developing a Motorized Bicycle

September 06 [Fri], 2013, 11:11
building a Motorized Bicycle

After reading for enough time and developing the style I was wanting, I find the frame mounted "chinese Motor, advantages for choosing of sellers for this engine and you can find a lot of good information, Both good and bad about dealers on the Motorized Bicycle Forums further down in the "Best concerning Motorized Bicycles" segment carbon bike frame.

i received my engine from Bob at Blue Collar Bikes. I have been extremely happy with delivery and follow up from Bob and will do business with him again.

I also added a cantilever front brake to the bike. This model bike does not come with a front brake, whenever you stop quickly a front break is gold.

On the engine I added some paint and replaced the mounting studs with allthread 1/4x20 for a little added robustness.

Beyond this I didn't make any changes or additions to the engine as it comes from the factory. I mainly made this decision to test the dependablity as well as get in a little riding time before rain hits.

This winter I will be taking the bike back down and making changes and some modification to the bikes appearance. Our topics cover from motorized bicycle engine kits, fixing, Building and gratifaction for your motorized bicycle. This site has been a great help to me on a number of occasions.

The summer has slipped away into memory and I am on the point of take my motorized bicycle apart. There are a few changes that I planed from the beginning to do and this is the time of the year to do it carbon fiber bike.

Mean while for sale new project on my drawing board. i must build a Board Track Racer Style motored bicycle.

Above is a picture of a 1914 pope board track racer and this provides the look I am going for. Below the masai have a picture of a Workman Bicycle that I will be using for the basis of my build.

you may notice the frames are very similar in style

I will need to construct a fuel tank that will fit between the top and bottom cross bars.

I must also decide if I want to build another China Girl 2 stroke or go with a 4 stroke Japanese engine this time. There is still sufficient time to decide.

I know that I will not use the sandwich sprocket on this one so the rear hub sprocket is another area that I will be thinking about.

That is about where I am at this stage and this winter while the rain and snow fall and the wind blows carbon fiber bicycle.
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