi crude twenty-seven-year-old man, who clean and simple the whole scene seems to come down in shabby but no trace of humble. Jian Mei dashing his eyes but see if the mountains and elegant nose, thin lips and Xiu-Qing Qi Managing the whole person actually has an indescribable jade dim luster.

Touch of red sunset setting sun shines through the open window of light the man's face carved this face, although there are a pair of pale if the death was somewhat chaotic and very wise eyes that moment they are cheerful hope condensate queue man in front of the commoner.

Commoner man sitting calmly elegant and high-grade Longjing Tea with excellent listening to each other's head urge him slightly Yizheng a sword if the tea will pick Dan Xiao Yang opened it as a low voice words: Mr. kidding!

I do not know a terrible cup of tea or the tea more Qinglie him ever since he entered the study in that kind of fragrance will be diluted if it seems to be no room in the medicine once they smell the study with the frozen to a wave of freshness.

Straight-backed chair leaning against the old man did not answer a flurry of violent coughing again the degree of whining that the commoner severe men convergence to make the smile.

Can not think of a few years but not actually sick so much, Mr.! Very surprised, he said.

Is the old lady is the eve of life was not guaranteed! The old man stopped a long time before wiping out a cough smile: So this is definitely not child's play Chung-jen, how could it not Qingfeideyi old lady came all the way to entrust you find!

Hear say man dropped his eyes thoughtfully commoner up.

Some anxious to say the old man how to say what they think they are wrong helpless sigh, said: Naturally, I am aware of such a request is somewhat difficult one, but I

He said no less than another few times, then could not stop choking cough ear to ear as long as a radical who would cough but he knows not what the Jiaoren by the hurried rush to grab his cup on the desktop to Hekou Cha Wet your hair a lot and found the throat of his mouth water does not drink tea have been left.
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