clothing fabric composition ken griffey jr shoes is burning them

July 14 [Sat], 2012, 12:42

The easy way to identify clothing fabric composition ken griffey jr shoes is burning them. Contains the yarn of the warp and weft of the cloth in the pumping of the clothing seam at the edge of a ray of fire will ignite, observe the state of the combustion flame, Wen cloth yarn burning odor, look combustion residues, in order to determine are consistent with the fabric content label in the garment durability label to identify the authenticity of the fabric component. A cotton fiber and cotton fiber of the hemp fiber and hemp fiber are just near the flame that is burning, burning quickly, yellow flame, take the blue smoke. The difference between the two ashes after burning odor and burning cotton of burning paper smell, Ma ash smell of burning; combustion very little powder ashes, cotton was black or gray, hemp is to produce a small amount of white powder ashes. Second, the wool fiber and silk hair in a fire, smoke, burning blistering, burning slow, distributing coke smell of burning hair, after burning ashes mostly shiny black spherical particles, and finger pressure that is broken. Shrunk to groups like silk in a fire, burning slow, accompanied by the hiss, emit hair fever burnt smell, form a dark brown spherical ashes after burning, hand twist that is broken. Nylon and polyester nylon scientific name of polyamide fibers, near the flame that quickly huddled to melt into a women griffey shoes white jelly, melt in the flames burning dripping and foaming combustion flame, leave the flame is hard to continue to burn, emitting a celery flavor, after cooling, light brown melt is not easy to crush. Polyester scientific name of polyester fiber, easy to ignite near flame melting shrinkage, edge melting combustion side of black smoke and yellow flame, emitting a fragrant odor, ashes after burning dark brown lumps with your fingers to crush. Fourth, the scientific name of the acrylic and polypropylene acrylic polyacrylonitrile fiber, near the fire to soften the melting shrinkage, black smoke after the fire, the flame is white, quickly burning away from the flames. exudes the bitter smell of burned flesh, ashes after burning irregular black lumps, hand twist fragile. PP generic polypropylene fiber, near the flame that is, melting shrinkage, flammable, away from the fire burning slowly and black smoke, flame top of the yellow, the bottom blue, emitting the oil smell after burning ashes, hard and round light yellow-brown particles, easy to hand twist broken. , Polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl chloride polyvinyl alcohol scientific name polyvinyl alcohol Formaldehyde fiber, difficult to ignite near flame melt shrink, burning the top flame until the fibers are melt into jelly flame larger, thick black smoke, emitting the odor of bitter incense, small black bead-like particles left after burning, finger crushed. Generic polyvinyl chloride fibers, polyvinyl chloride, difficult combustion from the fire is extinguished, the flame is yellow, the bottom green white smoke, emitting a pungent pungent spicy sour after combustion ashes irregular lumps of dark brown, the finger is not easy to crush. Scientific name, spandex with Teflon spandex polyurethane fiber, near the fire and melt the edge burning blue flame burning, leaving the fire continues to melt fuel exudes a special pungent odor, combustion ashes soft fluffy black and gray. The scientific name of Teflon PTFE fiber, ISO organization called fluorite fiber near the flame only melt, difficult to ignite, does not burn the edge of the flame was blue-green carbonization, melting and decomposition of toxic gases, melt the hard and round black beads. Teflon fibers in the textile industry in the manufacture of high-performance sewing thread. , Viscose and cuprammonium fibers of viscose fiber inflammable, burning fast, yellow flame, emitting a burning nike air foamposite one paper smell, little ashes after burning was smooth distorted strip of light gray or off-white fine powder. Cuprammonium fiber common name Tiger kapok, near the flame is burning, burning speed, flame yellow, distribute ester sour, after burning ashes rarely, only a small amount of gray and black ash.

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