How Long Does It Take to Do Five Sit-Ups?

July 05 [Tue], 2016, 18:19

To do a standard situp, bend your knees into a 90-degree angle while lying on the floor. Place your feet together, or, nike pegasus if you feel more comfortable, they can be as much as a foot apart. Have a friend hold your feet or secure them under a low couch or chair. Bend your elbows and lace your fingers together, placing them behind your head. Tighten your stomach muscles and bring your torso to a seated position. Never slam back down after a sit up, as this can cause irreversible spinal damage.

Rest Time

Instead of focusing on how long it takes to do all five situps, try to minimize the amount of rest time in between each set. For instance, if it takes you five minutes to do five situps but you rest nearly a minute in between each one, you aren’t getting as good of a workout as if you do all five within a minute and then rest for four minutes. The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy recommends no more than 60 seconds of rest between repetitions.

Timed Situps

If you want to increase the speed of your situps, take the advice of the United States Army and see how many you can do in two minutes. While the Army may consider 21 situps in two minutes the lowest allowed for soldiers, nike air max 2015 start by seeing if you can do five in that time frame if you are new to the exercise and out of shape.


Five situps at a time is reasonable place to begin if you are just starting to get fit. Do a minimum of five repetitions per set to see an increase your muscle endurance. Once you have mastered five situps in a row, nike air presto the Daily Mail recommends trying for 15 at a time. Exceeding 30 without rest, however, can lead to sloppy technique and injury.

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