2006年07月31日(月) 0時24分
Sometimes you need to think about things so hard that it hurts, most of the time you run from doing this necessary process.

When it does happen though, it is for the best. A mind is fragile and can only take so much pain and stress without reasoning. A strong mind is one that can analyse and accept the good AND the bad to cope with everything that has happened in the past, present and future.

I feel less angry now and more equipped to deal with the world!!

The Beach 

2006年07月30日(日) 2時57分
Second Entry: already

A break today for the beach, I live 50 metres from the beach, so I spend alot of time there. I do not like to lie in the sun, the winter is preferable for me. Summer is busy with lots of tourists so I stay away!!! The only "people" on the beach today were the flocks of birds.

Todays Favourite Music : 犬神サーカス団 "スケ番ロック" & King Crimson "Fallen Angel"
Reading Book - Herman Hesse "Siddartha"
Video Game - Final Fantasy II

first entry 

2006年07月30日(日) 2時23分
First Entry......I wonder how this will look when it is posted? ^__^? A picture from a few weeks ago when the summer poppies were in bloom. Soon the hot weather made them fade and wilt. So a picture was required for me to remember them at their most beautiful. People may wonder why I have a yaplog when I post in English, I am from England and several of my friends have a yaplog so it's easier for me to have one myself since they do not like English language sites. I want to make lots of new friends, and I love to help people to improve and learn the English language. Do say hello to me!!!
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